Friday, February 3, 2012


Soon my favorite barn down the lane and around the bend will go from looking like this...

To this...

As Spring approaches our beautiful countryside and Mother Nature paints the landscape in the freshness of the earths renewal... I can hardly wait!... xoxo...


  1. I cant wait either. My Daffodils are peeking from the ground and the buds on bushes are forming ! We have no snow and it has been mild . I cant wait till it's officially spring . Have a wonderful day !

  2. Hi there, I am with you and can hardly wait! Today we have a snow storm, after a mild winter, so everything is white and cold. I hope my flowering Cherry will look like the one near you.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Lots lots lots of snow here in Holland...waiting for spring

  4. What a great barn! I love the cherry tree. :)

  5. Ah sweet Julie Marie...I know how much you love spring....alas dear friend.....put a little spring in your step today and take that sweet Tess and go play in the snow. LOL LOL



  6. I know and it is not waiting here. hugs, olive

  7. Spring is my favorite time of year! I can't wait either!!

  8. What a wonderful barn, looks just awesome in any season! Do love the spring look, oh so beautiful!

  9. Both photos & both seasons are lovely!
    We just received 4" of snow. It has been a very mild winter here & I can't help but worry about the moisture level in the forest. But I guess Mother Nature knows what she's doing! ;)
    Happy weekend, dearest Julie Marie!
    ~ Zuzu

  10. So pretty, both ways! Very cold here today and sunny. Loving it! Kit

  11. Hi Julie,
    You know I love your barn in all seasons. So looking forward to spring too and the new growth, flowers and pretty days. I am really inspired at the moment with painting for Springtime.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.
    XO Celestina Marie