Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Real "Scoop" About Groundhog Day and Spring...

I first posted this on Groundhog Day in 2010... after reading it again last night, I thought it was kind of cute, so I am posting it once more... yes, I do get a little silly at times, interviewing critters and such, but hey!... I have fun!... okay... here you have it... the real scoop about Groundhog Day and Spring!... (not sure why my text changed colors in the middle... oh well...)...

This just in...Not happy with the outcome predicted by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day Tuesday, (six more weeks of winter!), I set up an appointment that day to interview Bebe Squirrel for her side of the story... When we went on our Nature walk Tuesday, Bebe was waiting for us on the fence by her home when we got there...I asked Bebe what she thought of Phil's prediction and she said... "Phooey!"...

Bebe said she had never met a Groundhog she could trust to correctly predict Spring's arrival... since inquiring minds want to know, I asked Bebe for her prediction... Bebe told me that she knows exactly how many acorns to store in the fall for the winter months... when they are gone, Spring will arrive... she showed me her jar full of nothing but acorn caps... and once again declared "that Groundhog is nuts!"..."Spring is on it's way!"... Not wanting to get sued for slander, I reminded Bebe that we do not even have Groundhogs here in Utah... she immediately retracted her statement and said "maybe it wasn't a Groundhog I met, maybe it was a Gopher, yes, that's what I meant to say"...
After waiting patiently by Gritty Gopher's hole... he poked his nose out... this reporter had to use Gritty Gopher's photos from last fall when I tried to interview him for my "Do All Gophers Use GPS (Gopher Positioning System) When Tunnelling" article, as he refused to let me photo him on Tuesday and tried to throw dirt in my face!...(Bebe Squirrel was kind enough to pose for her photos on Tuesday!)...

Not only did he try to throw dirt in my face, when I tried to ask him when Spring was coming, he ran back into his hole and refused to comment...

Me... I am putting my faith in Bebe Squirrel!!! How about you???... xoxo


  1. Oh, this is SO cute! I will put my faith in Bebe Squirrel...when do we EVER see groundhogs anyway?! I don't know how they can predict how much more winter we will have when we haven't had winter in the first place!

    I hope your blog books have arrived and that you are enjoying them. They really are wonderful keepsakes and I have found that people understand "Blogging" a bit better when they see the books.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. A wonderful post ! Our Squirrels and birds here are happy for the spring like weather we are having now . I am now looking and listening to hear for the Robins return for me they are a sign of spring ! When my mum was with us ,mum and I every year had a Robin contest of who would see or hear the Robin first and that was our official sign of spring! Have a wonderful day !

  3. An absolute adorable post my sweet friend....
    I'm with the squirrel......heeheee
    These pic's are just soooo pretty, just what I needed to brighten my day ;)

    Big hugs~

  4. I hope Bebe is Right!!! I am going with her prediction... I wasn't too happy with Phil's today. I want Spring so tell Bebe not to save any acorns and send Spring our way. Way Cute Photos of the critters.. I will talk to some of the squirrels in Broomfield Park soon in SquirrelVille and see if they agree with Bebe- I am sure they will... Love you Ju

  5. So adorable Julie. I am sitting on the deck and two squirrels are chasing each other right now. They are a scream to watch. It is 76 degrees and very strange to be so. The birds are feeding like crazy too. What is going on here?

  6. Oh how cute! I wouldn't mind an early spring for sure! Kit

  7. This is absolutely adorable! *hugs*

  8. I definitely believe in Bebe Squirrel! I think she knows!! (at least I hope) Loved your little story and your new blog banner photo... beautiful.