Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Calling in Life...

In less than a week, it will have been one whole year since our precious Tessy came into our lives... lost and abandoned, running the streets... I truly believe she was Heaven sent... meant to find us... and her forever home... we celebrate that day as her birthday and she can't wait for her party next week!... today on our Nature walk, Jack and I found another little soul... lost... running the streets... almost getting hit... it took alot of coaxing, but he finally came to me... I held onto him tight and hugged him... talking to him quietly and reassuringly... I told him I would let no harm come to him... I have no fear of animals of any kind...and will do whatever it takes to rescue them... I do believe I have a way with them... a very wise man once told me animals and Nature love me... the feeling is mutual... I have rescued literally hundreds of God's precious little creatures throughout my life... dogs, cats, birds, squirrels... even a coyote one time... no brag, just fact... in just a few minutes, this little guy and I had bonded and he put his trust in me... I gently stroked his head until he let me look at the tags on his collar... thank goodness there was a phone number!... I excitedly called the number but no answer... you can guess where the story goes from there... me, Jack and "Bones" began walking back to my home... a feeling of deja vu came over me... was "Bones" meant to find us... like Tessy did?... I always want to find the owners... unless they are jerks like Tessy's were and don't pass my interrogation process... then I don't give them back... my cell phone rang... when I answered a breathless woman at the other end asked if I had just called her... yes I told her... and asked if she was missing her dog... she was frantic and had been looking for him for hours... he had escaped from her backyard where a portion of fence had fallen down... I told her we would wait right where we were, and she arrived quickly... Bones jumped up and down in excitement when he saw her... no need for interrogation this time... her love for him was obvious... and she was in tears... I will sleep well tonight knowing Bones will too... Tessy "almost" had a brother... is that a face you just want to kiss???... (Bones, not mine!... and Bones' head is not really that big (and neither is mine)... it's a funny angle Jack took the photo from as I was crouching down with this sweet pup)...

After Bones left with his mama. "Charlie" the kitty came running over to see us... we call Charlie a "time~share" cat, as he actually has a home, but spends alot of his time inside another house with the neighbors close to his own... Charlie was lost and abandoned once as well... down in the fields on a trail by some train tracks, hungry and skinny and scared... until the nice lady who he owns now found him on her walk on that trail and took him home... we chat with her often... she has two other "saves" as well... I love people who rescue animals...

And I love stories that end "and they all lived happily ever after"... don't you?... xoxo...


  1. I sure do! Bless your heart! I love that kitty. :)

  2. Oh he is a beauty!
    This is one of the reasons I love you so much...I know if animals love you ,you have to be a wonderful person.
    I have rescued every animal I have been owned by.
    I remember when my Pippie picked us, we always laugh, the shelter owners must have thought we were nuts spending hours meeting all 200+ cats.
    We wanted them to pick us.
    Pippie greeted us at the door when we arrived and stayed with us till the end hours later, yes we knew she wanted us!
    My honey always is afraid to open the door some days, never know what stray will have shown up.
    Bless you sweetie

  3. I love it when there is a happy ending. I love animals too. He is cute. I imagine you might of given him a home if you couldn't locate his owner. Happy birthday to beautiful Tessy!


  4. What a happy story! A great way to end a day... I'm so glad Bones owner came and claimed him.. but he would have had an awesome life with you, Jack and Tessy.
    I can remember your first post when you found Tessy, I was so happy for Tessy and for you!!
    Happy birthday dear Tessy... what a blessed life you live!
    I believe this IS your calling in life Julie Marie!

  5. Wow sweetie, what an amazing day for you ;) I to love happy endings.....
    My mom has two boys as I lovingly call them "the boys"
    Charlie and Benji, I proudly named them
    Where my mom and I take our fur babies to the vet, a lady could no longer keep her kings Charles caverlier hense the name well any who she was moving to an apartment with no Perry's allowed, so our sweet Charlie boy was left with the vet to be placed in a home, he had many who wanted him, but our vet said, he was not going to give him to just anyone, they have to be great pet owners and people he trusted, so no bragging here, he called us to come see him and if we decided we did not want him then he would look for another family, so my dear mom and myself went to see him the very next and when they brought him out to my mom and I, I just said omg what's his name the vet replied mouse, I was like noooooo I dont like that for him, I said he is a king Charles and deserve a royal name....Charlie, do you know he came right over to me wagging his tail and licked my whole ....
    I swear he was saying thank you for changing my ugly name and for loving me on the spot and giving me my forever home,........
    See my friend a happy ending ;)
    One day I'll tell you Benji story which started out sad but ended happily ;)

    Big huggers for you my sweet tender hearted friend and for your princess Tessy

  6. I love happy endings too.
    Lucky for Bones you and Jack found him ~ And speaking of happy endings ...
    hard to believe it's almost a year since Tessy's "gotcha" day :-) Lots to celebrate ♥

  7. What a wonderful ending to this story, I do love a happy ending. I have rescued quite a few animals myself, and have 4 rescues that we have kept. I love them so much I can't image how people can just abandon them. Julie Marie, these animals sense that you have a deep love for them, what a wonderful thing.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Dearest Julie Marie,

    We only have rescue kittens here at home. We kept the 5 babies from the 'Mamita Spicy' whom we rescued in the Hyatt hotel gardens in Acapulco...

    Other people might find us crazy but the love you get back is so rewarding! People that don't reach out in this way, don't know what they're missing in life. Besides it is a fact that elderly people with pets live longer and happier! I've seen elderly homes where they allowed pets and their residents looked so happy! Having something to care for and being loved back is precious.
    Love to you and happy birthday for Tessy!


  9. What a wonderful call that you have! I just love happy endings! So glad that "Bones" found you...

  10. Sweet story with a happy ending!
    Love it!

  11. Ahhh... a perfectly wonderful read to start this sunny Saturday morning. Love the story! xoxo Amy

  12. oh Julie, I love your "happy ever afters"!!! So glad you found Bones' mom! I'm so glad you're still blogging, I get blessed each time I come to visit! xoxo

  13. Hi Julie, Oh what a wonderful story with a happy ending. Bones looks like a darling for sure. I think God had a hand in this too as you and Jack were a blessing to the owner to find, and help her baby get back home.
    Love the pics too.
    Have a nice weekend,
    XO Celestina Marie

  14. Julie, I haven't been in blogland this past week because I literally have not had the time, so I missed the Bones post. I am so glad you found the owner, and it was a happy ending! This makes my heart sooo happy. If I were to ever lose my Sophie (which I hope never happens) you are just the type of person I would want to find her! Unfortunately, the world is not full of Julie's, but it would be a much better place for all of us if it were! I sooo wish we could come to Tessy's birthday party! Give her a kiss from us, and remind her what a lucky girl she is to have found you and now own you :)

  15. I believe someone told Tessy just where to go. She found the best home and truly deserves it!