Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Confused About What Steps to Take With Your Followers???...

There is sooo much confusion and mis~information out there about Blogger Followers going away... it is NOT... please visit my previous post and wish sweet Tessy a Happy Birthday today, and I have also attached some info right from Blogger regarding the changes...

I think it will clear things up... also, I have attached "Linky" on my sidebar for those who do not use Blogger, ie, Typepad, etc, to follow me on... it seems to be the easiest, simplest and most user~friendly... and you don't have to lose your Blogger Followers by adding Linky... you can follow through both... it also does not post your personal info all over the blogosphere...where you will if you change to Google+ ...the previous post pretty much answers all questions... xoxo...


  1. I just attached the new Linky tool to my blog also, I'll add myself as a follower through yours...you never know what may happen in the future with Google! With my beloved Picnik already going away I'm arming myself now:)

  2. I'm going to follow you on Linky too. I'm also fearful of not being prepared in case they do make changes in the future.

  3. I think I'm starting to figure it all out! So confusing at first!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet TessyGirl! What a JOY she is to you. I can feel your love for her! You are such a goooooooo momma!!!!!

    Love you sweets. I'm going to check into doing the linky tool thing. Gotta yell for Steve to come help me!


  4. Happy Birthday Tessy!!! I hope she has a great day... Love The love Necklace pic you took of the present we sent on your sidebar. Glad Tessy Likes those treats and you look super cute in that necklace I saw the shot you sent Ellie... Hope The Blog Following thing is okay... I just have you bookmarked so I wont worry about this. Love you
    Give Princess tessy a Kiss
    Love Filly

  5. Dearest Julie Marie,

    Happy birthday to your sweet Tessy! Lovely picture of her and you. Showing LOVE.
    Have a great week and sending you love,


  6. Thanks so much for the info. I'm off to wish Tessy a Happy Birthday!!!

  7. I just put linky on my site and am following you on that also. Appreciate a follow back. Now what I read on a blog yesterday is that they looked it up and blogger is ending for the rest of us by the end of the year. So it's best to get changed over now rather than the last minute.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Thank you for the valuable information, Julie. I'm so fed up with Google. First Picnik, now GFC. I'm thinking of making some changes because I do not like Google's overlord mentality.

  9. Just discovered your blog and am very happy I did, it's a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for all the info, I'm really not sure about these things and this helps a lot.