Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just What is it About a Little Nest?...

As I am spending blissful hours getting our home ready for Spring, (while the countryside is under a blanket of white from the last two snowstorms)... I can't help but notice just how many little nests I have here and there... each one unique... like this beautiful knitted nest from my friend Vicki at 2bagsfull... made with love and bits and bobs of this and that... Nature's treasures... ever~so~delicately woven into the perfect "home" for two sweet little eggs waiting to hatch...

I actually bought two of these at the time... Vicki names all of her little nests, so of course I had to name mine... the top one is "Sylvie Nest" and the one below is "Prissy Nest"... (hello Mama Vicki! we love you... the sissy nests!)... you can read more about the little sissy nests in my post here...

Just what is it about a sweet little nest that captures our hearts so?... for me, it begins with my never~ending love of Nature and all of God's precious little creatures... all of the nests I am showing you today are faux and live indoors year round... many I have bought, many I have made myself... I cannot imagine a world without birds and birdsong... delicately woven nests out of twigs and bark... feathers and vines... I love happening upon a secret nest when we take our Nature walks... for I feel as if I have found a precious gift... no, not to take... one must never take a nest from a tree or any other place it was built... once one has been blown out of the tree and to the ground, it is quite acceptable to claim the little treasure for your own... so long as there are no little ones inside... if you come upon a nest that has been blown down or fallen, and there ARE babies inside, place it back into the tree... hopefully as close to where it was built as possible... it is an old~wives tale that a bird will not return to a nest that a human has touched... it simply is not true... and I can tell you that from personal experience... the mama will find her babies...

On my Nature walk in Spring, I gather all sorts of treasures from the trail... tiny little discarded eggshells that have already hatched... most often, I can identify what kind of bird laid the egg just by looking at it... if not, I refer to one of my many books on birds, nests and eggs... one cannot have too many reference books on Nature!...

One of my most prized possessions... a beautiful little "Nature box" my dear friend Celeste of Celestina Marie Design painted for me to keep my little treasures from the trail in... she even included a special little feather inside for me she had found in her garden...

A sweet little nest inside a broken terra cotta flowerpot...

Another favorite bird book... the sketches and artwork in this particular one are especially beautiful!...

"Tailoring a nest in four easy steps"...

A teeny little nest I created myself... I like to add some of my dried roses to mine... sort of a shabby chic style nest...

I also love to sketch Nature and carry a little sketchbook with me on my Nature walks... I can hardly wait for the Robins to sing their sweet Spring song one day soon... I love to wake up to their beautiful melody floating in through an open window in the early morning hours... did you know there will always be something white in a Robin's nest?... my great~grandmother told me that when I was just a little girl, and through the years I have always found it to be true... sometimes there will be a piece of white yarn... perhaps part of a white paper towel... a silky ribbon or even a white feather intricately woven into the nest... I know not why... but I do know it will always be so... perhaps one day if I listen closely I will find the answer in the Robin's song...

Another tiny nest I made from twigs and moss gathered from the trail...

Vicki at 2bagsfull also created this stunning shorebird nest... I was fortunate enough to purchase one of her limited nests last year... the proceeds from mine went to a shorebird recovery sanctuary... you can read Vicki's story about her rescue of one of these precious shorebirds on her blog... you can read more about my beautiful shorebird nest in my post here...

A friend of mine carved the beautiful shorebird for me many years ago... it rests on an old piece of piling out of the Great Salt Lake which borders my little town just to the west of me...

Another itty bitty nest I created today... I gather moss all Summer long and save it in plastic bags to use for special times like today...

A wonderful find from several years ago... "Audubon's Birds of America" c. 1950... a $5.00 find at a local used book store... to me it is priceless!...

I created this one from raffia and it looks pretty inside a little glass atrium...
Another one I made entirely out of moss, and added a skeleton leaf I found on the trail last Summer... this one lives in another little glass atrium...
Recently, my friends Jeni and El gave me this beautiful little vintage birdie plate from their shop, Madeleine L'Amour...

Along with this adorable little petite birdie... so teensy... all handmade out of the softest~ever felt... Merci ladies!... these "tweet" little birdies will be available to purchase soon here in their shop...

A window seat in my bedroom is the perfect spot to watch the comings and goings at the feeders and birdbaths in our backyard... a small pair of binoculars is a valuable thing to have to watch up close... I keep a birders journal and am constantly adding to it as a new little feathered friend comes to visit...

Our backyard is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation... you can visit their site here if you are interested in certifying your yard as well... you simply must provide the four basics... food, water, cover... and a place to raise their young... xoxo...

"One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin"
~ William Shakespeare


  1. Hello Julie Marie~ It's always nice stopping by for a visit.
    I enjoy your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
    I always anticipate the arrival of spring, especially the little nests bursting with lil birds. It also keeps us busy filling the feeders for all our feathered friends.

    I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in store. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
    Sweet wishes,

  2. I adore each and every one of your nests! I really enjoyed hearing about the robins always placing something white within the nest. I had never heard that before!

  3. I love bird's nest of any kind, and I love to decorate with them. We actually have a rather large bird's nest in the ceiling of our front porch that I can watch from my kitchen window. The birds re-use it every year, and ooooohhhhhh what a mess they make. Hubby threatens to tear it down every year, and I won't allow him to. I will have to get a picture and do a post on it. With the warm weather we have had this past week or so, I am soooo in the spring mood.

  4. Dear Julie,
    This is a beautiful post of true nature and love. Your nest are gorgeous and I love your nest creations too.
    You have a wonderful book collection as well.
    I too love nest to decorate with as well as paint. They just amaze me as there are no wrong or right ways to build a nest really and each one is special, unique and a design all it's own by the feathered friends who make them. True designers with wings.

    Love to you this rainy day in Texas.
    Celestina Marie

  5. The nests are splendid. We bird watch too. I have two nests that fell out of trees and marvel at them. I have a stack of bird books in the kitchen just in case I need to reference them but usually I just enjoy! Wonderful, wonderful, post.

  6. What gorgeous nests Julie Marie! I love nests. there's something about nests that just says "home" and so many other things. Thank you for sharing your lovely pics of such a subject dear to my heart. I love the beauty of your posts Julie!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  7. Hi again Julie,
    So sweet of you to share your keepsake nest box. I had forgotten all about it. I guess when you paint so many items that happens. Then, when I see them again it is a little surprise.
    Your collection is beautiful.
    XO Celestina Marie

  8. Julie-
    This has to be one of the most beautiful spring theme posts I have ever seen. It is wonderful to see my little nests in such a beautiful place. As I am looking at the nests - I can't believe how now - they have evolved and are just a little different. Yours are so very special to me as they were among the first that I made.

    You are so kind to show them amongst your other fabulous nest collections. You are most certainly ready for spring - aren't we all!

    Your blog is so very beautiful - I have been seeing that some people have their blogs printed into books - you should consider this as your pages here are gorgeous~~

    Love you~

    ps - kisses and hugs to the nest babies from their Mama~

  9. My Dear Julie,
    What a sweet and calming interlude you've provided for me! I love seeing all your pretty nests and how you have them displayed. The woven ones from your friend are divine and the ones you so artfully displayed on the scale and in the terra cotta pot ... amazing!
    Big hugs!
    p.s. WIW is open

  10. Julie Marie, what a gorgeous collection of birds nest you have,there is just something so sweet and innocent almost magical about birds nest, maybe the promise of rebirth.....


  11. I love spring! When my kids were little, you could often find us out in our yard peeking in bushes looking for new nests. One year I found a nest laying empty on the ground and not thinking, I picked it up only to find it was infested with bird lice. Eeek! Needless to say I was more careful after that... We would sometimes find baby birds that had fallen from their nests with no mama anywhere around and we'd feed them with a dropper so they'd live.

  12. Oh Miss Julie Marie~ Love all your NESTS! I'm always amazed when I see one being built by little birdies. They work so hard so their babies will have a safe, warm beginning. It's God's way.

    Your photos are delightful and so inspiring. You bless me. You bless us all.

    Love, Rebecca

  13. Beautiful post! and I love that your garden is such a wonderful haven for our feathered friends ♥

  14. We too have one of Vicki's beautiful nest....It was one of the first gift I got Eric. We are anxiously awaiting spring here on the farm as well. We have a Lilac shrub that we cannot wait to see in full bloom. The story about your childhood and lilacs was so touching. Thank you for the warm welcome and we cannot wait to see your next post!!

    ~Bobby & Eric~