Friday, January 13, 2012

Flights of Fancy...

I have posted often about my happy childhood... where my sister and I spent blissful days in the beautiful countryside surrounding our home... two free~spirits... running through the cool moist grass barefoot... weaving tiaras of gold out of marigold blooms from our mama's garden... and stringing delicate garlands out of sweet clover blossoms to wear around our necks... we were blessed with two beautiful parents... who not only delighted in watching us enjoy our simple pleasures, but encouraged us to let our imaginations fly freely and our daydreams become reality... these delightfully enchanted days shaped the lady I am today... still a free~spirit... my imagination ever at work... (or play I should call it)... and chasing my daydreams still a favorite past~time...

I return to my childhood often... it is where happy memories come alive and simpler, gentler times were the way of life...

I want Idyllhours to be a place like that... where you can come to visit... but leave your cares behind... only beautiful, happy things happen here... no gloomy thoughts allowed...

Where fairytales and make~believe are a part of every day... and wishing upon a star is cause enough to stay up late on a Spring or Summer's eve...

Where sweet little bears have fairy~wings...

And teeny teacups bloom with sweet pink roses...

And baby fairy~bears with the littlest of wings...

Share a favorite story that Springtime brings...

So, close your eyes and dream a while...

I'll make a wish that we made you smile... xoxo...


  1. Your sweet post did make me smile ! Lovely photos ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Julie Marie, I love this blog posting and so wished I had a childhood like yours, treasure the memories always, blessings, Maureen.

  3. Yes, you made me smile. What a wonderful childhood you had! I didn't even know what a tiara was, lol. I was a tomboy, played in the dirt with my brothers, raced bikes, and popped wheelies for entertainment. Oh how I always wished I had a sister, and still do. Sister's always seem so close. Your sister is a lucky lady!

  4. You are such a great writer! Your posts take me to that magical land of daydreams!


  5. Hi Julie Marie. I enjoyed your sweet post today. Hope you have a happy weekend.


  6. My dear friend, your sweet posts always make me smile. They are always so magical and full of wonderful memories. Thank you for inviting us into your sweet world and sharing your special memeories. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Much love,

  7. Hi Ju,

    Your blog really is brightly colored and whimsical and full of beauty!!!
    It is nice you have a place you can post things and be care-free...
    I like to look at posts of your bears or fairies because they make me think of simple things as well and daydreams... I am glad you keep Idyllhours a place that is happy for you.
    Love the Bears
    Filly xoxo

  8. I am smiling! So many happy thoughts and beautiful pictures! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh sweet Julie Marie.....who could not leave their cares behind in your beautiful little spot.



  10. I adore your sweet bears. Such wonderful thoughts and memories you have and are kind enough to share with us. Smiling! xx

    ps Did you find Treasure Bear (linked off my own blog) Thank you for your kind comments on mine. I am unable to post a reply to comments on my own blog at present.