Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Morning in the Country...

I love my little rural town, a small strip of land nestled between our beautiful mountains to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west, and cannot imagine living anywhere else... bright lights and big cities are just not my thing... I always get up early... mornings are my favorite time of the day... I throw on my favorite jeans and a flannel shirt, as the weather is still quite cold today... I put Tessy's fleece on her and we head for the trail... she is as anxious as I am to see what is happening outside in the early morning dawn... as we head down the trail, Tessy points out five beautiful deer heading back towards the old farm down the lane... they glance back and eye us cautiously as I softly call out good morning to them... they sense I would never harm them... I love all of God's precious little creatures and I know they can tell that... they saunter slowly back into the field... it is still too dark to take their picture and a flash might startle them... so I put my camera back into my pocket... somewhere close by, we hear the hooting of an owl... a neighbor around the bend has built a beautiful owl box in his largest tree for them... perhaps they are just settling in from being out all night... I love the sounds of Nature...

Tessy and I head back home and once inside, I remember there is one piece of apple pie left in the fridge... hmmm... Jack is still asleep... around here, it is every man, woman and child (or dog) for themselves when it comes to the last piece of my homemade apple pie... I decide to go for it and make myself a cup of coffee... it tastes sooo yummy... I do make a delicious apple pie if I say so myself... I think even Aunt Bea in Mayberry would be proud of me!... Tessy decides to go back to sleep, so I am left alone in my early morning solitude... I write in my Nature journal about the deer... I keep many journals... one for Nature, a garden journal and a journal journal (besides my blog)... I update my wish list in my garden journal for plants I want to buy this year for my cottage garden... I am anxious for Spring... the sun is just starting to come up above the crest of our gorgeous mountains just to the east of us... it promises to be a beautiful day today despite the fact that it is still cold... I linger over my coffee a while longer (the pie is long gone now)... and daydream a bit... of Spring and all of the pleasures it brings to my little countryside I call home... soon, my windows shall be open all night... and I will listen to the chorus of crickets outside our bedroom window... and the nightly song of the bullfrogs in the pond down the lane... the not too distant whistle of a train as it makes its way through the farmland to the west along the shores of the Great Salt Lake... soon the fields of brown will turn to green as the earth renews itself... and I do too... now, it is time to start my chores for the day... better wash that pie plate and put it away first thing!...(can't let Jack find any evidence of my early morning raid, you know)... wishing you a beautiful, peaceful day wherever you call home... xoxo...


  1. Sounds like such a peaceful way to start the day.
    Oh how yummy your pie sounds- I would love to have a slice.
    Have a wonderful day sweetie.
    Thanks for sharing a piece of it with all of us.

  2. sounds like a perfectly lovely morning with wonderful daydreams of days to come. Your pie sure looks good!

  3. Hummmmmm yummy home made apple pie.....
    I love the way you express yourself through your writing, I feel like I'm right there beside you and sweet Tessy girl......

    Have a peaceful Sunday sweetie,

    Mari & Mia

  4. What a beautifully written post. Your apple pie looks delicious, please could you add the recipe?

  5. Hello Julie Marie,
    thank you for sharing with us your sounds so peaceful.
    You are such a talented writer, I enjoy visiting your blog.
    The apple pie sounds wonderful with a cup of coffee.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  6. Yammie aplle pie......for what sounds a great day !!

  7. You have described your early morning walk with Tess so perfectly, I feel I was walking with you ♥ The perfect way to start your day ... and I would have been thinking about that slice of pie too :-)

  8. Julie!! I want to come to your beautiful town, go on a nature walk with you and Tessy and sit and chat in your beautiful house with you over a piece of your delicious apple pie, lol!! You are so lucky to live there. It reminds me of my old house in the country :( I miss it so much sometimes. You had the perfect morning!
    Love you sweetie,

  9. A perfect life to be sure Julie Marie!
    And the way you describe it makes me feel as if I am right there seeing what you're seeing.
    While your town is quite a bit bigger than the one I live in, it does have a wonderful small town feel to it. It sure is gorgeous there!!!
    have a perfect week!
    hugs from here...

  10. Oh Julie Marie, it all sounds soooo beautiful. I wish I lived in you pretty little town. I am not a bright lights and big cities girl either...I am a country girl at heart. Thank you for sharing this beautiful time of your day with us. Sending you and Tessy a great big hug...Cookie says Hi :-)

    Much love,

  11. What a way to start the day sweet friend. Funny story...

    Once when Adrie was in HS we decided to make an apple pie from a recipe out of the old Victoria Magazine. It was a country style pie mounded high up on top.

    Well...when taking it out of the oven it slipped off of the cookie sheet (no back on it) and slid onto the floor. I started to laugh and Adrie just STARED at me! I laughed and laughed. All of a sudden she started to cry and said..."Get me a fork. I'm going to eat whatever's not touching the floor!" And so we did. Right there in our kitchen, on the floor, by the stove. HAR HAR HAR!

    Teee Heee...

    Thanks for the info on the Google thing. I'm still confused. Bah!

  12. Oh my, what a dream of a life! Your early morning walk sounds perfect! I am sure you pie was right up there in my book too!

  13. The apple pie looks Yum!
    I Love walks in the early morning and I am glad you and Tessy saw some Deer. I hope Spring comes soon too... I also love all your bird nests below in your previous post. Love you Ju
    Filly xoxo

  14. What a gorgeous well written post! I feel like Im walking on the nature trail beside you and tasting that yummy pie! I love that you take time to smell the roses and enjoy the peacefulness of life itself. Wish I could have mornings like this. ;) Enjoy your week! Hugs! xoxo,Jenn

  15. I come by way of a gathering of thoughts. Your post is exactly what I needed today. Rough couple days topped off with a walk between God and His earth is just what the doctor forgot to tell me. I felt like I was strolling along side with you. beautiful.

    I'm having a Giveaway if you would like to put your name in. I'm off to read more, you blog relaxes me. Hugs and look forward to getting to know you better. Your dog, gorgeous and good for you for taking in a rescue.

  16. What a peaceful morning! I had to chuckle about your pie raid! As we have the same thin kin our household when there is homemade pie in the frig! Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend.

  17. Hi Julie,
    Such a peaceful post for the best way to start the day. I sure needed this, even in the afternoon.
    Oh your apple pie looks so yummy good.

    I so enjoy hearing about the trail you walk with sweet Tessy and the sights along the way. You live in a little piece of heaven my friend.

    February is off to a busy and great start. Can't believe how fast Jan. flew by. Spring is on it's way. Hopefully Soon.
    Love to you and XO for Tessy.
    Celestina Marie

  18. Hi Julie Marie - the way you describe your town and your plan makes me really want to visit with you. Keep on writing and sharing with us my friend!

  19. Good morning, Julie. Your mornings sound so very much like mine out here in the sticks of Nebraska! Only I usually sit down at the computer early in the morning to get caught up for before I start my official day!

    Love your peaceful descriptions -- and that pie looks delicious!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, commenting and following along. I'm following you now too. :)