Friday, December 16, 2011

"See the Little Children"...

Many of you know my dear friend Rebecca of "A Gathering Place"... and many of you have read her posts about her darling little granddaughter Miss K... I have followed Miss K's stories through the past few years and one in particular really touched my heart... you may read Rebecca's post about her here. Rebecca wrote of how dear little Miss K had been taunted and teased in school and wondered why the other little girls did not like her... she wondered if she was not pretty enough... she did not understand... my heart ached as I read this post... I wanted to hold little Miss K close and tell her how pretty she is, inside and out, and that everything would be all right... I felt a special bond to this little girl I had never met... for I too was once a very shy, timid little girl... taunted and teased... I felt like I was not pretty enough either... and wondered why I was not included in the other girls fun and games... other than to be the target of their mean little spirits... oh how I did not want Miss K to have to endure the things that I did... so, I sent her a little package... and a special letter, telling her she was loved by me... after that, we became friends and "pen~pals" if you may...

Yesterday, a beautiful gift arrived for me... actually two gifts... this beautiful pillow handmade by her nana, Rebecca, and chosen by Miss K especially for me... the second gift... the overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart that this little girl has given me...

Two little girls... with hair of brown... and pink ribbons in their hair... and dresses of pink (our favorite color!)... Miss K in the photo below...

And me in the next photo, about the same age Miss K is now... trust me... my silk ribbon was pink and so was my dress my mama had sewn for me...
Two shy little girls... so very far apart in age... and in miles... but so very close in their hearts... thank you Miss K, for both of my gifts... love you more!... xoxo...

"See the little children laugh and sing
Fantasy is such a common thing
Love is why the flowers grow
Of all the red and blue
I wish they never had to know
Love can hurt them too

See the little children laugh and sing...

See the little children running by
Happiness is dancing in each eye
And love is just a mountain tall
Where angels learn to sing
How could they know that angels fall
Before they grow their wings?

See the little children running by...

See the little children on their way
Give them kisses, candy and today
Tomorrow will be soon enough
To know what we speak of
Tomorrow will be soon enough
To know the hurt of love

See the little children on their way" ~Nancy Sinatra


  1. Beautiful post featuring Rebecca Julie! I too have been following her blog since she started it. As well as the journey of sweet Miss K! Rebecca is a doll and her posts are always so inspiring and beautiful. That pillow is gorgeous! How sweet of her. She sent Savannah a beautiful pillow when she was born and it will be an heirloom treasure for her for sure! I love every piece I have from Rebecca, they are all so soft and beautiful. Her talent is amazing and in so many different mediums!
    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. This made me cry. On behalf of Miss K and ALL of the other children that are teased, I thank you, Julie Marie. I'm sorry you were teased. You have made a difference in many lives by your sweet act of love and kindness.

  3. What a pretty little girl (two pretty little girls) and gorgeous pillow her Nana created with love for you. You have such a kind heart to reach out to this little one and show her kindness and love. It makes me so sad to see little ones being bullied and treated so mean. I too was bullied in school and my heart breaks for children such as little miss K. You are a beautiful person Julie Marie inside and out.


  4. OMG, I want to cry reading this! But then it is people like you that restore's my faith in the human race. To know that there are people as kind as you still around, makes my heart sooo happy! You have got to be one of the sweetest, most beautiful women in the whole wide world! First, looking out for helpless little animals, and then the little children. I said it the other night, but I will say it again, I am so glad that I found you, even if it is just in blogland!
    Now, for the part that may sound really crazy, your picture when you were a little girl, and little Miss K's picture look so much alike! You two really, really, look alike in these pics! Give Tessy a hug from Soph and me :)

  5. You have a heart of gold, Julie Marie! You have a way of reaching out to people...strangers, you did that with me. Rebecca is a very sweet lady, too. I so enjoy her blog and her posts about Miss K, who sounds like lovely little girl. Both of you are helping to shape this little lady into something special!

    I was going to email you but since I am here...I have been a little erratic about visiting with these crazy holidays, so I have missed some of your posts. Please know I am going to go back to read them. The spirit of Christmas is never more evident than when I come to your blog around the holidays!

    Wishing you, Jack and Tessie a very Merry Christmas!


  6. Oh my goodness, Julie Marie! This is just the sweetest post! I've got a few tears welling up...what sweet hearts you both have! I'm so glad you acted on your perfect instincts and reached out to this beautiful girls--she will NEVER forget it!

    How similar you both look in your pretty-in-pink little girl photos...and I think you're both absolutely beautiful!

    Wishing you the most wonderful day, dear friend...thank-you for the wonderful inspiration today...


  7. Julie are indeed a friend's friend. How you bless me and how your bless my Miss K. You are one of the rare ones who know her entire story and the miracle behind it. That you for embracing her and for being a shining star in both of our lives.

    When Miss K picked out that special pillow it wasn't lost on me she chose one showcasing a little girl with dark brown hair. Just like the two of you...

    Blessings to you this day. Your phone call yesterday lifted my heart and made the events of the day easier to bear...

    Thank you for everything. Can't wait to see your Sign hung up...

    Love you~


  8. Oh my, Julie-Marie you may never know how you have touched the life of this little child.

  9. Oh this is so wonderful! It was so sweet of you to reach out to this little girl. She will always remember your kindness and it will change her life. Hugs, Kit

  10. After reading your post, tears just streamed down. I must go read Miss K's story. Your sweet heart has touched such a beautiful little girl. It hurts to know that you were teased as a little child. You are so beautiful inside and out.

  11. I found your blog through Rebecca's
    and I have always thought you were so
    kind and beautiful. I loved all of your posts and all of the beautiful things you have shown us. But this post left me with tears running down my touched my heart so much to think of how kind and encourgaging you have been to Miss K.
    It is something she will always remember and I am sure it helps her self-confidence so very much. All little girls need to be told they are beautiful and loved and worthy of
    happiness and friendship so that their sense of BEING is fed.
    The pillow Miss K picked out for you
    is precious and doesn't the little girl in the image look like Miss K and YOU??? I noticed the resemblence right away!!
    Rebecca is a special person and she has nutured this little girl all along and helped her to be the happy child she is today....
    Thank you for sharing this with us, it was a lovely post.
    Merry Christmas, Julie Marie, I hope it is a great one...
    Hugs, Francy

  12. What a sweet post Julie Marie. And what a beautiful gift for such a beautiful (inside and out) lady. You are truly a kind and caring friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,