Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Candy...

Like everything else that brings back happy childhood memories, so do many of the candies of Christmas... as you know, I never break traditions... so, without fail, I buy some of the candies we love each year that are still available that I remember as a child... seems like they are getting harder and harder to find... here are a few of my favorites, and a few new ones too...

I fill all sorts of vintage pieces with yummy treats for guests (like Moi!)... a vintage cut crystal candy dish ... beautifully vintage etched crystal champagne glasses... vintage crystal wine glasses... they all make beautiful candy dishes...

One of my most favorite are these darling old~fashioned Christmas tree peppermint nougats... (it's still fun to pull the trees and make them longer, tee hee hee!)...

Pretty old~fashioned Christmas rock candy...

Filly and Ellie brought us this pretty little Kilner jar from London, filled with delish rhubarb and custard sweets...

And my newest addiction... peppermint bark!...

This comes from Costco, and mmmm... it is yummers!...

Christmas is a time for bringing cherished memories to life once more... like helping mama make divinity and fudge when we were just little girls... and making candy wreaths to gift each neighbor... homemade brownies and sugar cookies... red velvet cakes and pumpkin pies... hard tack and caramels... I love to be in my kitchen this time of year, donning a vintage apron and whipping up a batch of fudge... or anxiously awaiting the nutbread to come out of the oven... I guess it isn't just the candy I love, but all of the goodies!... each and every bite is filled with cherished memories... do you have a favorite traditional goodie you make or buy each year?... I hope it is filled with happy memories too... xoxo...


  1. I remember some of those. I still remember going to the corner store when little and their counter display case full of candy that you bought for a penny.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. A beautiful display of all of your goodies!

    I have too many favorites but I guess the one closet to my heart are date filled cookies. Yum!

  3. Such pretty and tasty sweets for one SWEET lady!


  4. Love all the goodies. I love ribbon candy we had as children and one thing I make every year for my family is peanut clusters. They would probably go on strike from Christmas if I didn't make it.

  5. The candy is so pretty in the wine glasses. We have a new Costco and will check out the bark. I think the ribbon there is a great price. I usually make fudge but I do not think I will this year but sour cream pound cake will definitely make it to the table.

  6. Your post really brought back memories. Did you ever make home made taffy? I agree it is very hard to find the old fashion candy of our childhood. We even like the ribbon candy, candy canes, and all of the cookies that are only made at this time of the year. Have a wonderful Christmas A Missouri Friend.

  7. I also love the candy and treats from the past. I always have to get a bag of the nougets for my children.
    I found a great place online to get candy from the past
    You should check it out-I have had so much fun giving these assortments and memories.
    Hugs my friend

  8. I remember those Christmas tree nuggets! My grandma always had them and orange slices... brings back memories.

    Our tradition in my mom's fudge that we make each year... Love the rich smooth texture and oh so sweet goodness.

  9. Christmas is so much about tradition and I love finding new traditions too. I remember so many of the candies you shared with us from my time in the States, and some of my own UK favourites include Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange (it's not Terry's, its MINE!) a Big box of Cadbury's Milk Tray, and Turkish Delight. Newer traditions include Pemberton's Chocolate Christmas Pudding Truffles and Nigella Lawson's home made Puddini . . . Nadolig Llawen!

  10. Christmas candy and cookies are a favorite in this house! The smell of the cookies baking in the oven is simply the best! I am having a vintage holiday brooch giveaway at my blog, please stop by...

  11. Hi Julie,
    I too remember these yummy candies and love the tree nougats too. I have found the peppermint bark as well and it is so good.
    I love the display of candies in vintage glass treasures. Doesn't everything just taste better?
    Love your Santa standing by the goodies. Tell him not to eat too many, save some for me, I'll be right over. LOL

    My traditional cookie that I make every year is my Italian Pizzelles. It has been a tradition in our family for over 90 years when my grandmother made them one at a time over an open fire in a special iron before they made the electric that I use today.

    Love your post and enjoy the candy.
    Merry Christmas with love,
    Celestina Marie

  12. What a nice and sweet post !! all your

  13. HI Julie Marie~Your post is just yummy :) I'll be right over to share some with


  14. Have a wonderful Christmas and take care of sweet Tess!... judy

  15. I love that Christmas is full of wonderful colors, sounds, smell and even sweet tastes. There are so many wonderful Christmas treats. We always love to bake cookies or pumpkin bread for our family, friends and neighbors...It's become a tradition and now they all look forward to them...Which is such a wonderful feeling because that means that they like their treats...

    Hugs and Kisses,