Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Christmas Continues ... Closet Number Two...

Every year it starts out the same... should I or shouldn't I get out ALL of my vintage Christmas decorations to use?... "all" means a lifetime of collecting vintage Christmas treasures, starting when I was just a little girl... Okay Monty, let's see what's behind door number 2... (many of you are probably too young to remember "Let's Make a Deal")... yikes!... I thought I had done alot already these past few days... and I haven't even started on these or the trees...

This was the first closet of goodies I got out and showed you a few posts back...

Jack's and my conversations each year don't change much either... they go sorta like this... ME: "Jack... whose dumb idea was it to get out ALL of the vintage Christmas again this year?... excusez~moi? it was my idea?... yes, yes, I suppose that would be me... but I get soo tired and it takes soo much time to do it all... oh... you remember me saying that before?... every year?... hmmm... why does it take me so much longer each year you ask?... well... maybe because I am getting older?... no, you don't think that's it?... you think it is because I get so excited over seeing each of my precious ornaments and decorations again?... and you think it is because I linger over each one... reminiscing... or letting my thoughts carry me back to simpler gentler times... perhaps imagining who once owned some of these heirlooms and what Christmas Day was like so very long ago?... then you tell me how you love to see my eyes light up as I gingerly unwrap each precious piece... showing you even the bits and pieces of tinsel in the bottom of the boxes... Oooh, Jack... look!... icicles just like the ones my sister Jill and I used to just "throw" on our tree when we were little girls after we got tired of hanging them one by one... did I ever tell you that Jack?... I did?... about a thousand times?... did I tell you my daddy used to laugh, and make us take off the clumps and hang them all one by one?... told ya that too, huh?... oooh, look Jack... a teeny little vintage star is in the bottom of this old box of ornaments... did I ever tell you about the time... oooh... I did?... every year for the past 34 years?... but tell you again anyway... okay, well one time when I was just a little girl..." then he smiles and helps me carry all the boxes upstairs... I love this guy so!... and he loves to see our home turned into a Winter Wonderland... Jack cherishes our collection as much as I do... as we hold tight to our memories and create new ones...

Once again this year, I will be joining Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Christmas Fridays the entire month of December... I can hardly wait!... besides posting my photos, I will share some info about collecting vintage Christmas... I am by no means an expert, but like everything else I collect, I ask alot of questions, do alot of research, and "hang out" with friends who also collect or friends who are reputable dealer in the antiques business... and I am comfortable with the knowledge I have gained over the years that what I buy is truly vintage... I hope you will join in Debra's parties as well!... They are so much fun!... (I hope she serves some yummie treats!)... xoxo...


  1. I've not felt very excited about Christmas for many years but you sure are helping me get into the spirit this year. *HUGZ*

  2. Same here I used to get excited about Christmas but not so much any more now Papa thats a different story he is like a kid at christmas so that helps ! Great post and photos , I cant wait to see it all desorated . Have a wonderful day !

  3. You really get me in the Christmas spirit, Julie Marie! I love seeing all of your vintage decorations. This year is no diffrent. I say...bring it on!


  4. Wow, your closet are loaded with vintage goodness. I just got about ten vintage Christmas ornaments for a dime at a yard sale. Might take a picture soon. It has been crazy here today-men in yard cutting down an enormous tree.

  5. Oh Julie Marie, so many beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments...I can't wait to see more. And I love to hear the stories behind them. Don't get overwhelmed...take one ornament at a time and enjoy the process. I know you'll have a wonderful time. Sending you a great big hug.

    Much love,

  6. You always have such fun memories to share...I love how you weave a story so I feel like I am there.
    I am excited to see all your vintage pieces and decorating your home.
    I am surprised there isn't more? lol

  7. Ohhh Julie!!! I am soooo jealous of all of your mercury glass ornaments!! You lucky lucky girl! there is nothing like a vintage Christmas with all the wonderful warm fuzzy memories behind them!!! And yes, you have surely got me into the Christmas spirit!! I am so hoping that we can have a "normal" Christmas this year. I love going all out with the family and food!!
    Love you bunches,

  8. I love decorating for Christmas, too.
    I can hardly wait to see your vintage treasures all displayed!

  9. So much of that looks very familiar. Surprising what we remember from our childhood.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  10. Good morning Julie Marie....I've been missing in action for a while due to life's demands.....but couldn't resist stopping by here to share all your lovelies. Can't wait to hear your stories again this holiday season.

    Stay well dear friend,


  11. Ohhh wowwwww my friend you have a beautiful collections of vintage decor items :) just breathtaking :)


  12. I get so excited to see all of your vintage Christmas collectibles. You have such beautiful things!

  13. Hi Julie Marie,

    I have read...and really enjoyed your post, especially the vintage Christmas. So many memories from looking at the live trees and watching the lights dance off the bulbs and to bubbles in the decorations. I remember well laying on the floor with the dog next to me taking it all in...any time of the day.

    Thank you for sharing, I have tears of joy and happy times.

    Mary Jo