Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes and My Giveaway Winner Announced...

Hello... this morning Jack drew the winning name for my little Olde World Christmas giveaway...

The winner of the beautiful little Olde World Christmas ornament is Kit from A Montana Life. Congratulations Kit!... Please email me with your address and I will send your little gift right out!... Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving... xoxo...


  1. Congrats Kit ! Hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, dear Julie!! xoxo

  3. Yay..Congratulations to the winner.

    Wishing you, Jack, Tessy and all your beautiful family a very happy, special and blessed Thanksgiving...I am thankful for such a special friend like you.

    Love you,

  4. Congrats to that very lucky girl!

    Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you!

  5. Congrats to kit!!!
    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend
    Hugs to you

  6. Oh my! I am soooo excited! I just read my comments and there was you telling me I had won. Winning a lovely ornament from you is doubly great! What a wonderful way to start the holiday week. Thank you so much dear friend! Hug, Kit

  7. Congratulations Kit.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Julie and how wonderful for Kit.

  9. Hello Julie~I'm b-a-c-k to makin' my visits (finally)! I just wanted to take a minute at this season of renewed hope and gratitude to personally thank you for your visits and kind words. You're always so generous to share a big part of your hearts passion through your wonderful posts. I look forward to each and every visit. I've no doubt there's more fun in store for us on this blogging journey.
    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving surrounded with family and friends in celebration of all life's blessings.

    Sweet Wishes,

  10. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Julie Marie! xoxo

  11. Congrats to the winner!

    Happy Thanksgiving Julie! Blessings to you and yours...

    big hugs, Sherry

  12. Congrats to Kit!

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving filled with loved ones.

  13. Hi Julie,
    Congrats to Kit on wining your wonderful giveaway. I have been trying to catch up on your posts, but please forgive me for not having enough time to comment on all. But what a wonderful journey you have had and your decor is gorgeous.

    Wishing you, Jack and Tessy a very blessed Thanksgiving day. I am very grateful for so many blessings from above and one being the gift of true friendship. Thank you for sharing in that gift as I am truely blessed by you and your endearing ways.

    Happy Thanksgiving and onward to Christmas. Litte puppy hugs for Tessy from me and Miss B.
    Love you, Celestina Marie

  14. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Julie Marie~
    Sending love & hugs your way.
    xoxo Amy

  15. Wishing you the most wonderful Thanksgiving with your new sweet Tessy and Jack. Love you! We want to hear how Tessy likes her first Thanksgiving.