Sunday, October 23, 2011

Delicious Autumn...

"Delicious Autumn!...
My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird
I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive Autumns" ~George Eliot

Today is such an absolutely glorious Autumn day here... the air is crisp and the sky a brilliant blue... the sun is shining so brightly I want this delirious feeling to last forever... I love living in my bucolic little town... no bright lights and big cities for this country girl... come walk with me... this day is too enchanting not to share it with you... the little pumpkins are in my backyard under one of my crabapple trees... all photos are either at my home or on our Nature walk...

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still,
and watch the leaves turn" ~Elizabeth Lawrence

The photo above is my Royal Crabapple tree in my backyard... soon, the Cedar Waxwings will arrive and feast on the berries... passing them down the line one by one to each bird until one of them finally eats it...

Our daily walk takes us past so many quaint and wonderfully rural places... I love seeing clothes hanging out on a line in the Autumn sun... that is their old silo in the background... and a pile of wood... chopped and ready to place upon the fire to ward off the upcoming Winter's chill...

A favorite friend on our walk sells cornstalks and pumpkins each year...

The trees that line Porter Lane are stunning today!... we laugh as we hear the squirrels chattering to each other... there is a walnut tree on this property and they jump to and fro like little acrobats... they too are relishing this magical Fall day...

I love to kick through the leaves and hear them crunch as I walk... do you?...

Beautiful moss... Nature's treasure...

This beautiful arch of trees is in the canyon five minutes away from my home... it reminds me of a secret entrance into a mystical Autumn woods...

I cannot think of any other way I would want to spend this day...

I hope you enjoyed our walk... and I hope you too will take time to notice all of the beauty that surrounds you each day... some as close as your own back yard... xoxo...

"Every leaf spells bliss to me,
fluttering from the Autumn tree" ~ Emily Bronte


  1. What a wonderful place to live and walk. Your photos are so lovely. We are having a mild but rainy day and the colors look so saturate. I just love your "blue jeans laundry day" photo! :) Kit

  2. This was a glorious walk. Thank you for sharing it with your lovely photos.

  3. I am the same , in our village no bright lights and wonderful country side , I to love going for walks we have lots of forest and a beautiful river that runs through our village. Enjoyed your post and photos. Have a wonderful eve.

  4. Pretty autumn colors. You have so many leaves dropping already so it must be huge trees. Pretty area to take a walk in.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. What a beautiful autumn post today !! like to walk with from

  6. I love the Leaf Quote!!! There is so much to this post that is beautiful. I love the way the clothes look hanging from the line... I have to do that here in London and took a pic like this the other day. I love the way the white pumpkins look in your yard and the crabapple tree shot. The colors are brilliant and the cute signs look so Fall like. The way you talk about the sound the leaves make when you walk through them is also something I love about this beautiful time of year. This post has to be one of my very favs you have ever done. It describes Fall beautifully. Love Filly xxx

  7. Hi Julie Marie~
    I love your Pumpkin banner at the top of your blog. And I love the Fall photos. There is nothing resembing Fall here... yet. What a beautiful area you live in and what a joy it must be for you to take your daily walks. I'm jealous. xoxo Amy

  8. Oh girl...I love seeing clothes hanging on the clothesline. Reminds me of my childhood. We always had one in the backyard and I can remember my momma running outside to gather the linens when the rains came unexpectedly!

    I love all your photos! I didn't know that about the birds passing the berries!

    Sweet, sweet post!


  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely autumn walk. Just love the picture of the clothesline!

    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Oh my goodness sweet Julie- these photos are amazing. I think you captured the colors of fall beautifully. What a wonderful walk- so beautiful-- love the photo of the clothes on the clothesline!!

    The photo in your blog header is outstanding!!

    Enjoy this beautiful Indian summer--

  11. What a beautiful Autumn, nature walk Julie Marie...Thank you for letting me tag along :-)

    Much love,

  12. Enjoyed the stroll... thanks for sharing. Loved that wagon with the corn stalks pic!