Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Memories... Another Treasure From My Past...

For weeks now, I have been scouring the local thrift stores and yard sales for a vintage broom rake... no luck in finding one... I wanted to make one into a cute Autumn decoration like I had seen in the Fall issue of my Country Gardens magazine... then, I saw several on some of my favorite blogs and started looking even harder for one... some of these old garden tools are extra hard to find around the little rural town I live in, because most of them are still being used, passed down from generation to generation on their little farms or gardens...

So... yesterday, I was at my sisters house feeding the cats while they are on vacation, and low and behold... there in her garage with all my daddy's old wooden handled gardening tools was his old broom rake!... I excitedly called my sister in New Mexico and asked if she minded if I claimed it... she said of course I should have it... my daddy passed away several years ago and my sister now owns his house which is right next door to hers, and all of his old tools were in his garage.... just like I mentioned, my brother~in~law still uses them all...we don't part with treasures like these... so I brought it home with me, so anxious to make it into my dream creation...

Just what is it that we love so about these old time~worn treasures... for me, I know a good part of it is the memories they hold... I left the old wooden handle on it... just the way it was the last time daddy used it... this sweet old rake is well over fifty years old, and spent many an Autumn raking up the leaves in our backyard at the house I grew up in which I recently posted about here...

So, I couldn't wait to get started on it... but first, I must find some pretty berries... I ended up using some faux berries mixed in with some real ones since I didn't have as many in my yard that I wanted to use, and the fact that Jack asked me why I was wandering around my neighbors gardens in the dark last night, all dressed in black with a pair of pruners and a sack in my hand... those dang retired cops!... can't pull anything over on them... tee hee hee...

I filled in between the faux red berries with some of my beautiful snowberries...

Some raffia tied around the handle... and Voila!...

A beautiful decoration for my front porch... made even more beautiful because it too holds blissful Autumn memories from days gone by... can you tell I am a sentimental lady?... xoxo...

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  1. Ellie and I like the way it turned out. We both were looking at this post. It is pretty and has memories for everyone... We used it at Grandpa's before raking leaves in The Fall. It is cool the way you put berries on it and I think it will look great on your porch. It is special and I am glad when you look at it gives you happy memories. It looks lovely.
    Love Filly

  2. It looks wonderful I like it. A wonderful thing to have and the fact that it was your Daddy's makes it so very special. I have some of my Daddy's tools and even a lumber jacket that he wore when on our farm I wear it now it also is about 40 years old and in mint condition. Wonderful photos and post. Have a wonderful day !

  3. That turned out great! Very pretty!

  4. That it is your fathers makes it all the more sweet. There is no telling how many old rakes Joe has in his old sheds. I might better go look. You have inspired me-yours is so pretty.

  5. Oh sweet Julie....that is such a clever creation....and even more special because the rake was your dad's.

    I think I have one of those around here just where could that thing be? LOL



  6. Hahahhaah!! so nice !! you did a great job !! from

  7. What a wonderful treasure that you found. Isn't it the best to use treasured items from people that we love in decorating. It makes it oh so much more special!

    Wishing you a beautiful autumn day!

  8. I always love visiting you and reading your sentimental posts! You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone i've ever come across! love that! Everything out on your porch looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing at the linky party today! so fun to have you join in. xoxo

  9. The rake is so pretty and I love that it has such sweet memories!!

  10. Guess what I'll be keeping an eye out for now too?..Hee, hee, hee. I love it Julie Marie. It turned out awesome.

    Much love,