Saturday, September 24, 2011

Under Autumn's Spell...

Well... ten days ago I decided to take an extended blog break... for a number of reasons, but mostly because I had been feeling crummy and had a bad case of the blues... still no news on my other two kidney stones... they are still with me, and other than a bad backache, didn't seem like they were going to pass any time soon... I sat here feeling sorry for myself... I normally don't do that... then I began to miss posting and reading my favorite blogs... wondering what you all were up to... then a couple of days ago, I had a long talk with myself (yes, I do that often!)... I told myself to get off my bum and back to being "me" again... must have been put under Autumn's magical spell, because then I started to feel like doing things again... it could be months before those stones pass, and I don't want them spoiling my most favorite Season of all... Autumn... so I did a bit more decorating for Fall...

Then Jack and I decided we wanted some new carpet for our living room... we picked out a beautiful deep plush chocolate brown called "Double Fudge"... love the name of it!... they will be coming out next Tuesday to carpet the living room and the stairway to the downstairs... we moved everything out of the living room, and when we put our old (25 years old, but reupholstered several years ago) loveseat into our den (does anyone but me call it a den anymore?)... we decided we liked how it looked in there... so, now we will be looking for a new couch~loveseat for our living room... I want something in rich woodsy browns and creams... soft and mushy... to sink down deep in and read or daydream... while the living room is empty, we decided to clean it... so, Jack and I totally housecleaned it, top to bottom... blinds, ceiling fan, the works... I noticed I started feeling even better and my mind was on other things than myself... that started a whole cleaning frenzy for me, and I have now cleaned the entire upstairs of our home, top to bottom!... feels good and looks so pretty!... started sorting cupboards and closets... will donate some things, and will take others to consignment shop...

I had recently pre~ordered Mireille Guiliano's newest book "The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook"... I love her other two books I have and this one promises to be just as great... it's not just about cooking and eating, it's the whole French attitude... I already loved reading part of it that must be the French side of me coming out... she states "French women love to cook, and love to eat, and are always planning their next meal"... well, I love to cook and I love to eat, and at breakfast each day I am already planning lunch and dinner... her recipes look delish and I will share some soon...

Friends have been bringing us yummy fruits of the Season... nothing like a juicy peach or pear this time of year... (enjoying lots of fresh fruits is a big part of the French woman's menu)...

My friends down the lane called the other day and asked if I wanted some Fall raspberries... Yes!... I have been getting my energy back, and made another batch of jam... yummy!...

Jack and I still take our Nature walk every morning... this is our favorite time of all to walk, "sweatshirt weather"... cool and crisp with a sky of blue and a sun of gold... also down the lane, I spotted this teensy little Butterfly Bush growing in a crack in the road... so petite and sweet with a bloom even!... I knew the street~sweepers would be coming along soon to get all of the leaves out of the gutters and this little baby would be destroyed... so, after our walk, I went back with a little shovel and dug it up...

I took it home and planted it in my garden... several days later we spotted another one, even tinier, but no bloom... so, home it came too... they are thriving in my cottage garden and next year should grow rapidly... Butterfly Bushes are so hardy and thrive almost anywhere (as you can see in my photo above!)... plus, I love all of the beautiful Butterflies they attract...

Then, I decided to start organizing my old Victoria magazines... wow!... big job!... here are just a handful of my October issues (my favorites!)... I have every issue of Victoria since I bought my Premier issue when it first came out in 1987, with the exception of several I must have loaned out and not gotten them back... soon, I shall have them all as a friend is making them available to me!... the old ones when Nancy Lindemeyer was editor were sooo gorgeous and I am so happy I kept them... I first read one of my favorite quotes in one of these old magazines... "Because Nice Matters"... it still does...

With the cooler weather here, Tessy needed a new Autumn jacket for our early morning walks down the trail... I found her this cute burnt orange colored little jacket with a brown corduroy collar... I love this dog so... can you tell???...

So, that is what I have been up to... I also recently bought a fabulous vintage picnic basket at a yard sale down the lane and I can't wait to show you how I have it all fixed up for Fall... (my next post)... next week is my sister Jill's birthday and we will have our annual "ghouls day out" lunch, but will so miss Filly and Ellie this year as they live in London now... I will send party favors to you in London, I promise girls!... Now I will be visiting everyone and catching up ... xoxo...


  1. I am so glad you are back and my have you been busy!!!!
    I hope you are feeling well and looking forward to see your next post to see your Fall decorations.
    Enjoy your weekend!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Julie Marie,When I feel dumpy and into my own sad self one of the best things to get me out of it is to have a glimmering clean house.I could relate with what you were saying.Even if someone else cleans it for me,I still love it.I wish Autumn would get over here real soon,I love it too.

  3. Glad to hear you got yourself out of your rut. Sometimes its just best to pickup and get on with things. I hope you dont suffer from any pain or discomfort sometimes that is hard to work through. WOW! you did alot of work cleaning I got tired just read all you did time to rest ! Take care and glsd your feeling better and back into blogland ! Have a wonderful eve. P.S Tessy you look marvelous !

  4. Julie, I love this post!! You sound wonderful and I am so happy you are feeling more like your old sweet self again. I always feel better about myself when I clean, lol. I actually cleaned today too and washed bedding etc. Having a clean home just lifts the mood. You are so lucky to be getting new carpet and the color sounds so yummy :) I love rich browns and the carpet and sew furniture will be so beautiful in your home. I hope you post pics when it is done :) I recently did a tote bag in browns and burgandies. The fruit looks soooo yummy!! I have been craving apples and caramel lately :) And cider and pumpkin donuts!! I love fall foods :) Tessy is so cute in her new jacket, love the color! I too love butterfly plants. Nothing like having tons of butterflies to watch in the summer.

    I have been having so much fun displaying with the hedgehogs for fall! They are sooo cute with my pumpkins. I kind of stole all three for a bit so I could display them together, like little family, lol. Emily LOVED them and she saw them the second she walked in the door. Thank you so much again, your the sweetest and I love you!!
    Big hugs and cheers to autumns spell!

  5. I am glad you feel a little better darling....happy that you are back !! enjoy a beautiful from

  6. Hi Ju Ju,

    Glad you have been keeping yourself busy and enjoying Autumn's Spell!!! I think it is a magical time too and I can see why you and Jack love your Nature Walks best during this time of year. That is sweet of people to bring you fruit and you seem to be enjoying baking a lot. I would love for you to post or email me any yummy recipes you find in that book you are reading. We will miss Ghouls Day out for sure:( Thank you for sending us our favors:) The color of the carpet sounds pretty and all you guys have done sounds like you are really working hard. Love You Lots

  7. I love to do those cleaning top to bottom too, always makes one feel better. Hope you are better soon.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Good morning sweet friend....So glad you are feeling a little better. You appear to be back to your "young" self and that is wonderful. Nice to read about your life today and that you are getting ready for Autumn.



  9. So glad you've jumped back in, Julie Marie! I took a month off of blogging when my mom was so sick and then passed away - I had just completely lost interest in everything. But gradually, like you, I began to miss everyone and jumped back in again - our blogging friends keep us smiling.

    Take good care, my friend, and enjoy these beautiful autumn days!


  10. Oh friend, here I sit with the same battle and yuck feeling - kidney stones AGAIN!!!! Had 23 so far and stilll hate to feel like this yuck. I know I have to get a smidge of motivation today, well maybe!LOL Take care, kee me posted if yours run away! Lori

  11. Glad you are back Julie Marie. I haven't yet gotten to fall decorating but have been seeing it on many blogs. Thanks for the inspiration.


  12. I knew you could not stay away for long...LOL.I'm so glad you are perking up.Chocolate carpet sounds wonderful.
    You blog post makes me happy.I'm feeling alittle better,You made me smile.I'll call you in a few days.The cleaning of my house statred Friday.
    Love you Dear One,
    Marie Antionette

  13. Oh Julie Marie,
    I am soooo happy you are feeling much more like yourself...I was just telling my daughter how the fall season was your absolute favorite and how it made me sad to think you were feeling blue just when it was about to begin. I am looking forward to all your fall/Halloween posts...Love all your post but I think the Halloween ones are always my favorite :-) Anyway, I am very happy you are back....Yay! Sending you a great big hug my friend. Have a wonderful week.

    Much love,

  14. Hi Julie, Loved your post! I have never made jam maybe one day, raspberry is my favorite, I keep all my romantic and victorian magazines also, every once in a while I pull them all out to read its amazing they never go out of style and can be reread over the years and its like reading a new magazine,. Im so glad you are getting around and able to enjoy Fall a little, Sincerely,Jonny

  15. The sound of your new chocolate fudge carpet sound fabulous! Can't wait to see!

    Hope you are doing better after such a rough go around with your health. I'm doing great but I'll tell you this...I will NEVAH EVAH take medication again without being mindful of how I feel ever step of the way....

    Miss K is coming over tonight. She missed school today because she is sick. Sarah (DIL) missed work on Friday and so did Brandon (son) for the same thing (flu symptoms). Sarah's off again today with K and can't miss anymore. So...I get to be a Nana-Nurse to my girl... Been a long time since I took care of a sick little one.

    Missing you girl. Praying you continue to get well.

    Love, Rebecca

  16. Hi Julie,
    Oh I just love this post of inspiring Autumn decorating, cooking, fresh fruit, new room redos and nature walks. You sound so wonderfully back to you.

    I love that you saved the little flower and gave it a new home.
    Your loveseat looks awesome in the DEN. Yes, I still call a den a den.
    I bet the new carpet is going to be gorgeous and rich with the colors you describe. So you too for the nature decor you love.

    I want to take a few days to clean like you describe. Nothing feels better then a fresh clean home for the season.

    Your jam looks wonderful. I used to make plum jam every year when we had plum trees at our past home. No fruit trees here, but I could purchase some to can. Finding the time for me is the key!!

    All went well yesterday. I am doing better today and getting back to normal. Thank you for the good luck email. I felt your thoughts and prayers.
    Love you my friend,
    Celestina Marie