Friday, September 9, 2011

A Peaceful Home...

Tuesday my sister Jill and my niece Liz stopped by for a visit, to see my home decorated for Autumn, and to pick up a yummy tomato~zucchini bake I had made for each of them... I am certain I am one of very few in blogland who does not have an all white home... as beautiful as they are, I have said before, they are just not me... I need color in my home... and what more beautiful colors than those that reflect the new Season of Fall that is upon us... I swoon over the deep, rich rusts, browns and crimsons... ochres and reds... burnt oranges and deep plums...

As we walked room to room, showing them my Autumn decor, my niece said to me "you have a very peaceful home Juju"... (I will always be Juju to my nieces)...

I think that is the nicest compliment I have ever received about our home...

That is exactly the feeling I want our home to exude... quiet corners to sip coffee and read a magazine... write in a journal... or simply daydream... "a peaceful home"... thank you Liz... you made my day!... xoxo...


  1. That is a lovely setting. I think that we hit a certain age that we strive for peaceful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. And what a lovely home you have!I can imagine you have lots of charm and pretties to your home. I to am not an all white home person I like the country/ farm look and feel of a home. We have that here and are still working on more. I like wood with greens,golds,burgandys, browns and rosewood colors , chamberyblues and yellows . I like to bring the colors of the seasons in as well . I like our home to have that welcome cozy country feeling when one walks in ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. Oh Julie Marie,
    What a wonderful compliment indeed. One should always feel, welcomed, loved and peaceful in our homes...That's what I strive for in our petite cottage. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Much love,

  4. I love color as well, and your home looks beautiful! I agree.. a wonderful compliment and it says a lot about you, your family and your home... Have a beautiful weekend Julie Marie, and give Tessy a big hug for Gracie and me :-)

  5. That is such a sweet compliment from your niece! She sounds like a real doll! What more could we ask for than a peaceful home...a sanctuary from the busy world?

    I love the picture of the wicker chair with your fall decorations. I will be getting mine out soon!


  6. Your home reflects you. And you are a wonderful soul. I am 40/60 on the white scale so we have a lot of color too. Love your Fall images. ♥Olive

  7. I really like your autumn style...enjoy your love

  8. I also love the warm fall colors in my home.How sweet that your niece knows that and says it.
    I have every room in my home painted some warm yellow shade and accented with burnt red-just couldn't think of changing.
    Happy Fall

  9. So very pretty! I am with you. I love to look at those all white homes and I am in awe of their style, but I just love color and lots of it. Bring on the orange and gold! Hugs, Kit

  10. Happy Fall Dear Julie,
    Your home is gorgeous an decorated so cozy and yes very peaceful for Fall. It is a beautiful compliment for you put love and heart in all you do.
    My Autumn decor is coming down today and I am going to try and decorate this week. I have been just too busy to start, but inspired to do so. As you know, I use color too with touches of ivory here and there.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

    XO to Tessy from Beazy.
    Love, Celestina Marie

  11. Hi Ju Ju,

    I am glad Lizzy made your day the other day... Your home is peaceful and I love all your decorations and the vibe the place has. I love the Fall colors and decorations. Today is a sad day with it being 911 and it is good you have a place to be peaceful. I wish many comfort and peace on this day. I love you and miss you.
    Love Filly