Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charmed By October... My Favorite Month of All...

"Listen!... the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
we have had our Summer evenings,
now for October eves" ~ Humbert Wolfe

Magical October is almost here! ... to me, the most delightfully enchanting month of all... a month full of holidays and celebrations, Fall festivals and fairs... of birthdays and anniversaries in our family... Saturday October first is Jill's birthday... my sister, my confidante, my best friend... Jill... I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!... you are the best sister in the world and I love you so much... we have shared many an October's magical spell together... from the time we were little girls, we have loved October so... starting with your birthday, then decorating our bedroom with cutouts of squirrels and Autumn colored crepe paper streamers strung about... pouring over our copies of Jack and Jill magazines... setting up our Halloween candles and pumpkins... scaring ourselves as we told ghost stories in the dark... deciding what we were going to be for Halloween... trick or treating... going to the pink house first as they always had the best treats... eating carmel apples and Autumn mix candy... just being together... I have such happy memories of all of our special times together... every time we are together is special... just like you... I love you!... enjoy YOUR day Saturday!... but first, we will enjoy our annual "Ghouls Day Out" lunch on Thursday to celebrate!... I can hardly wait!...

October is filled to the brim with seasonal pleasures... the sights and smells of the season delight my senses... cornstalks and pumpkins adorn front porches... squash of all kinds fill bins at the little fruit stand down the lane... butternut and spaghetti... hubbard and acorn... I shall stock up on all of them... they store well throughout the long winter that looms ahead... this morning the air is crisp and the sun is a magnificent shade of golden... the heady scent of woodsmoke fills the Autumn air... I breathe it all in and decide it is a most perfect day to pack a picnic and head for the woods in the mountains above our home... there are many trails and campgrounds... a Nature lovers delight!... Jack has gone to coffee with the guys today, so I shall spend some time in quiet solitude... at one with Nature... my vintage picnic basket holds everything I need for this blissful morning I am looking forward to... I have wanted a vintage picnic basket like this all of my life, but have never found one in nice enough condition... I recently bought this at a yard sale down the lane for a mere $5.00... c. 1930's ~ 1940's and in perfect condition... I tuck in a snuggly woodsy fleece blanket I made to lay on beneath the towering pines...

Small binoculars for leaf~peeping or Fall bird~watching... and of course a vintage Thermos of hot coffee to take the canyon chill off the morning air as I let my thoughts drift away... dreamily lazing away the day in my beautiful surroundings... I shall take along some of my very favorite old Victoria magazines... the October issues from years past... my treasured copies I bring out every year at this time... I have every single one of them since Victoria came out in 1987... I enjoy them every bit as much today as I did all those many years ago...

This has got to be my most favorite issue ever from October 1996... isn't this little girl just adorable... the epitome of Autumn... by now a grown woman with children of her own perhaps...

Fall is a time for comfy, casual clothes for me... my favorite jeans and a soft flannel shirt... my brown fleece vest and one of my oh~so~soft mufflers I crocheted last Autumn... my chocolate brown Uggs, favorite sunglasses, and I am ready for all of the pleasures a serene Autumn day has to offer...

I shall stop at Cutlers cookies on my way and pick up some fresh~baked Snickerdoodles and Gingerbread cookies to eat as I sip my coffee amongst the stunning crimsons, reds, burnt oranges and ochres now painting the trees up the canyon... on my way home, I shall stop at the little fruit stand down the lane and buy some Honeycrisp and Jonagold apples... which I shall eat at least one of right away, so sweet and delicious... not even caring that the juices run down my face...

I have brought along my journal to capture and preserve every incredible moment of this most beautiful Season of all and the upcoming magical month of October... it is almost the beginning of my most favorite month and I plan to revel in each and every second of it... maybe even decorating my bedroom with little squirrels and crepe paper once more... beautiful memories that never fade... yes... I must call Jill now... I just know she too will want to celebrate October like we did as little girls... xoxo...

"You aren't just the age you are...
you are all the ages you ever have been"...


  1. Oh Julie Marie,
    It all sounds so beautiful and magical. I just love the way you describe everything. You sure have a special way with words my dear friend. Enjoy your picnic. And a very happy birthday to your beautiful sister Jill.

    Much Love,

  2. You have such an incredible way with words my friend. I hope your picnicing day is wonderful. Happy Birthday to your sissy, Jill!


  3. Happy Birthday to my mom on Saturday!!! You two had fun as kids decorating and enjoying the magic of Fall and Halloween. Me and Lizzy always loved this time too, it must run in the family. I love your basket!!! A cutlers cookie sounds sooooooooooo good right about now. Ellie and I loved them. Love your Uggs I love those type of comfy boots too... I hope this Fall is great and I will miss seeing your house in person this year but will be able to see the Christmas decorations yippy... Well Here is to a beautiful Autumn and a great bday to mom who is beautiful and I am glad you have those memories of such a happy childhood. Love You Filly xxx

  4. What a great way to celebrate Julie Marie. Enjoy your day with your sis!

    I love that issue of Victoria too. I can almost remember when it came in the mail and I carved out some time to sit and savor every page of it.

  5. What a beautiful post !!.....enjoy this autumn darling...love from me...xxx...

  6. Just popping over to say hi Julie....happy "almost October"! xo, Janet

  7. Good afternoon Julie Marie.....what a beautiful Autumn post you are giving us. We actually are "seeing" Autumn this year as we travel. Your sister is so beautiful, as are you, you can certainly tell you are sisters. BTW....I'm also an October baby....Libra's.....soaking up all that beauty.



  8. That little girl is charming. I have a whole box of Victoria magazines in my laundry room that I need to pull out. Enjoy your picnic and October♥

  9. The basket is amazing! What a great find. You know just how to display it, too. Thanks for your share of the love of fall. It reminds us all just how wonderful the season is. Happy Birthday, Jill!

  10. Oh, I just love fall... the comfy clothes, rich beautiful colors and cooler days. Happy birthday to you sister. Have a great October!!

  11. Hi Julie Marie,
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister Jill. I hope your day out was very special.
    October is a magical month and one of my favorites too. Many special memories for my family have all taken place in October.

    Love your picnic basket displayed with the vintage treasures and your handmade blanket. It all make the perfect picnic day and to enjoy your treasured magazines is even more special.
    Cozy Fall outfits are my favorite too and your days sound incredible.

    Loved reading about your childhood memories with Jill. All very special.
    Thank you for sharing my friend.
    XOXO Celestina Marie