Thursday, August 4, 2011

Treasures From Wayside Treasures...

My friend Sandi certainly named her blog appropriately... "Wayside Treasures" is just that... a beautiful blogspot by the wayside that is always overflowing with beautiful treasures, many of which Sandi herself creates... today, a package arrived for me in the mail, and when I saw her return address I was so excited... recently Mr. Wayside Treasures rescued a precious, teeny little kitty that was out in the middle of a very busy road where she surely would have not survived... he took baby kitty home and she is now part of their family... I just love animal stories with happy endings!... So, Sandi did a post asking for suggestions for a name for her new little furry baby... I left my comment, and suggested a name I thought was cute... Sandi chose the name I thought would suit new baby kitty, and sent me all these beautiful treasures as a "thank~you" for helping name baby kitty... A beautiful card with a heartfelt message from Sandi...

Oooh, one of her new creations... her gorgeous new sparkly tags, with a message from Cinderella herself... "One shoe can change your life"... is this too cute?... I LOVE fairytales and this tag is just adorable!...

A pretty sparkly sign with "Faith"... I love it!... of all the different words out there in crafts, etc, it has got to be my favorite!...

And this package of the most luscious tresors... more beautiful fairytale inspired tags, stunning vintage lace, beautiful vintage millinery and pretty crinkly silk ribbons... also the pretty "France" bookmark~tag... Oooh la la Sandi!...

If you have not already met Sandi's new baby, please welcome "Gypsy" to blogland... is she a doll!!! I thought the name Gypsy fit her because she was just "traveling around"... Sandi loved the name and the reason I suggested it, and chose it over thirty entries... I am honored!... (photo by Sandi, yep, I snatched it)...

I hope you will visit Wayside Treasures and introduce yourself to Sandi if you have not met her yet... she has a beautiful online shop and creates the most romantic French~inspired tresors along with so many other lovely creations... she has a heart of gold, and the cutest sense of humor ever!... please tell her Julie Marie sent you!... Sandi also included a little folded up "Smile to Go" with a pretty quote inside... it reads:

"To share often and much... to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sandi my sweet friend... you have succeeded... Merci!... xoxo... kitty kisses sweet baby Gypsy...


  1. That kitty is darling. My cat was injured today and it has been a not so good day for us. Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  2. Look how adorable Baby Kitty is ! Love a black kitty, and any animal story.
    How wonderful you got such pretty goodies.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Julie,
    Oh how adorable this sweet little kitty is and I love the name you entered. Congrats on your pick. It is perfect for her.
    Love your thankyou gifts too. Everything is precious.

    I sent you an email Wednesday with pics of your lane box. I so hope you got it. If not, I will try and resend it.
    Have a great night!
    XO Celestina Marie

  4. Congratulations on your name of Gypsy being picked. She is a pretty kitty. I am so glad that Gypsy found a home. I just love a story with a happy ending.


  5. Ju I love the name you picked out... It is a very fitting name and when I saw her picture I thought this baby looks like Gypsy... She has beautiful Eyes and I am glad your friend saved her. I like stories like this too and help me remember there are lots of good people out there that care. It was sweet of her to send you treasures... I love the cinderella quote. It seems like their little baby kitty Gypsy is getting her own Cinderella Happy Ending as well... Great Post.
    Love you and miss you
    Filly xxx

  6. What a sweet little Gypsy! Just the perfect name for her, Julie! What a lovely gift she gave you--such a thoughtful friend...

    I'm so happy to be home again & able to spend a little time in Blogland...hope your weekend is wonderful, my friend!


  7. Hi Sweetie,
    Congratulations on winning Sandi's contest!! I love the name you chose and think it is perfect for that sweet little puff ball :) I too love Sabdi's blog, it is always so romantic and pretty.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a kind comment!
    Love you,

  8. Oh my goodness, Gypsy is so sweet. I love hearing animal rescue stories with a happy ending too. I know that Gypsy will be very happy in her new home. Great name suggestion my dear friend...Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Much love,

  9. How exciting to have chosen the winning name! She does look like a "Gypsy" to me.

  10. You are so sweet Julie Marie!! Thank you so much for this post. I had fun putting this little pkg together for you.