Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No... not again...

Tomorrow it is one year to the date since I had my huge 6.6 kidney stone and subsequent surgery... I know, that sounds like an earthquake reading, it felt like an earthquake... I was just telling Jack several days ago I was glad it was not this time last year... so what happened today?... first thing this morning, the pain hit again... after four kidney stones, I knew what was happening... and could not believe it... I CAN'T go through this again... I have too many things to do, like start decorating for Fall... it is mine and my nieces favorite time of year... I had started a little with my pretty new Autumn arrangement in my vintage French pitcher... and I have Jack and Tessy to look after... and my gardens... my daddy always told me I could not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders... I guess I think I can... I am not one to let others wait on me... I am not trying to build myself up, it's just the way I am...

After spending the day at the hospital for a CT scan and then at my urologists office, I came home with the news that I have not one, but three kidney stones, waiting to pass or if not, more surgery... I have a high pain tolerance, but kidney stones don't fit into that category for me... and I am not a pill person either... so when I told my doctor I hated taking more pain pills, he said I didn't need to right now... instead, his nurse came in and gave me a shot in my bum for pain and nausea... I swear, that needle was 5 feet long!... okay, I exaggerate... more like 4 feet long... several hours have passed and right now the pain is semi~bearable... as I talked with my little sister, and told her what was going on, I told her I needed to think of something nice to do for my doctor's nurse, as she was so kind and patient with me, trying to calm my fears and my tears... my sister told me it was time to think of ME first for a change... and rest and do whatever needs to be done to get better... okay Jill... I am taking your advice... I will wait until this is over to properly thank the nurse... and I am taking a little blog break and resting as much as I can... and praying for no more surgery... and I will let Jack walk Tessy... and fix my lunch... and do the dishes... it will be hard for me, but I will do it... don't think I'll ask him to post on my blog for me though, (all you would see is airplanes, helicopters and his Harley!)... so I will see you all soon... xoxo...


  1. Oh no Julie Marie!
    I am sending you lots of positive energy and prayers sweetie.
    I hope they pass very quickly-with little pain.
    How horrible and strange. I have a male friend that battles them all the time. He just goes through so much.
    I sure wouldn't wish that on anyone.
    Take care of yourself and let your honey take care of you...it is why you have such a sweetheart for a husband.
    Hugs sweetie

  2. Oh Julie Marie, so sorry to hear that your having this problem. I know only too well the pain that your going through, I had surgery for kidney stones a few years ago. The pain from the kidney stones was the worst I've ever had! My doctor gave me several shots that would help for a little while, but I had to have surgery that same day! I do hope you don't have to go through another surgery. I will keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery!
    Big hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are having health problems. Relax and take care of yourself. You will be in my prayers.

  4. Darn it sweetie...this is NOT fair!!! I am so sorry. You will be in my prayers. I know that Jack and Tessie will be by your side and such a comfort. Please take care to rest. I pray that you will not have to have surgery!
    sending love and prayers your way..

  5. OH NO...not again is right!!!! You poor thing. I know that pain all too well and it is the worst pain EVER including childbirth. My doctor even told me that when he had his it was so painful that he passed out. We share a common bond and it is not a good one!! :( Praying you will get those things out of there once and for all and be done!!

  6. Dearest Julie Marie,

    Poor girl, that is awful pain! I've watched my husband several times going through this (he passed 14!) and that is no fun. Wishing you all the best and indeed, do take it easy. Relax as much as you can and learn to let go.
    A big comforting hug to you,


  7. What a terrible news...i hope everything will be ok with you soon.....i will keep you in my prayers...love love love and more....Ria...xxx...

  8. You are in my prayers Julie for a good outcome! While going through this you just have to let go and let others do what needs done... don't beat yourself up, be kind to yourself and say to yourself everyday, "I am worth being loved by others and LETTING them love me by doing things for me". I'm serious now, say it outloud... you are so loved Julie Marie.

    Big hugs & prayers, Sherry

  9. Oh, I almost cried when I read this. Julie Marie... I just want you to know that I will be praying for you and hoping for this to pass without too much discomfort. You are always such a positive, beautiful person. And even through this pain you are the same. I've never had kidney stones but I've heard they are extremely painful. My heart goes out to you now.. and my prayers are going up. ((((HUG)))) Get better soon!! Tessy: You and Daddy Take good care of your mommy for us. We love her so!! XXX bobbi and gracie

  10. I am so sorry you are having this again. Afterwards you need to start the regimen of things to do to hopefully prevent them again if you are not already doing it. You deserve a nice rest and we'll see you when you are back. Take care.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. Prayers to you, I thought I had them a couple of months ago. Hope the pain goes away like magic! judy

  12. Oh my! My heart goes out to you. I hope things pass fast. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. el

  13. Oh sweet Julie Marie!!! I have heard that it is so very painful!!
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and I hope you do not have surgery again.
    I know it is hard but let hubby take care of your for a bit
    We will be waiting for your return
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  14. Dear Julie,
    Oh I am so glad I saw this before leaving. I am sending many prayers to the heavens to surround you with love and healing. I hope the pain gets better and you do not have to have surgery. Your sister is right, time to take care and do nothing for awhile.
    I hope the stones pass quickly and in the meantime, let Jack and Tessy take care of you.
    Wish I could come over and help in some way. Many prayers said!

    Take good care.
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  15. Oh Julie,honey, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! I'm praying for an easy time with this, and that you'll do whatever is the best way to take care of these, rest up and take your pills, love ya, Debra

  16. Oh Julie Marie,
    I knew something was up! You haven't been over for a visit for the past two post of mine and I thought that was odd...You always visit me...This morning I woke up thinking of you and having a strange feeling in my tummy so I ran over to visit...Oh my goodness, I'm soooo sorry you're going through this again. Please know my dear friend that you are in my heart and prayers. I pray there will be no need for surgery and that all will be back to normal soon. Please try to get some rest. Sending you a great big hug.

    Much love,