Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is Sweet at Na Da Farm...

I know, I know... I said in my previous post I was taking a little blog break while I wait for three kidney stones to pass, otherwise surgery is needed... I also said though, that I have a very hard time sitting around doing nothing and letting others wait on me... the excruciating pain hits unexpectedly, then subsides with a pain pill somewhat... it's kind of like in the movie "Jaws" when everyone was waiting for the next shark knew it was going to happen you just did not know when... okay, silly comparison but that is all I can think of right now...

But a package came in the mail for me today that Jack picked up at our PO Box and I was soo excited to share it with you... I first read about and fell in love with NaDa Farm in Romantic Prairie Style... beautiful Anne Marie's home is on the Illinois Prairie, and to me is the epitome of Prairie life... her posts are all so inspiring and uplifting and REAL... nothing uppity or pretentious about it... recently, she posted about her pure, organic Prairie honey being available, and I immediately ordered one from her... beekeeping is a family affair, and they all do their part...

So, I made myself a cup of coffee in my favorite cup... my great~grandfather's old "restaurant~ware" cup, toasted an English muffin, and sat down for a rest and a treat...

Anne Marie packaged the honey so perfectly in darling reusable jars that are made in the USA (love that!)... I hated to break the cute seal, but I wanted to get at that honey!...

I also am a strong supporter of local farmers, whether it is here in Utah, or Anne Marie's farm in Illinois... and I buy products made in the USA every time I can... isn't their little logo adorable!...

Now I really AM going to take a little blog break, follow my doctors orders and pray this ordeal is over with soon... but first, I made you a cup of coffee and toasted you a muffin too... then I drizzled Na Da Farm's honey all over it so I would leave you with something incredibly sweet!... see you all when my ordeal is over, hopefully real soon... in the meantime, please visit NA Da Farm and meet Anne Marie... don't forget to tell her Julie Marie sent you... xoxo...


  1. Oh that looks just wonderful! I love honey. Hope you're down time is not for long and that you're soon feeling much better. XXX Gracie and me.

  2. Oh Julie, I hate to hear of this again for you. I was just shuting the studio down for the last time when I saw this post. I so hope this passes quickly and you feel good again.

    Love the honey pot and your post to present how wonderful it is and made in the USA,. Gotta love that so much. Lar was just saying I should have that added to my designer labels that go on the back of my products, created in the USA.
    Your table setting in your grandpas cup is perfectly inviting.
    I hope you take many a break enjoying the yummy honey and rest and feel better soon.
    You are in my prayers for better days ahead and no surgery comes your way. I will be in touch when we return.
    Love to you dear friend,
    Celestina Marie

  3. How perfect to get your honey in the mail at this time, for some distraction from the pain of Jaws like attacks. I hope you are completely well soon. Rest now.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. I love to visit your blog, and Ann Marie's too :)

  5. Looks wonderful. Love good honey. Hope things get better soon for you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. I know her blog....delicious honey !!...get well soon from

  7. Hi Julie, I love your table setting, everything is so pretty! It's great that you try to buy things made in the US. I will continue to pray that you feel better soon and with no surgery. Rest for now!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Julie Marie - I'm sending you get well wishes from North Carolina and praying for you during this time of need. I am heading over to N.A.D.A.'s site. The honey has the most beautiful color.

  9. Thank you Ms. Julie Marie for the coffee and muffin with sweet honey...But now young lady you march right back to bed or a comfy chair and REST...Doctor's orders...Sending you a great big hug.

    Much love,

  10. lovely pictures Julie Marie...I do hope the honey brings you some joy and sweetness within this time!!

    talk soon.
    Anne Marie

  11. Hi Julie Marie, Hope you get to feel better soon! love your post
    and your table setting looks inviting!How sweet of you to share this with us I love those little jars cute- Sincerely,Jonny

  12. Nothing keeps you down for long girl. I'm thinking of you and hoping that it passes quickly. Love those adorable little jars! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the treat the other day! Made my day.

  13. Hi dear sorry to hear that those nasty kidney stones are back again...but isn't it just like you to make us a little cup of tea with a biscuit and honey, organic no less from a little local farm, right during the middle of your painful ordeal. You are an angel!!!!



  14. Gosh Julie Marie.... My heart goes out to you! So sorry you're going thru this again. Sending a big (((HUG))) and lots of love your way for a speedy recovery this time. Enjoy your blog break! Love you ~ Amy