Monday, August 1, 2011

Kissed by Raindrops...

For days now I have been praying for rain... my sun~parched gardens have cried out for moisture... this morning, my prayers were answered as the angels sent down a cool, gentle rain to quench our thirst and revive our souls... both mine and my gardens... Miss Gertrude Jekyll looks simply radiant and sooo refreshed!...

A petite bud is also reveling in the coolness of the morning... and shall burst forth tomorrow with her stunning bloom as well...

The flower~fairies are dancing beneath their name~sake rose "The Fairy"... her tender fallen spent petals just the right size for a wee fairy umbrella...

"Cinderella" is bathed in the softness of the gentle rain...

The early morning air is so fresh and the welcome rain makes me smile as I check on my mystery rose... I do not know her name, but soon she shall become quite famous... I cannot tell you why just yet... but, soon...

The sky has darkened and the gentle rain has begun to fall harder and harder... how quickly it has turned into a torrent of heavy drops as I hesitate... trying to decide whether to go inside... or sit on the porch and enjoy the splendor of it all... now the wind has picked up as the rain continues to intensify... it is raining much more than our downspouts can handle now... and my gardens begin to flood some... not to worry... if you are like me, a true lover of gardening, you know you must be able to accept whatever hand Nature deals you... I asked for this rain... and I shall not complain... today is August... for me, it signals the transition of Seasons... the beginning of Summers bittersweet goodbyes and early signs of the upcoming Autumn... Autumn in the garden carries it's own special glow... from the lingering Purple and Yellow Coneflowers to the stunning reds of my Burning Bushes... the crimsons and ochres of my Mums and my favorite Sedum Autumn Joy...

The thunder that was in the distance is now all around me... and lightning fills the skies... time to come inside... make myself a cup of Lady Grey tea and enjoy my new magazine... I wistfully look out at my lingering Summers gardens... now passionately kissed by the rain... and dream about the blissful Autumn days to come...xoxo...



  1. Those are wonderful photos. Not just the flowers but you captured the raindrops so well also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh Julie Marie,
    I wish it would rain like that here...It rained here just a little, tiny, hardly noticable bit a couple nights ago, but I wish we would get those thunder storms here...I love thunder and lighting...I know, strange huh? But it's only because they remind me of my Papi's sweet little town where he was born and we spent many wonderful summers. Enjoy my dear friend.

    Much love,

  3. Lovely photos ! A rain well needed ! Sounds like a perfect day after all that heat and dryness ! Its amazing how a natures rain makes it all so beautiful and happy looking again ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Beautiful roses! so funny how us gardeners get a few days of much wanted sunshine - only to secretly wish for rain for the garden!
    okay - so i am laughing at that magazine....i feel like our summer is just starting & there is chatter of 'Autumn' already? I saw Halloween decor in a few stores this week....sigh. xoox, tracie

  5. Hi Julie,
    Oh your lovely roses look so happy and refreshed drenched in raindrops. I am so glad you did get some rain.
    We need some too, but it is unlikely they will come anytime soon. We pray anyway. My thermometer is reading 112 today.
    Love your pics, as always you capture your flowers beautifully.
    Thank you for coming to tea today.
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  6. What a calming post you shared with us today sweet friend. If I am ever again in your neck of the woods....I want to be able to stop in to see your gardens.

    Hugs dear lady,


  7. Hi there Julie Marie - wow, wow, wow...your rose blooms are really so heavenly! And you've taken such great photographs of them. What's that magazine you have there...don't think I've seen one, and trust me, I'm a mag fanatic. Where can I find one?

  8. Your photos belong gracing the covers of magazines! Truly. Beautiful flowers. Happy they got a drink.

  9. Hi Julie Marie,
    All your dreamy roses look beautiful in the rain!! Don't you just love the rain?