Monday, August 8, 2011

A Keeper of Nature's Treasures...

I am a keeper of many things... especially Nature's treasures... I find many on our daily Nature walks and as I take Tessy down the trail... I love gathering little special finds along the way... gifts left there just for me... gentle reminders of how precious Nature is... all along the lane, I pause to gather leaves and berries... pinecones and acorns... feathers and seedpods... always in awe of their intricate designs and the beauty they hold... I then display my finds about our home... some in apothecary jars, some in baskets... scattered about here and there to enjoy year round...

Recently I found a little Lane cedar chest at a local Episcopal church rummage sale... it had a few little scuffs on top, but the rest of the little cedar chest was in perfect condition... the price... one dollar... time was when a young girl graduated from high school, she was presented with one of these tiny treasures from local furniture companies... I am sure in the hopes that she would then buy a full size cedar chest that would become her "hope chest"... I received one of these gifts when I graduated from high school, and treasure it still... it is filled with other precious items of mine, my high school diploma, my shorthand speed award pin, my Symphony Sub~debs pin... I don't think they even give these little boxes out any more???... I knew right away what I wanted to do with my newly purchased box... I asked my dear friend Celeste of Celestina Marie Designs if she could paint a little Nature scene on it for me... we talked about what I had in mind, and she suggested what she thought would be perfect... she was right!... Celeste loves Nature as much as I do... here is what it looked like before...

I asked Celeste to keep the inside just the way it was... I wanted to keep the old furniture company's name it read... that company has been out of business here for many years...

Celeste is one of the sweetest ladies you would ever hope to meet... she is always thinking of others and my package today showed that kindness even more... she included a letter to me, in which she wrote that after painting my piece, she went outside to stretch and for a breath of fresh air... as she glanced down, there at her feet lay a pretty little feather... she knew it was one of Nature's secret treasures and sent it along to me to put in my little box... a keepsake from a Texas birdie...

I love feathers and the meaning behind this one is so very beautiful... it shall be the first thing to go into my new little Nature's keepsake box...

The top has a darling little nest, with a feather left in it... perhaps from a mama birdie who raised her young ones there in the Spring... graceful vines with leaves and berries grow along the top and dainty little tendrils crawl over the sides...

I am a true believer in so many things... not only spiritual, but many of them mystical and enchanting... just like Celeste painting my beautiful little nest with the delicate feather in it... then stepping outside to find such a feather and send it on to me... serendipity...

Celeste also included a darling little book "The Bluebird of Happiness"... which will also go into my little Nature's treasures box...

I hope you will visit her at Celestina Marie Designs... she has several shops, including an Etsy shop and her online website... they are treasure troves of beautiful creations she has done, and I know you will fall in love with all she has to offer... please tell her Julie Marie sent you... Dear Celeste... I am ecstatic over my Nature box and the added treasures you included... the little feather will be a gentle reminder of my sweet friend in Texas who, like me... loves all of God's precious little creatures and takes the time to appreciate the wonders He has created... much love to you Celeste!... xoxo...


  1. This is so precious. I just love the painting. I could see lots of precious items being saved in there.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I remember the tiny little Lane hope chests and didn't know they went out of business...what a loss of great tradition. I was always searching for the key of my older sister's box!! ;-D

    Celeste did a beautiful job on your chest and you, the keeper of all things mystical, magical and wonderful, truly deserves it! I'm off to visit the link!! Thanks, Julie Marie! :-)


  3. What a beautiful box !! tha painting !!...enjoy a happy

  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    You are so kind to share your Lane box in such a sweet post. You found such a wonderful treasure and I was honored that you asked me to design something special upon it. It was a joy to design this for you.
    Thank you so much, you bless me more then you know!
    Celestina Marie

  5. Your blog is lovely! I just have to say, your Princess Tess is utterly sweet!!

  6. Dear Julie, I have one of those boxes that I got at graduation time. It has been in the top of my closet all these years. I never thought about doing something like this to it so that I could enjoy it sitting out! Oooh and whooopee, thanks for the idea. I wouldn't want to ever get rid of the box, but it is not pretty sitting out like it is. I love the idea!

  7. Hi Julie, this is just so beautiful! I haven't seen any of these little boxes in years, but I DO remember them. How blessed to have this lovely nature inspired precious keepsake! xoxo Debra

  8. I'm in LOVE with that box!!!! Yummmeee sweet friend. Celeste is truly ONE OF A KIND. A sweet soul.

    Thank you for sharing her talent with us dear one~


  9. What a wonderful box ! we call little boxes like that a trinket box ! Soo pretty ! Celeste did a lovely painting on it !Hope yout rinket box gets filled with wonders ! Have a wonderful day !

  10. Oh my goodness Julie Marie,
    Your little box looks amazing...Love the nest. You know I'm an all things birdie lover too. Enjoy your old, new box. Love the story behind the boxes too. Have a wonderful new week my friend.

    Much love,

  11. What a find and made extra special and beautiful with that lovely painting by Celeste! Something to truly "treasure." Bess