Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball...

Today is the 100th birthday of a most beloved lady, Lucille Desiree Ball... like most of you, I grew up glued to the television watching "I Love Lucy"... many days, I still am... I can tell you every word in every episode... I don't have any one favorite... how could you possibly choose
just one... you know what an incredible actress and comedienne Lucy was, but she was also an absolutely stunning lady, a model and pin~up girl... the photo below is from "Yank" magazine which was sent to our troops overseas in WWII... I had purchased alot of these old magazines at an estate sale, some of which I later donated to a local WWII Club for some of our veterans to enjoy... Lucille Ball was the pin~up girl that month... the date was May 20th, 1945...

I mentioned this picture to my dear friend Amy Arnaz, Lucille Ball's daughter~in~law and wife of Desi Arnaz, Jr., Lucy's son... Desi had not seen this photo of his mother, so I was able to find another copy of the magazine and send it to them... it is my favorite photo ever of Lucille Ball, so I wanted to post it... she looks so beautiful and glamorous... a perfect birthday photo... Dear Amy and Desi... I hope you enjoy all of the celebrations of the 100th birthday and life of this most extraordinary lady... I love Lucy, and I love you too Amy and Desi! ... xoxo...


Dawnll said...

What am I doing right now?
You bet I am watching TCM tribute to Lucy.
Not many people know my MIDDLE name is Lucille, and my mom always said I was a true Lucille without the red hair.
LOVE, LOVE Lucy- thanks for sharing with us.
By the way, I could never pick a favorite, I love so many!

lilabraga said...

I love TCM too! :) Unbelievably pretty post!!!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Julie Marie,

Great photo and so special that you could send this to her loved ones!

Have a great weekend.

Love to you,


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Oh Julie, I am so glad you did this post for Lucy's 100th birthday. I just love her too and remain a lifelong fan. I watch her whenever I can find it on and I also have several DVD's too and read several books about her life with wonderful pics. I adore the pic you share today. She was beautiful and the way she came across the screen in movies and sitcom makes me feel like I knew her personally. There will never be another like her. She was a true great!

So wonderful of you to send Desi Jr. and Amy that magazine. I know it will be cherished.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck in my giveaway.
Love to you,
Celestina Marie

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG, I love this post.... I'm a HUGE fan. I have recorded ever episode of the I Love Lucy shows, and watch them every night before I go to sleep... and laugh as though I'm watching them for the first time, although I've seen them over and over and over! I actually look forward during the day to get to watch it at night! I know... I think I have a obsession with the show. It's so great that you were able to find another copy to send to Desi Jr.and Amy I'm sure they loved it!!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

Amy Arnaz said...

Thank you Julie Marie~
This post is a lovely tribute to Lucille Ball. I still treasure the copy of YANK Magazine you sent to us and like you, think this photo of Lucy is lovely. We just got back from the Ball Family Reunion where we celebrated Lucy's 100th Birthday. We had a wonderful time and kept one chair open at the table for ... "her."
Thank you for being so sweet.
xoxo Amy

Ana said...

I love Lucy....I do. She was the best...What a beautiful picture of her. Thanks for sharing.

Much love,