Friday, July 15, 2011

A love of roses, a dear friend named Jo~Anne Coletti, and a beautiful new magazine...

I have a deep and passionate love of roses... it started when I was just a little girl, in my great~grandmother's, my grandmother's and my mama's rose gardens... my love for this most precious flower continues still... my gardens are full of luscious blooms whose Heavenly scent perfumes the air...

It was through my love of roses that I first met my friend Jo~Anne Coletti at her gorgeous online boutique "Vintage Rose Collection" some years back... I was so excited to find her beautiful shop, featuring her own handpainted roses and vintage finds... through her shop, I found her blog and became a follower right then and there... Jo~Anne was creating beautiful rose tresors both in her shop, and in her photos on her blog... I was hooked... I hadn't really even known what a blog was back then, but I couldn't wait for her next post, her luscious photos and heartwarming words... she and I share many of the same loves and have corresponded back and forth about so many things from our shared love of roses, to our both being "daddy's girls", to our pets and so much more... Jo~Anne is as beautiful as her soft, romantic roses...

I asked Jo~Anne several years ago if she would paint my favorite roses for me from a picture I had taken... which is also my header photo... she did, and now my precious painting is one of my most prized possessions...(see photos on my sidebar)... she flattered me by asking if she might include my rose photo in her first magazine, "The Feminine Home" last year ... I cannot tell you how honored I was!...

I am just a simple country girl, with my little point and shoot camera, nothing fancy about my camera or me... but I do love to take photos of flowers and Nature... of all God's precious little creatures...

Once again, my sweet friend has bestowed yet another honor upon me... her second edition of her stunning magazine, "The Feminine Home, Where the Heart Is" is available on August 1st. I am so happy to tell you that I am featured once more by Jo~Anne, this time with something she asked me to write along with one of my photos... coming from such an accomplished painter, photographer and writer as Jo~Anne... well, you can imagine how excited I am... and the fact that she is my dear friend makes everything even more precious to me...

Jo~Anne is the epitome of loveliness and her new magazine promises to be even more beautiful than her last one, if that is possible... Jo~Anne's dreamy photos and softly written words will just take your breath away... I hope you will visit her at Vintage Rose Collection and place your order for one (or more!) of these keepsake magazines... please tell her Julie Marie sent you!... to Jo~Anne... I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you have shown me and the privilege of contributing a small part to your "baby"... xoxo... (PS Photo of magazine by Jo~Anne, all other photos by me)


  1. What an honor! I love your passion around the rose and your family ties. Thanks for the beautiful photos and share. Can you get the magazine in the stores? el

  2. Jo-Anne is an amazing artist. I love her work. I love it that you love her and found such an awesome friend in her. God is good and faithful to us, isn't He?

    Congrats on being included the book Miss JulieMarie. No one out there more worthy than you.

    You simply bless us all~

    Love you, Rebecca

  3. Good Morning Julie Marie~
    How fun to be included in your friend's magazine. I'll go over right after this and place my order. I never loved roses in my youth. But now, like you, I LOVE roses. The photos you displayed are lovely. Have a beautiful day in your enchanting garden. xoxo Amy

  4. You are so deserving of being featured in Jo-Anne's magazine. Your love of nature and God's creatures always inspires me to be more gentle and love the little things in life! I really look forward to getting my copy!

    I love your pretty pictures!!


  5. Dear Julie Marie,
    Once again you will bless us all by your words in Jo-Anne's new book. She is a dream of an artist and God blessed you both by finding each other. Such a sweet story of friendship.

    Congratulations on being included in Jo-Anne's newest book.

    Blessings to you always on your creative journey in words, pics and beyond!!

    Thank you for stopping by my studio and your kind words.
    Love to you always,
    Celestina Marie

  6. How wonderful for you to have your photo in her mag, congrats.
    I to love roses as my mum always had them in her gardens.
    Lovely post and photos. Have a wonderful day .

  7. Hi Julie Marie, Congrats.... how exciting! I love your photos, their beautiful. I have the first magazine and can't wait to get the new one! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. What exciting news! Congratulations. Is this just an online magazine or in stores? I guess I should just follow the links and find out more xoxo

  9. Congratulations and obviously she knows you deserve the honor.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  10. Congratulations on being featured on your friend's magazine. I enjoy very much looking at your beautiful pictures and sure wish I could grow roses. Right now we only have 3 knock Out bushes since these are disease resistant and not fussy. Maybe when I retire from my current job I'll master the art or growing them. Loved reading a little of Jo Anne's blog. Enjoy your weekend...Aura

  11. Miss Julie Marie...I'm just getting home from a night of fun at Brandon's and Sarah's and Miss K's house. Whew...beat!

    Just had to come back one more time and tell you what a wonderful time I had talking with you today. You are so dear to me and I want you to know how much I love sharing my heart with you.


  12. Good morning your photos just keep getting better and better. You certainly deserve being shown in this lovely publication.

    Keep it up sweet lady,


  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    That books looks like another amazing read! I just love her first book!! SO happy you are included again. Congrats!!!!!

  14. Wow - congrats on being in her book! Your photo's are gorgeous! Hugs to you! xoox, tracie

  15. Hi Ju Ju,
    I am happy for you that some of your words and a photo is in this magazine. I know you put a lot of thought into your writing and your photos are very pretty... I am looking forward to seeing my copy. You are sweet to have thought to get me one and our fam. Whenever you do anything you put so much thought behind what you do so I know it will look fabulous in the magazine. Your friend seems very sweet and I like the cover of the magazine.
    Love you sending you hugs.
    Love Filly xxx

  16. Wonderful. Well done Julie-Marie. Your roses are always so delicate and pretty and your writing is just splendid too. ♥O