Sunday, July 24, 2011

Le Jardin...

It's a beautiful Summers morning here at Idyllhours today... won't you join me for a stroll through my garden to see what's blooming... then we can come inside and I'll pour you a tall cool glass of my yummy sparkling green apple drink from France... we'll use my treasured green Depression Glass goblets...

My Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea) are just gorgeous right now... the butterflies and hummingbirds visit all day long... and I love that these beautiful flowers just keep going all Summer long clear through into Fall...

My Hydrangeas took a beating from the harsh winter we had, but are still quite lovely... let's pick two or three to take inside to dry...

Oooh, the Mexican Heather is just stunning!... it is a tender perennial in our zone, so I dig it up and take it inside for the winter... today, it smells soo sweet and is sprawling all over my cottage garden...

My Yellow Coneflowers are so sunny and bright!... every day a beautiful Swallowtail visits this bush... perhaps later, I can capture her photo as well...

Daylilies are just about through for the season... but this beauty is putting on a show for us today...

The seedheads from my Oriental Poppies are the busy landing pad for all of the pretty Dragonflies who visit my gardens each day... as the seeds drop from the little shaker, I dream about all the new poppies I will have next Spring...

A perfect petite bud on my Cinderella miniature rose bush...

And some beautiful open blooms...

Lovely purple Osteospermum...

A few of the last precious blooms on my Dame's Rocket...

I am so happy you joined me strolling through my gardens today... they always bring me so much peace and pleasure... I am wishing the same for you my friends!... xoxo...


  1. Hi Julie Marie,
    I would love to have a glass of your green apple drink! Please pour me one. :)
    Beautiful flowers!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, your gardens are beautiful. That apple drink looks soo inviting ! Thanx for sharing and have a wonderful day !

  3. Oh Julie Marie,
    Thank you so much for the stroll through your lovely garden...What beautiful flowers, such a delight...You know my favorite though are those white hydrangeas. Hope you have a fantabulous Sunday my dear friend.

    Much Love,

  4. Just gorgeous! Happy Sunday Julie Marie.


  5. Oh everything is so pretty! and thanks for the generous invite! That green is stunning!

    Is there a trick to drying out Hydrangeas?
    Every time my hubby brings me home a couple of florets, I can never get onto saving them so they don't turn into mush and die before drying. Help!
    Have a great Day!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Have a nice

  7. Julie, I am sooo jealous of your flowers!! I have none here but tiger lilies, lol. I thought I would be planting this season but time has just gotten away from me! I am glad I can always visit you for beautiful nature and garden pics!!
    Love ya,

  8. Dear Julie,
    I love seeing your garden flowers and how lovely they are. I have some of the same, but they do not looks as good due to this incredible heat we have here in Texas.
    Your garden is gorgeous and I loved the visit today along with the refreshing apple drink. That looks so delicious!

    Have a wonderful Sunday dear one.
    XO Celestina Marie

  9. Everything is really still looking lovely. Mine's going about like yours but I'm starting to see a little stress.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  10. So pretty! Do your oriental poppies re-seed new plants? i tried that last year & didn't get anything new...(sad face)? I love the lavendar blooms in your garden with the yellow...hugs. tracie

  11. Beautiful pictures of your garden! I always feel so much better after visiting you. And today I got to stroll through your garden with you and it was gorgeous!

  12. Hi sweetie,
    Yes, I pulled that post. I got scared that I was exposing too much and chickened out :( You never know what might happen so I figured I better take it down. thank you for stopping by again, your the sweetest and I love ya to bits :)

  13. All your garden blooms are looking really gorgeous Julie Marie! I especially love the salmon colored roses, they're classic, aren't they?


  14. Julie Marie,

    Your garden is delightful! Thanks for the cool refreshing look at your beautiful flowers. Drinking in the beauty!

    Have a great week.