Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspired by Nature...

As I write in my Nature journal, I can hardly believe it is the last week of July... ever so subtly, almost unnoticeably, the Seasons begin their transition from Summer to Fall... yes, it is still terribly hot here... so much so that my garden is crying out for more water... a gentle rain would be perfect... but none in sight... maybe I am just a bit anxious for Fall... my favorite time of year... "sweatshirt weather" as Jack and I call it... our Nature walks become even more pleasurable as the air turns a little cooler... August is a very hot month here for sure... but by the end of next month, Nature's paintbrush will have put a light coat of sparkling color upon some of the trees higher up in the canyon just above our home... the sun is setting into the Great Salt Lake just to the west of us a littler earlier each evening... and it is rising above the crest of the canyon to the east a little later each morning... I was born a Nature lover... flowers, trees, leaves, all of God's precious little creatures... I cannot imagine my life without them... I am truly blessed to have a man who appreciates the beauty of Nature as much as I do, and we share this passion together... our home is a reflection of this love...

Do you take time to notice Nature each day?... I mean "really" notice Nature?... there is so much beauty all around us... my wish is that you do notice... and take time to breathe deeply and soak in all that God has created...

Have you also noticed that the colors of Nature all blend beautifully together?... there is no right or wrong in Nature... our daily walks are a beautiful palette of colors, all creating one gorgeous landscape... our home is a myriad of Natures most glorious colors as well... from my softest, palest pink rose treasures to my collection of lavender pressed glass that dates back to pre~1920, the colors of Nature call out to me... creating a symphony that makes me smile...

I love soft, earthy colors... and rich, warm browns and forest greens... come Autumn, our home is filled with leaves gathered from the nearby hillside, awash with golds and crimsons... ochres and rusts... little critters find their way here and there, scattered about our home year round... like these little squirrels on our coffee table... (the real squirrels have a feeder on our back porch)...

Even my teacups and china share the stunning colors of Nature... perfectly blended harmony...

Nature is soothing... quieting... comforting... serene... that is how I want our home to be...

I love decorating my home with the beauty of Nature... I gather little "finds" all along our Nature walk each day... pinecones, acorns, leaves, feathers, twigs, seeds, pods... all mine for the taking... to create pretty treasures from the trail... I keep my Nature journal up to date by writing in it each day... that too brings me pleasure, and I love to look back through it and see gentle reminders of Seasons past... wishing you a beautiful, blissful day and hoping you will take the time to truly see the beauty of Nature... as I have said before, as you walk, don't just keep your eyes open for natural treasures, keep an open heart and mind as well... xoxo...


  1. Such a wonderful post! I took a page from your nature lesson and as I painted today, I watched some chickadees. They were bathing in one of my fountains and just having a wonderful time. So much fun, I barely got my painting done...LOL Kit

  2. Your nature walks sound wonderful, Julie. And I too am ready for fall. This time of year is my least favorite. I'm worn out with the heat, the flowers are fading and the grass is starting to dry and go brown, blah. SO looking forward to the beauty and color of fall! xoxo Debra

  3. Happy day

  4. In late July our hummingbirds really get busy feeding on our deck (we have five feeders) and we are constantly amazed at them. They feed so much of course because of the intense heat but we get so much joy from watching them. I had a new canna lily bloom yesterday and that just thrills me as I inspect my garden. I should be out there now but I am so behind on blogging as I took an entire week off to rest. Happy week Julie-Marie.

  5. I agree Julie Marie. The way God decorates, there is no right or wrong with the colors used. They all sing together!
    Your garden blooms are beautiful in your previous post.
    sending hugs...

  6. Oh my dear friend, you have such a beautiful way with words...Your posts are always so enchanting and dreamy...Love it! Oh! And love all the pretty treasures you have displayed on your coffee table. Sending you a great big hug...

    Much love,

  7. Hi Julie Marie...Just got back from the gym and it's almost 9 pm. and reading this post is soothing and very enjoyable. I wish I had more time to spend decorating but you have inspired me to perhaps do a little bit this fall. Thank you so much for writing and encouraging your readers to really take the time to see the beauty around as the seasons begin to change. Take good care.

  8. Dearest Julie Marie,

    Being inspired by nature is one of the secrets of true happiness in my eyes! If you can observe the daily little wonders around you; you are truly rich.
    So glad for having found you and you're already on my sidebar!

    Lots of love,


  9. A delightful post . . and I agree . . Nature throws out the colour combinations rule book, along with caution to the wind, for when was the last time I saw an unharmonious colour scheme? Never!

  10. Oh Julie Marie,
    I just love this post of nature and how you celebrate it's beauty in your home.
    I love the inspiring vignette on your table. Darling little squirels with your gorgeous tea cup sure does cry out, cooler days.
    I too, look forward to sweatshirt weather, vibrant Fall colors and cooler days. Almost forgot what that is like with our outrageous heat wave going on.
    Even the pool is hot like bath water.
    Thank you for always giving such inspiring posts for the seasons.
    Lots of Love,
    Celestina Marie xo
    xxx to Tessy too.

  11. I notice nature but have a tendency to complain when the weather conditions aren't great. This year I'm sad as so much has died from the heat. I'm willing everything to live but it's been a hard year. Can you imagine the people during the Dust Bowl years? We have much to be grateful for.

    Beautiful Post!


  12. Hi Julie Marie, I love the way you write, beautiful post -Your right noticing how beautiful nature is amazing-love your pretty tablecloth and such a pretty teacup-your squirrels are cute! Have a great weekend!!! Sincerely,Jonny