Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma's Song...

Today as I folded up my treasured quilt I inherited from my great~grandmother... stitched by her tender, loving hands oh so many years ago... my thoughts drifted off to this tiny little lady with the softest white hair that cascaded all the way down her back... my great~grandmother Sara lived to be not quite 100 years young... I am so blessed I was able to spend time with her as a little girl... a little girl who was old enough to value this precious time spent with one I loved so much... and still do... this tiniest of little ladies with her soft~spoken voice taught me so many things... about gardening and Nature, and so many of life's lessons I will never forget... I have a favorite song by Gail Davies called "Grandma's Song" ... written by Gail with tender memories of her own grandmother... which reminds me so much of my own grandma... I tried to find it on Playlist to add to my music, but it is not there... I have the cd, but do not know how to add my own music from there... so, I am posting the lyrics... along with some of my own photos that seemed to just fit perfectly with Gail's words... I hope you enjoy it... and perhaps your thoughts shall drift away to sweet memories of your own grandma too...

"All along the old back road,
The people stop to talk at her garden gate
While inside the family cried all through the night
Cause the old woman had passed away

I loved her so and though she was a special one
A lovely lady and a gentle old soul
And she taught me to sing an old folk song
It's got a melody of a hundred years ago

And she sang "A come a lou, come a lou, come a
hi~lo, come down the merry stream"
I'm remembering...

Those memories have given me so much
She wore her age so gracefully
And there was not a living thing that she did not love...

And I pray that there is a little of her in me...

Oklahoma in the Summertime
In her rocking chair she's a singing there on the porch
While the hounds a howling through the hot black night
And that ole fox well he's a running like he never
has done before...

When you hear the melody and when I play my song
Every note you hear from me she's singing right along...
And she sang "A come a lou, come a lou, come a hi~lo
Come down the merry stream"...
I'm remembering...

All along the old back road
People stop to talk at her garden gate
While inside the family cried all through the night
Did you hear that old Mrs. Whitten
has passed away today...

Come a lou, come a lou, come a hi~lo
Come down the merry stream
Come a ram, tam, tam and a dippy dippy dow
Hear the row, the bow wow wow
The bugle's horn, the big Fi~diddle and the hidey ho
Through the woods we're gonna roam boys
Through the woods we're gonna roam"...

I love you grandma and I miss you so much... xoxo... (here is a link to the beautiful song by Gail Davies on You~tube... her voice is so soft and beautiful, it will become a favorite of yours too... it is so worth listening to...)


Sandi said...

That sounds like a very lovely song Julie Marie and it is so neat that you have such fond memories of your grandmother. What a blessings!

Country Gal said...

Beautiful post and photos. You were lucky to have known her and to have spent time with her, I didnt get to know my Nana she passed whilst I was still very young and she lived in England. Have a good day !

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Oh Julie Marie, This is so special and today being my own grandma's birthday, has me just feeling nostalgic. My grandma and I had a special song we always sang together in Italian. She taught me the words and to this day I sing it now and then.
I will listen to the song next, but your pics did go so well with the words. I do believe you do have your grandma in you and she is looking down and so very proud. Proud of the love you share with others in all things.
What a beautiful lady she was.
The best way we can honor those we cherish, is to remember, talk of them and share that love to others.
If I can be just a fourth of what my grandma was, I will have accomplished a lot.

Thank you for sharing this today. I so enjoyed it as I celebrate my own grandma this day her birthday July 19th 1904.

Love you dear friend, Celestina Marie

Everyday Sparkles said...

What sweet memories you have of your great Grandmother. Lovely.

Ana said...

Sweetest post yet my dear friend. I love it. Sending you a big hug.

Much love,

Sheila R said...

What a beautiful post about your dear sweet grandma. What wonderful treasured memories.

Have a wonderful day, sweet friend.

Aura said...

Loved reading about your grandmother and the photographs delighted me. I have very fond memories of my Abuelita Mi as we called her. She was my Mom's mother and liked to say that I was her favorite granddaughter. She passed away a few years while I was now living in the USA so it saddens me that I was not there during the last moments. I know thought that someday I will see her again in heaven.