Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spent Blooms...

I find beauty everywhere in my gardens... from the first teeniest buds to the last fading blossoms... as little girls, my sister Jill and I would gather the fallen petals from mama's roses ...I could not bear to see them laying on the ground when there was still so much beauty within them... they still carried their sweet~scented perfume which delighted our senses... mama always encouraged us to let our imaginations run wild and free... she would give us delicate lace and beautiful net from her ever~present sewing basket, along with soft pastel silk ribbons and we would fashion our own beautiful sachets... oh so gingerly placing the petals inside the net and tying them up with ribbons and lace... once again, my thoughts carry me back to those carefree, innocent days of my childhood summers spent in mama's gardens... a former acquaintance of mine once asked me why I care so much about what happened in the past... what a foolish question!... every part of my past, the people, places, objects and memories are what make me who I am today... who I always want to be... I cannot even imagine not treasuring these special moments from days gone by... one must realize there is a big difference between living in the past, or cherishing the past, which is exactly what I do...

As I spent the day caring for my own gardens yesterday, pleasant thoughts also drifted into my mind of Jill and I making sweet clover garlands to wear in our hair... yes, some days we were fairytale princesses who lived in a magic kingdom... sometimes we wore the garlands in our hair... other times, we made tender clover blossom necklaces to wear... life was simple and oh so sweet... our days were filled with wonder and delight... right in our own backyard and the surrounding orchards and woods... as I gathered up the spent blooms from my garden yesterday and put them in a little pile... I noticed how very beautiful they all still looked... a little faded, a few petals gone... but still so very pretty... their sweet fragrance still wafting through the warm summer air... I simply cannot throw them out... I have some net in my own sewing box... and satin ribbons... and vintage lace... perhaps I shall call my little sister... my best friend... my confidante... we shared so many happy times as little girls... we still do... perhaps she will be excited too at the thought of creating a beautiful sachet once more... and then, perhaps we shall even gather some sweet clover ... and... and... yes, one is never too old to enjoy the innocence of youth... I must go now... and call my little sister... my best friend... my confidante... we share a beautiful special bond filled with love that makes our ties to the past even sweeter... like clover garlands... xoxo...


Sandi said...

Hi Julie Marie!
I love flowers in all forms. Just newly opened or the fading petals as well. I think we could have great fun if we lived close to each other!! :)

Country Gal said...

A very lovely post !
So true what you said about our past, it is what makes us who we are today ! Have a wonderful day !

Bunny said...

Lovely beautiful and enchanting post Julie Marie!
I love all your stories of the garden and magical kingdoms with flowers in the hair is so adorable. The best memories come from the garden.. !
You write so beautifully that we all become a part of your loving world.
Nature is so fascinating I can't imagine not being a gardener.
Today is sunny and I plan to spend it outside with the boys planting some more sunflower seeds :)

Zuzu said...

Such a sweet post, Julie Marie! I love everything you shared!

You know what? Today is June 20, and it is SNOWING here. :0

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, and I'm wondering what kind of summer it will be!
Do enjoy your beautiful garden!


Ana said...

Oh Julie Marie,
Sooo sweet...Beautiful childhood memories...Thank you so much for sharing.

Hugs and Kisses,

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Oh Julie what a beautiful post of days gone by and special memories with your dear sister.
I understand your thoughts too well about cherishing the past and keeping the memories close at heart.
You know I live this way too, it defines who we are and gives life to our dreams.
Your pile of spent flowers are beautiful and I think I will save mine too for a pretty sachet. You are always an inspiration.

Take good care sweets and prayers for you to feel better soon.
Love from Texas,
Celestina Marie