Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simply Sweet...

Jack and I met these darling little "friends" on our Nature walk yesterday...

Loving the simple country pleasures that surround me... xoxo...


  1. Oh, so sweet, Julie Marie! I'm planning to add some chickens to our backyard this next spring--after learning about their needs & care with my girls in the meantime...I've always wanted my own chickens!

    There are so many on the farms around our home, as well...they just wander freely in so many of the front yards & are always so fun to see!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, my friend...


  2. Oh...they are sweet. Can you have chickens on your property? I wish we could. Fresh eggs everyday!

    I have missed you but I haven't been blogging as much with all that has been going on. Hopefully things will quiet down soon.


  3. Soo cute ! Wonderful photo! Papa, myself and Miggy went for a walk yesterday eve and we saw a mother duck and all her ducklings they were soo cute there was only one that was a fuzzy yellow the others were brown she must of had 10 with her , I love seeing things like that ! Have a great day !

  4. I love your new font on the blog- so fun and whimsical.
    You always share some of the nicest pictures I so enjoy.
    Sorry I have been so absent- you know I have been with my mother so often and trying to heal.
    Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers
    blessings to you, Dawn ll

  5. Hello Sweet Julie Marie,
    Well my boys have officially finished school for the summer...all activities have ended for awhile and I finally had the chance to post and come are my very first stop in the blogosphere...I love your nature walks with Jack! You are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty..I too am so grateful to live in the country, it is filled with love and beauty. How is sweet Tess?? Roxie is doing well here, I do believe she was abused as she is so frightened of everything, but each day she warms up more and more and learns to trust us.
    I hope its nice out today and you are able to get in your lovely garden. I just came in to take a much weeding to do today that my back is hurting a lot now. Time for tea

  6. Aren't they so cute??? I love our little hens so much. I loved your 'fairytale post' Julie Marie.
    Can you believe that I have NEVER seen Brigadoon? I must see it now!
    hugs from here...

  7. Oh Julie, Aren't they the sweetest. How wonderful to take a walk and meet these feathered friends.
    You are so blessed in deed.
    Love your white dress pic above too. Gorgeous lady!
    Have a great week.
    Celestina Marie XO

  8. The chicks are so cute. I wish I could have a few in my backyard!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend.

  9. You see the greatest things on your walks!