Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shabby Chic Has Really Gone to the Birds...

Recently I bought a beautiful new sage green ceramic birdbath for my gardens... we have so many feathered friends (and furry friends!) who visit us, our backyard is certified a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation... I rinse all of our birdbaths out daily and fill them with fresh, cool water...

Which one do you think they all prefer?... no, not the brand new sage green one... but the shabby, chippy, crusty, rusty old one... perhaps they love the shabby look too and love to sip their water as they gaze at some of my gorgeous pink roses that surround it?... hmmm.... birdies after my own heart... Shabby Cheep?... xoxo...


  1. We all have our favorites and it appears that the little birds have their favorites as well.


  2. How precious is your tender writing today.

    Maybe NEW isn't better at all? Maybe the little birdies have already figured out the secret to finding real joy...

    Although weathered by the storms of life they've chosen to return to the place of true comfort and rest. Back to the place they know and love. Back to the rugged and worn and well loved...

    How beautiful.

    Love you girl~

    Rebecca PS: My Miss K is coming tonight again. She'll be with me all week before we drive on Friday to Nebraska to see Great Grammy. I'm sooo excited!

  3. We have a little running water bird bath and they just love it ! We are like you a animal sancuary as well Wonderful photo ! Have a great day !

  4. That is so cute that your song birds are choosing the old bird bath, and not the gorgeous new one. It sounds like the shabby chic birds have found you. P.S. I am a longtime member of the National Wildlife Federation; maybe I will get my garden certified some day.

  5. Pretty smart birds. New isn't always the best!!!

  6. sweet you have shabby birds in your garden...have a nice week love

  7. Birdies after my own heart too...

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. Ha! Shabby Cheep! Your birds preferring the old bird bath instead of the new birdbath is just like a cat preferring a cardboard box over a new kitty condo. Aren't they funny? Didn't know your yard was an official Sanctuary. Love that. Sounds like you are enjoying this lovely early Summer. xoxo Amy

  9. Dear Julie,
    Such a precious post you write. Even the birds have a way of knowing what is better and comforting. Most importantly, I think they love the caretaker.(you)

    Wonderful picture your share. The rose is gorgeous.

    Extremely hot here and dangerous.
    Can't believe we have this heat so early this year.
    What will July and August be like?

    Have a special evening.
    Love and friendship,
    Celestina Marie

  10. I love the old things. In fact it seems I am drawn to them more than the newer most of the time. Lovely!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. What smart birds... I prefer the shabby cheap too!

    Have a wonderful week.