Friday, June 3, 2011

Jo~Anne Coletti's "The Feminine Home... Where the Heart Is"...

Once upon a time...
(I love stories that start out this way!)... there was a beautiful fairytale Princess named Jo~Anne Coletti... everything she touched turned into something dreamy and romantic... soft and feminine... now, this beautiful Princess has graciously allowed me to use some of her stunning photos to tell you about her latest magazine, "The Feminine Home, Where the Heart Is"... take a little peek with me at her enchanted outdoor patio... A soft glow of candles and the sweet scent of roses... fairy lights and vintage lace... sigh...Her lovely magazine is available now for pre~order at Vintage Rose Collection... you may also order her first edition of "The Feminine Home" there as well if you have not already done so... I hope you will leisurely browse through her beautiful blog and luscious photos... perhaps also taking a peek at her rose paintings and vintage finds in her website, which you can access through her blog...I have some exciting news to share also, but not just yet... other than to tell you Jo~Anne has included some of my own memories in "Where the Heart Is" as well... just a little hint... it's about Lilacs... and tender moments from the past... wishing you all a beautiful day as Summer begins to unfold... xoxo...


  1. Good Morning Julie Marie~
    I can't wait to see what Jo-Anne included about you! Your lilac hint stirred my curiosity. I dream about having an all white, feminine house. But so far, it's only a dream. My home is far from that look. Love the photos you shared. My friend Sally, whom I've written about, has an all white house and every time I visit her I come home inspired. Sally's home is my favorite. I always want to copy her but get distracted by.... life! Your blog is so feminine. When I click into it I enter a surreal world of delicate femininity and fairies. Love you xoxo Amy

  2. This is exciting news!! And I'm so glad you will have a feature in the new magazine. I love the picture of the outdoor table...truly inspiring!


  3. Good morning friend....your photos are almost good enough to eat this morning!! I have visited her blog often and know how talented she do rank right up there along beside her.

    Hugs ,


  4. Beautiful.

    That will be a must have!

    Thanks for sharing. I'll pop over there now.

  5. Lovely photos ! Cant wait to find out ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. Congratulations on your feature in the new magazine. I love home magazines. This one sounds real good! Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful photos. I love a beautiful place to sit and ponder!

  7. Hi Julie Marie,
    How wonderful that Jo-Anne included you in her newest magazine. I am so excited for you! I know it will be beautiful.
    I love these first pics you share too. Just dreamy.

    Have a wonderful evening and great weekend.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  8. Julie Marie this is wonderful and I am so happy to find your site!! Really lovely new magazine for women!

    Art by Karena

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  9. I can't wait for her new book Julie Marie!! I know it will be as fabulous as the first one!(that I LOVE) sweet that you are included!!

  10. I'm so happy I found your beautiful blog! So many pretty things to see. I love your darling rescue furchild and those photos... OH they are just precious!! I love your little rescue badge too - I wish more people would rescue and seeing that badge may just remind them how special the rescue pets can be.

    Have a greate day!
    Holly & Phoebe (New Year's Day Rescue Girl)

  11. Love JoAnne's home and her work. Her hands are blessed by the most high.

    You DESERVE to be recognized! You are a beautiful soul and I'm thankful to call you friend~


  12. Hi Julie- Thank you for sharing Love all she does! inspiring, gorgeous, Im dying over those sparkling bottles of lemonade! Have a beautiful sunny week!!! Sincerely, Jonny

  13. I am so excited that your memories and stories are included. Wonderful! hugs♥O

  14. I love the soft gorgeous colors in this post. I am looking forward to seeing her book and so happy for you that you are included in it. I love your passion for lilacs and all that nature offers... I hope I am in town when this book comes out. Love you