Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Love My "Stuff"...

I collect "stuff"... all different kinds of "stuff"... and I love my "stuff"... but I am confused a bit lately... I have come across a number of blogs that tell me I should not value "material things", that they really do not matter in life... excusez~moi??? ... granted, I know faith, and family and friends mean more than material things... and the beauty Nature is something money cannot buy... but I would be a liar if I said my mama's favorite old sweater or my daddy's old foot locker from WWII were not important to me... they are... they are part of my "stuff" I will never part with... I also love my newer "stuff", like the chocolate diamond earrings Jack gave me when I had a kidney stone last week... they were supposed to be for Christmas, but when he saw how much pain I went through, and how sick I got, he wanted to do something nice for me... he is used to taking charge of a situation... making it all right... with this, he could not do anything to take away my pain... the earrings are beautiful... but a big part of the reason they are, is because of the love and care that came with them from him...

I feel that way about all of my "stuff"... there are stories that go with everything I own... precious memories, or stories of new friendships made... whenever I can afford to, I will continue to buy and collect "stuff"... I wonder, if everyone quit buying or collecting "stuff", what would happen to all of my blogger friends and some of my family who make a living selling their vintage or handmade "stuff"???... or have online shops, or Etsy... or even brick and mortar shops or boutiques?... I would worry about them... how about you?... do you love your "stuff" too?... One of the blogs was especially a little "holier than thou"... as the blogger wrote that material things just were not important in life, then I saw on her sidebar she just started selling her crafts online... hmmm... is it just me or is there a little hypocrisy there???... I refuse to feel guilty because I enjoy material things as well as precious things money cannot buy... and I love my family and my blogger friends who sell "stuff"!... xoxo...


Sandi said...

Oh boy can I talk about stuff! ha! I do get attached to my stuff, but then I seem to accumulate so much stuff that I once in awhile I have to DE-STUFF or it would take over. Don't want that to happen. My tastes have changed a lot from what they used to be so I can pass on a lot without feeling bad. Although I will say, I am very sentimental and get attached very easily. True we can't take it with us, but we need to enjoy some of the beauties life has to offer us.

Sandi said...

PS I also think those of us who are creative souls and need to or want to create items tend to have more STUFF around so we CAN create!! :)

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I love my stuff too and I do not see anything wrong with it unless a person has so much stuff that they can be on the show Hoarders. Then that would be too much. I agree that there are precious memories and meaning that certain things have for us. Nothing wrong with that.


Char said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying. My hubby was in the Air Force for 30 years and we traveled the world. Needless to say, I have stuff. Everything has a memory attached to it. Something of value to me and my love.
Could I live with out all my wonderful possessions? Of course I can, but I wouldn't want to. I still find treasures to bring home and hope that I always will. Keep enjoying and collecting and don't worry about what others say. They don't live your life sweetie. I for one, love your stuff!! ha

Deborah said...

I can see why someone would say that about accumulating a lot of stuff. I always had the need to thrift even before I found blogging but I must admit, it has gotten exponentially worse since I have started blogging and reading blogs. I love to craft too and like Sandi said I have a lot of stuff I intend to use for crafting. I love my stuff too :)

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet Julie....liked this post today.....seems a lot of us ladies are getting our feathers riled lately LOL LOL. Anyway, I agree with stuff can never take the place of people or beloved pets...but each of us collects and treasurers things we think are beautiful and bring a smile to our face.

Like Sandi...I do get attached to some of my stuff....but I am truly a big recycler and I repurpose and reuse until my stuff is used up. Can that be so bad in a world that is full of refuse and junk filling up the landfills?? I could go on for hours about this....but for now I think I better "zip it".

Hugs dear lady,


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I don't have a lot of stuff by choice and not because I have an eversion to stuff, I guess it is because I am so blasted busy working at my day job and then coming home and working on my crafting busines (that is the fun one!) that I don't have a lot of time to enjoy and appreciate a collection of pretties. But let me tell you, if given the chance I could go hog wild! I will be retiring next year. Maybe then my inner collector will come out. I know she is in there!!!
Have a blessed Sunday.

Olive Cooper said...

I am not a crafter but I have a lot of collections and love china and linens and many other things. They are arranged carefully and I do sell now on consignment to pay for my habit. Thrifting is a way of life for us and we enjoy it and make no apologies for it ever. Jack giving you the earrings is so sweet and I know how much that means to you. That pain is beyond words and I have had surgical removal and It was the worst surgery of my many surgeries. So love your stuff cause I do too! hugs♥olive

Paige Thomas King said...

my stuff is an extension of me--it is an outward display of my joy. no apologies. as long as i am doing my part to make the world a better place, i will not be made to feel guilty about what i have. folks tend to get a little judgemental when their inflated sense of self-worth runs unchecked. (people in glass houses . . .)
i have issue with one blogger who has a HUGE weekly blog party. she chided some of her party participants for using it as a venue to sell their wares--while her blog is laden with ads of her "sponsors." hmmm.
i agree and i would wear those chocolate diamond earrings (going to have to google those) with pride!
hope you're feeling better

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Good Morning Julie Marie,
Oh I could not agree with you more. I understand too well the connection between our treasures and loved ones, special people and friends in our lives.
I live with my stuff around me like a comfort in remembrance. New and old, it feels just right. And, of course being a designer, I need my stuff to create and be inspired by my surroundings of stuff. Everything has a purpose and for me, I view my stuff as gifts from God for a short time to take care of.

So excited for you to receive the earrings from your dear Jack. He is so thoughtful. My guy is a jewelry giver too and I just love it. He says, you can't go wrong with some bling!! It does make us feel better when sick.

I hope you are doing better and getting stronger since your kidney stone attack.
My prayers are with you each day.
Lots of Love,
Celestina Marie

Zuzu said...

We had to let a LOT of stuff go when we moved into our tiny cottage. But we kept the best of it, so now we are surrounded by our favs. :)
Enjoy your beautiful stuff, Julie Marie!!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Thank you ladies for your thoughts on this... I have loved reading all of your comments... I routinely check and organize all my "stuff" and if I do decide to part with anything that is not of sentimental value, I take it to a local consignment shop... then someone else is happy buying it, and I donate the money I make there to one of my favorite animal rescue groups listed on my sidebar... I am by no means a hoarder or a packrat, but I think my dear friend Celeste really summed it up in her comment... these things make us happy and keep us connected to those we love... xoxo Julie Marie

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

One of my favorite sayings goes "Home is where your Stuff is" :-))
I love my home and I love my Stuff!!
Great post Julie Marie!!

Dawnll said...

I like you have so many things I truly cherish.
I also know I have lots of "stuff" I could part with.
I think the older that I get and less family I have around, I get more and more sentimental about things.
I also feel that a part of the person remains with many things- just a feeling I have and always brings such wonderful memories.
So don't worry about your "stuff"! You are in good company.
Hugs my friend

Rita said...

I love all the things I have around my house and they remind me of many different things. Most of the things in my home have memories attached to them. There is nothing wrong with "stuff" if you keep them in perspective and it appears to me that you have! Enjoy all of them!