Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Love...

When we had our little farm that I posted about here, I not only had a potting bench, but I had a potting shed, a tractor shed, a garden shed... acreage for everything I needed and wanted for my gardens right at my fingertips... I grew all of our own vegetables and herbs, fruits of every kind in our orchards, grapes in our vineyard, plus all of my flowers and even a wildflower meadow... my gardens at our home now are alot smaller, but I fill every inch of them!... I have wanted a decorative potting bench of some kind for awhile now... infact, I have looked at the same one for the past two years in my favorite garden center... I just could not bring myself to pay the price... then today... Voila!... it was on sale for less than half price!... do you think I bought it??? You bet your sweet petunias I did!... Look at the darling little old~fashioned water tap!...

I couldn't wait to get it home and start putting things on it... when I showed it to Jack he said "I hate it!... it looks old and worn out"... ya think?... I said "I know!... isn't it beautiful!... I LOVE it!"... then HE said "well, I love you, and if it makes you happy, then that makes me happy"... hmmm.... there were alot of other tresors that I loved as well... maybe I should go back and get them too... I mean, if it makes Jack happy to see me happy... gee, I am such a nice person, always thinking of others... tee hee hee!...

You can actually hook it up to water on the back if you choose, but I won't be doing so...

I already had two darling little cherubs that wanted to sit on it...

Oh yes, at the garden center, they were closing out these FRENCH terra cotta saucers for pots... 40 cents each!... I bought every one they had!...

A pretty pot of Lobelia with an asparagus fern in the basin, which lifts out if I want to empty it...

Some miniature French flowerpots, vintage garden claws, watering can, plant markers and twine... a few of my new French trays... and a petite little bird nest on the bottom shelf...

I am totally in love with how it looks on my porch, across from my new garden chair I showed you here... my pail of potting soil is just around the corner in our garage on my shelf in there, along with other assorted gardening tools and supplies at the ready...

I'm happy I could make Jack happy with my new find... hee, hee... after I had it all decorated, Jack came out and looked at it again, and said it actually did look kind of, I promised him pancakes and bacon for breakfast on Father's Day... and Tessy bought him a very special gift... Happy Father's Day this weekend to all of the daddys out there... I miss YOU my own daddy, and I love you so much... xoxo...


  1. I love that bench. Very nice indeed and you have it decorated up perfectly.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Hi Julie....I can tell you are just itchin' to get your hands in the dirt. LOL

    Have fun,


  3. Hi Julie Marie,
    SO CUTE!! It sure looks right at home at your place. I think it was meant to be and I am so glad you could make your hubby happy!! lol

  4. I miss my daddy too your

  5. Just love your new bench! I think you need to make Jack happy more often.

    My hubby doesn't always "get" what I think are treasures, but he says about the same thing your Jack says. If it makes you happy, I am happy.

    I think we have wonderful hubbies!

    Thank you for prayers. I read everyones post to my daughter and she couldn't get over how many people were sending loving thoughts and prayers.

    Have a lovely weekend, sweet friend.

  6. I love your new bench! It makes a very lovey addition to your porch! And it is great that it makes you hubby happy too! That's sweet of him to say so. My dad just turned 90, so I hope he is around a few more years.

  7. Oh Julie,
    This garden basin bench is gorgeous. I love it on your porch and the way you have displayed your pretties with it.
    I am so glad you made Jack happy too. Isn't love grand?

    Have a wonderful evening my friend and lovely Summer days on the porch.
    XO Celestina Marie

  8. It is beautiful and very French. Jack should know by now that we do not like "new" and old is far better. hugs♥O

  9. I LOVE IT!!!! It's absolutely beautiful. Now I'm happy too...Happy that you're happy and that Jack's happy too :-) It looks perfect on your porch.

    Hugs and Kisses,