Friday, June 10, 2011

Believe in the Magic of Fairytales...

As I walked along another little country lane today, my thoughts dancing around in my head like little flower~fairies in the garden on a Summers Eve, I happened upon this most delightful spot... a quietness fell over me as I stopped to capture the beauty and serenity before me... perhaps the little flower~fairies really were dancing around... enticing me to take a different bend in the road today... through the early morning mist... to what I perhaps shall call my own "Brigadoon"...

If you are too young to know about Brigadoon... or if you simply have not heard of it... or seen the magical movie or play, Brigadoon is a mythical village, not on any map, that appears only one day every hundred years... the countryside is covered in beautiful flowers and life is sweet there... it is such an enchanting tale about a magical place... if I am not in Brigadoon... I shall make~believe I am... for I am totally captured by the spell of this countryside... so very close to my home... yet seems like a fairytale setting from so very far away...

A little stream flows through the middle of my secret haven... the waters bubbling, calling out my name... as they tumble across the rocks... flowers in the softest, muted shades of lavender and pink welcome me here...

Peonies warmed by the early morning sun... waiting to unfold their fragrant petals to delight my senses even more so...

As always, I want a closer look... I want to see what lies beyond the graceful trees... if this really is my own Brigadoon... perhaps today is the only day I shall know... perhaps the path I follow tomorrow may not bring me here again... or everything will be asleep... for another hundred years... I must follow my whimsy and see where it leads...

The path I take goes deep in the woods... farther... and farther... part of me wants to continue on... but something tells me it is time to follow the path back out of the woods and find my way back home...

One last time I shall inhale the fragrant perfume of the gorgeous Dame's Rocket...

Then wistfully bid my own little "Brigadoon" farewell... will it be here tomorrow... or will this just be an empty field with a little stream running through it... and a sleeping little haven which will appear in another hundred years?... I wonder... xoxo...


  1. Hi dear friend....your shots are simply yummy today!! You know...I have heard of Brigadoon....but I did not know what it was till you explained it.



  2. Beautiful post and photos ! Truely a fantisy place ! I have never heard of Brigadoon till this post sounds like a heavenly place to be ! Have a great day !

  3. Your story and pictures took me away to an enchanted land. Such breathtaking beauty. You are blessed.

  4. Absolutely magical. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy such beautiful and enchanting places just walking distance from your home...What a lucky ducky. Enjoy my sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. You most definitely are blessed with such beautiful scenery so close to home. I want to take a walk so bad , but I think the mosquitos would eat me alive. ugh.
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Oh Julie, I hope it's there for another magical moment just for you in Brigadoon.
    What a beautiful spot with gorgeous flowers and colors. The fragrance has to be heavenly.

    Thank you so much for sharing. You have given so much inspiration with your beautiful photos.

    Blessings this weekend and always,
    Celestina Marie XO

  7. Hi Julie Marie-- What a delightful post I so love those flowers and the pictures you took are gorgeous , you are a natural with a camera always getting the best shots. Love this new lettering on your site so pretty.Sincerely, Jonny