Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Special Birthday Wish From Across the Pond...

Friday, the 13th is my birthday... today, our traditional "girls only" birthday lunch for me... Jill and Liz are taking me to our favorite Chinese restaurant for a party, and I can't wait to see them!...... but, two of my girls, Filly and Ellie live in London this year and won't be there with us today... in person that is... but they WILL be with us in thoughts!... I miss them soo much and it just won't be the same... but today, my niece Filly did a special birthday post for me, which I love sooo much, just like her... it was all about her little garden in London, as she knows how much I love to garden...

Here is one of her photos I "snatched"... her gorgeous garden, with her flat in the background and her pretty little hummingbird windchimes that gently blow in the breeze...... and red roses... for me... for my special day... thank you Filly, Ellie and Dino... I miss you and I love you!... and I can't wait to open my package that arrived by Royal Mail!... xoxo... Juju


  1. A very happy Birthday to you!
    What fun you are going to have..
    May your day be full of the things you love.
    Big Birthday hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Oh my dear one, have a lovely lunch. Happy Birthday too! There is something special about English gardens. hugs♥O

  3. Hi Julie Marie, I hope you have the best Birthday ever!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. Wishing you a fabulous time at your birthday lunch my friend. How sweet of Filly & Ellie to celebrate you in a special's a testament to how loved and special you are. Love the photo...enjoy your special day!

  5. Many wishes for a wonderful and Happy Birthday, Julie Marie! You are going to have such a fun party with family...I remember your party last year.

    I enjoyed the picture of Filly's's just how I imagined a garden in England to be. The roses are beautiful!

    Have a great day and I will be thinking of you on Friday!


  6. Just wanted to pop in and wish you an early Blessed Birthday.
    I hope your day is a quarter good as you are sweet.
    Happy Happy Birthday Julie Marie

  7. I am glad you loved the post. I do think of you each time I garden. I hope the girls lunch is great!! I am glad you held off to open your present... I do love you a lot and we are there with you today and always... I am glad you liked the way our garden is looking... I love you and I am so glad your my aunt. LOTS OF LOVE

  8. Julie Marie, Have a wonderful Birthday! I love London, went with my daughter a few years back. Love to You& Tess! judy

  9. Well what do ya know its my sisters B-day as well. So Happy birthday to you on Friday ! Hope you have a great lunch.I love English gardens. Funny thing is my sister was born in England . Have a great week !

  10. Happy Birthday... enjoy every minute.

  11. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday week! and that you have a great day Friday on your birthday! Happy Birthday! Let us know what you got in the royal mail!

  12. ♫♪ Happy Early Birthday to YOU, Julie Marie! ♫♪
    Hugs & kisses to Tessie!

  13. I'm so excited for all the surprises you got! So fun to see you. And we still have celebrating to do!

    p.s. Love the garden! Tell Filly hello.

  14. Hello Julie Marie~I hope your birthday is filled with many "Sweet Surprises!" Especially one within a beautiful jardin.

    Sweet wishes,

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY MAY 13TH! Hope you are out celebrating. A little birthday fairy will see you later.