Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somewhere in Time...

The morning is warm... and sunny... yet stormclouds loom dark and heavy above the mountains... with an uncanny feeling I simply cannot explain, I get in my car and drive... almost before I realize it, I am back... once more... to the little old abandoned building I have posted about here...

In that post, I described the feeling of deja vu that comes over me when I visit this most enchanting place from the past... I am drawn to this spot under a powerful spell over which I literally have no control... the roses lure me... today, I check to see if they are blooming yet, like in my photo below from last year... my dear friend Jo~Anne Coletti painted my precious roses for me... her painting is one of my most cherished possessions... the vines are tall today, but the roses shall not be in bloom until June... I already know this, so why did I drive here today... the little building has been abandoned for years... I visit here often... but I am not alone...
Someone else loves this beautiful spot as much as I... perhaps, more so... I have never encountered anyone on my visits here... yet, I sense a presence... years ago, a beautiful lady and her husband had a little store here... he tended to the store and she tended to the gardens... now, they are abandoned and neglected... or are they?... the man and woman have passed on... but I do believe they visit here often... as do I... I have shown you before how the stunning roses thrive, despite anyone taking care of them... today... on the other side of the little building, luscious Lilacs are in bloom... the bush is heavy with gorgeous blossoms... the grassy field calls out to me... it seems to say "slow down Julie Marie... sit in the cool grass and let the Lilacs take your cares away"... sometimes, I tell myself I DO need to slow down... I am always busy with something... or someone... maybe I DO need to just sit down and relax... and breathe deep... but who is telling me to do so?...
I gingerly walk around the old building, taking in every minute detail... the chipping paint and boarded up windows are pure beauty to me... then the stories begin to fill my mind... picturing how this little store once was... and the kindly gentleman who ran it... and his pretty wife who always had a friendly "hello" when I would come here with my daddy as a little girl...

I walk around front once more to collect my thoughts... a little bird flies by and hurries into the small opening in the corner of the building... ooh, what a beautiful place to build your nest little birdie... are you the one who tends to the grounds?...
I am enchanted by the old rock wall along the front... rocks that washed down the nearby canyon many, many years ago when massive rains carried them from the mountains behind me...
I try, as always, to peer inside the front window... it is screened, and dark... I cannot see inside... but, once again... I sense someone is there...
The Lilacs speak to me... begging me to stay a while longer... I glance up and see the stormclouds are now closer and the thunder that was in the distance is now all around me... yet, I cannot leave...
I have always come for the roses... in June... and late summer... I have not been here when the Lilacs are in bloom before... and today, I see rows of Iris, Flags as my mama and grandmothers called them... also growing along the side of the building... they are covered in blooms... they too whisper to me to come back... soon...
I must admit I am completely bewitched...
As I breathe in deeply, relaxing... I sense the presence once more... but I am not afraid... it is a kind and gentle presence... just like all of the other times I have come here... a voice from somewhere in time...
The rain begins to fall, a soft gentle rain... then more thunder... then the rain intensifies...
I linger a bit longer... then suddenly realize I am soaking wet... so pre~occupied I am with this little place I so love...

I take one more look... I am relaxed... a peaceful feeling comes over me... perhaps it is the Lilacs... or the Iris and Roses yet to bloom... or the falling rain... I cannot explain any of this... just like the many, many times I have visited before, I know I shall be back... again... soon... xoxo...


  1. Lilacs are my favorite! Beautiful pictures, Julie Marie. Give Tessy big hugs for Gracie and me.

  2. Such a hearwarming post Julie Marie! I felt like I was right there with you taking in the scent of the lilacs and also getting soaking wet in the rain. You have a talent for writing. Love it!

  3. I love how sweetly you can tell a story Julie.. This place is special, and to see all the lilacs growing on the other side surely must have been calling you. Stunning photos!

  4. What an enchanting and lovely post sweet friend! i too wish I was there with you...but I sort of feel as if I was!

    I love old buildings and thinking about the history and memories it contains. I glad you enjoyed yourself, your photos are stunning!!

  5. Oh such beauty as you encountered here is thrilling. The lilacs are beautiful when they are in bloom as are the irises. They just don't bloom long enough. It would be wonderful if they would bloom much longer for us to see. But God has given us so many beautiful flowers to enjoy! I'm glad you enjoyed your time there. It is great to remember times past as you did with the store and the storekeeper and his wife. Lovely memories!

  6. Isn't it strange how some places just have that effect on us? I have a couple of places that do that to me. Your pictures are just beautiful Julie Marie!!!!!
    hugs from here...

  7. I am sure the people who have passed away watch over this place often and you may feel their presence. You should research what the old store looked like. I am glad you have a place you can go to that bewitches you and comforts you at the same time.
    I love you

  8. Beautiful, my friend...absolutely beautiful...


  9. That chippy building with those lilacs is just so sweet Julie-Marie.

  10. Such a beautiful post, Julie Marie. This garden continues to share it's love. I like to think that all the gardens I left behind continue to bring joy to others as well. :)
    Wishing you a happy one,
    ~ Zuzu

  11. Hi Julie,

    You have such a talent for REALLY do my friend. I love the lilacs and the chippy old white wood as well.

    Tessy made me smile in her little rain coat. My Murphy never liked the rain either and if the grass was wet he would do his business on the patio to avoid getting his paws wet:-)

    Love to you....xo, Janet

  12. Hi Julie Marie...I love it so when you visit this special spot of yours and take us along for the ride!



  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    I just love hearing about this special place in your life. It is so beautiful all in bloom with lilacs.
    I can catch the scent of the gorgeous blooms as you describe the surroundings.
    I know it must be very peaceful and spirit filled.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing spot.

    Hope your weather is clear today. We are getting ready for predicted tornado weather this afternoon. Miss B knows it's coming.
    She sends XO to sweet Tessy.

    Have a wonderful day.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  14. Julie Marie~
    I love the lilacs. They give the abandoned structure a new dimension. Surely someone did love that little place and planted the roses & lilacs. You're lucky to have a place like that to visit on your walks. Wish I did! Enjoy this lovely day. xoxo Amy

  15. Hello, I am your latest follower and have fallen in love with Princess Tess. She is precious and perhaps she would let me borrow that hat sometime.

  16. What a special place. It is really interesting how the roses and lilacs grow. P.s. Love the doggy slicker in your previous post! lol

  17. What a truly enchanting place Julie Marie...You discribe it so magically and wonderfully. Love your pictures, they capture the magic and beauty oh so well.

    Much love to you,

  18. You are so sweet! Love your pretty photos and I still can't get over Tessy in her yellow raincoat.

  19. Bonjour Julie Marie - You are one wonderful writer/storyteller. Your post gave me goosebumps and a calming feeling at the same time. The place sounds truly enchanting! Please keep sharing your adventures and feelings whenever you visit it.


  20. It looks just as beautiful with the lilacs as it does the roses!

  21. Hi Julie Marie -Gorgeous photos I do love this place-That lilac bush is stunning and the roses are so beautiful I too would be their whenever I could- Gosh it would still make such a romantic little shop!Sincerely, Jonny

  22. I love your photos! Thanks for the treat today. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. lovely.....can just about smell them! ha ha - this sweet house is to die for! love that window too! & that old wood - would be fun to walk through! xoox, tracie
    ps - your box was returned in today's mail - headed to the post office Tuesday to find out why? :(