Monday, May 30, 2011

Just a Glimpse...

I love to walk... Jack and I take a daily 2~3 mile Nature walk each morning, plus I walk Tessy down the trail throughout the day for about another 2 miles... and many days, I just take a leisurely walk by myself... down the lane and around the bend... walking in quiet solitude... concentrating on the beauty that surrounds me on any given day... walking is so therapeutic... it rejuvenates my soul and clears my mind... I notice everything as I walk... from the teeniest ladybug on a flower petal by the wayside, to the rising stream that cascades alongside the little dirt road... I also love to take a little peek at the charming historic homes along the way... my imagination soars and I make up little stories about each one... longing for more than just a glimpse as I walk by... this little white cottage is one of my favorites... perhaps a sweet little grandmother and grandfather live here... waiting for their family to arrive for a sumptuous Sunday roast dinner... followed by sitting out on the porch afterwards... the grownups sipping a cup of coffee or sweet tea and the children playing in the cool grass and counting fireflies...

A little farther down the lane is this magnificent beauty... a winding little path leads to the front door... it is meticulously maintained... I notice sheer lace curtains as I try to see inside the window from the lane...
As I gingerly walk closer, my thoughts tell me a beautiful lady lives here... she loves to collect antiques and vintage items... her white ironstone collection sits on her windowsill... adding to her stunning view of her flowering crabapple tree outside her little paned window... oooh, how I want to see more... perhaps if I went to her door... and asked pretty please... yes, I shall come back on another day and do so...
A gardener lives here I am quite certain... as soft early morning sunlight awakens them, filtered by the sheer lace curtains, they open their window to let the Heavenly scent of Irises float inside...
Oooh, a fairytale cottage... surely a beautiful Princess lives here...
As I glance at the beautiful little attic window on this one... almost hidden by the now~green budding leaves on the trees, I picture someone like me... sitting there with a cup of tea... reading a favorite magazine and lazing away the day... only happy thoughts filling their mind...

Behind the little picket fence... someone also like me lives... someone who treasures traditions, and the past... a secret garden lies within... hidden amongst the beautiful old trees...
As I continue my walk back home... these stories still floating around in my mind... I wonder... does anyone walk past my house and wonder who lives there?... or who tends to the gardens and feeds the birds?... do they wonder what it is like inside, behind the lace curtained little paned windows... perhaps... maybe they too long for more than just a glimpse... perhaps I will show them one day... should they happen upon my doorstep... and ask pretty please... xoxo...


  1. Hello dear friend.....Your photos are so very pretty as usual. Julie, I wish I was your neighbor...and I would certainly invite you in for a visit...or even better yet....go with you on your Nature walk. I always enjoy them virtually, tho.

    Hugs sweet lady,


  2. I would ask to see! As I've read your post, I imagine walking up to your door and getting a very lovely welcome inside. Inside I would imagine a very feminine and lovely home to visit. Oh how tempting to visit the homes down the road from you. Maybe someday you can! Beautiful post!

  3. Oh how pretty. If I had homes like that to see along a walk I think I would have holes on the bottom of my shoe's.

  4. I do the same thing as I walk past the homes in our village.
    I love to go for walks as well it is very theraputic ! Lovely photos and post !

  5. I love the homes with the flowers they look beautiful(photography is great) and I often do what you do- wonder who lives in a certain home. I have done this more since living in London. I think because I look at everything more here because it is so new to me. When we are out walking and I look at homes that are old and enchanting I often wonder if a person is sipping tea inside... I think certain places just seem magical to each of us for different reasons.. If i was a stranger and saw your home I would see all the flowers and bird feeders and know you really cared for your place. I am not a stranger and have been inside many times and it is Pretty just like You!!
    Love You
    Filly xxx

  6. Hello Julie Marie. This is something I find myself doing so often. These photos are beautiful. Now here's a mystery. Last night during our walk, Gary pointed out to me a house (2 houses up from ours) that used to be very well kept. Now grass is over a foot tall. Inside at night, silhouettes can be seen in an empty blue upstairs room. Before, we would often see a man keeping a very meticulous lawn and his small children playing outside. Worried that something might be the matter, he called 911 to report that maybe some one should check it out.
    Hopefully all is okay.
    I enjoyed this little walk with you... thanks for taking us along...

  7. All of them look so charming! What a beautiful walk you must have every day.

  8. Good Morning Sweet Julie Marie,
    I felt like I was on the walk with you viewing the gorgeous homes along the way. I love your dreams of who might live there. I hope you do knock on a door and are welcomed to see more. I am sure many wonder what is behind your lace curtains. All beauty and kindness!

    Hugs for Tessy.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  9. What a beautiful sight you have during your walks. That one house with the pink flowering tree is so magnificent isn't it?

    Thanks for your very sweet comment the other day. Enjoy your week Julie Marie!


  10. Hi Sweetie!! I have missed you sooo much!! OMG THIS POST!!!!! How amazing these homes are, I would walk all the time too if I had this to walk by! Just beautiful!! I hope you have a beautiful week full of flowers and sunshine!
    Love you sweetie,

  11. Oh what a beautiful walk Julie Marie. So many enchanting homes. So much beauty to take in. I wish there was a place like it that I could walk to from my petite cottage.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  12. I would love to take a walk in your neighborhood Julie Marie!! No beauty like that where I live. LOL
    PS Oops...there are a few lilac bushes down at the neighbors and every year I want to pick armloads. I don't think they even care that they have them. :(

  13. Hello Sweet Friend,

    Such a beautiful post and lovely photos! I adore how you soak in the beauty that surrounds you and I can see how taking in all this beauty rejuvenates your soul. I would love to one day happen upon your doorstep, wishing you a lovely day!

  14. Your words are so poetic, I became your newest follower. I love how you create stories for the people who live in these homes. My blog post today describes how to submit a story to the Chicken Soup books; you might like to do that :)