Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Home is Where the Heart Is"... Remembering Summer... It's Still Out There...

As Spring turns into Summer, my thoughts carry me back to the summers of my childhood once more... I was blessed with such a happy childhood, I return there from time~to~time... some of you joined me here last year... remember... "You aren't just the age you are... you are all the ages you ever have been"... You too are all the ages you ever have been... come with me... let your thoughts drift away with mine... we are little girls once more... at least for even just a little while...

"C'mon! It's the perfect day to put on our Keds (mine are red, what color are yours???) and hop on our bikes and head out for a day full of adventures and exploring. Hurry! There are soo many places I want to show you! My little sister Jill is coming along with us today too. She and I got into sooo many escapades as kids, but you know what? We survived! Yep, life was simple back then, and our biggest decision in life really WAS what color of new Keds to pick each summer. I am wearing my red ones today as you can see. Ok, hop on your bike and let's go! Just follow me, and the little map I sketched out below... all of these places really existed and all of the tales really are true, even the names have not been changed to protect the innocent, tee hee hee. Jill and I served "hard time" being grounded for one or two days for many of our "mis~adventures"... Our home is where the little heart is...

Let's ride our bikes up into the orchard and see if anyone's at the secret hut. Be sure to pedal fast past the old haunted house! Look! Someone just peered out from behind those ratty old curtains, I swear, honest they did! Cross my heart! Ok, we can slow down now. What's the secret hut you ask? Why, it's a hidden clearing among the trees where we all gather to tell ghost stories, of course! Hmmm, no one here today. Ok, let's check the thicket. Be careful! It's a narrow little dirt path to there. Sorry, you will need to get off of your bike here, we have to crawl through the brambles into the thicket. Are you coming??? Those stickers won't hurt you! Hmmm, no one here either, that's odd. Maybe they are all down at the swamp. I know, I know, it says "Keep Out", but we are just going in for a few minutes to check for salamanders. Darn! The old raft made out of logs has floated out into the middle of the swamp. Why WON'T you swim out and get it??? Ok, ok, we can come back another day when we can reach it. I swam out last time! Did too!!!

Let's grab an apple to munch on while we ride, Farmer Stringham doesn't care if we pick his fruit as long as we eat it. Let's ride over to Turkeyshoot Drive, it's just down the road a piece. I want to hike up to Mother of Pearl Rock. You can see FOREVER from up there! We must ride quickly past the polygamists farm! They have strange ways and we are not allowed to go there. We can sneak back another day and spy on them!!! Oooh, and the woods! The woods are rather dark, even in the daytime. I think someone is watching us! Honest, cross my heart! Can't you feel them staring at us from among the pines??? Pedal faster! Ok, now we must get off our bikes again and walk. Watch where you step as we walk our bikes down this path, there is a pool of quicksand. Yes, for REAL! Nope, no fence or anything around it. Watch! I wll throw this BIG stick in and it will sink. Neato, huh? Well, I guess our last stop is the old Isinglass mine shaft. Yes, it's abandoned and I KNOW it says "Keep Out" too, but I just want you to see how dark it is inside and there are weird noises sometimes. Don't be a scardy cat! YOWIE!!! YIKES!!! What was that??? Hurry, get on your bike and pedal fast back to my house. And if you EVER want to come with me again, don't you DARE tell ANYONE where we have been!!!"

I hope you enjoyed being a little girl once more with me today... and savoring all the beauty and wonder summer has to offer... it really IS still out there... don't be afraid to be a kid again!... xoxo...


  1. Julie Marie...this is the sweetest post. I needed it today. We are, of course, in Steve's hometown and he is overwhelmed with sweet memories. We are taking a "breather" in our hotel room and it is right next to the old mechanic's shop his father use to own. The memories are good but have pressed in on us during these days of change.

    I need your prayers...but Steveo needs them more...

    Love you girly~Rebecca

  2. Wonderful story! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day. Ours has been so nice for the last 3 days and I have been in the garden for all of them. Hugs friend, Kit

  3. Oh Julie Marie, I pinky promise I didn't tell a soul about our bike adventure from last year...So does that mean I can come this time too?...I had so much fun riding around on our bikes like little girls again, Hee, hee, hee...Oh and my Keds are still white, my favorite Ked color. Thank you so much my dear friend for sharing your magic. Love you tons, ♥Ana

  4. Oh, that was fun, Julie Marie! Thanks for letting me ride along with you and Jill--what sweet memories you brought back to me! Keds are red, too! Got to have red for summer!


  5. Ohhh that was so much fun!!! And yes, I want to go with you next time as well. My lips are sealed!

  6. I loved coming along on your adventure. So many wonderful memories. I didn't have Keds, but I sure and the white leather Nike's with the big red swoosh. My mom called them the Queen Mary's!

    Wish you could be at NaDa's Farm this weekend! Wishing you a beautiful day.

  7. How fun! I'd LOVE to join you, Julie Marie! :)

    We are still waiting for Spring here up in the mountains. We had more snow last week and the night temps are still below freezing, but I did hear a little hummingbird zip by yesterday, so it won't be too much longer!

    Wishing you a lovely week,

  8. Oh Sweet Friend,

    What a lovely bike ride I had with you and Jill, thank you for transporting me back to when times were so simple, innocent and carefree.

  9. Hi Julie Marie,
    I have so enjoyed going on this bike adventure with you and your sister. I promise not to tell a soul about it and I hope to go again when you go.
    My Keds right now are white, but I am ready for a new color this year!!

    Love to you my fun little girlfriend!!

    XO Celestina Marie

  10. Oh Julie Marie, I did enjoy being a little girl with you again today. And I so enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane too. Sometimes we forget to drift back to our past, as it is a part of who we are today, and enjoy it all over again! Thanks for hosting us on this tour today!

  11. I love this post! It makes me feel like it could have just all happened yesterday.