Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage Bliss...

My beautiful May~June issue of Victoria just arrived several days ago... the gorgeous annual blue and white issue, my favorite!... maybe it's my favorite because May and June are my most favorite months of all too... (I know, I said that about April too!)...

I love reading the very last page always, "Chimes"... and this time, what a beautiful page that really touched my heart...
All about the classic "Anne of Greene Gables" and how "Anne" so touched the writer's life in so many positive ways... as it has my own life as well through the years... the page featured a photo of the 100th anniversary edition of the book... the writer of Chimes recalls her first discovery of the book many, many years ago... an old tattered copy, set apart from the other books at her library... "with it's green antique cover and tissue paper protecting the delicate illustrations within"...
I quickly went to my bedroom and picked up my own treasured book... my precious copy had belonged to my mama as a little girl... the original... with it's lovingly worn green cover... and delicate onionskin (which the writer called tissue)... inside... still in pristine condition...(I know some of you have seen my book before, but I wanted to post it again after reading this article)...
Mama's book has the copyright date of 1908... eleven years before my mama was born...
To my delight, when I first received mama's book, as I gingerly browsed through the delicate pages, I came upon a beautiful flower she had pressed between the pages, oh so many years ago... I believe it is a gorgeous Larkspur, undoubtedly out of my grandmother's cottage garden... each pretty petal preserved for all time...
A lovely favorite magazine... a treasured family heirloom... and my mama's love... my mama is gone now... passed away many years ago... much too young... and I miss her... but today, her beautiful book and carefully pressed flower make me smile... and I know she is close by... xoxo...


  1. I too love Victoria magazine. I look forward to it every month. Last months was just fabulous. Have a great week. Janet

  2. Oh BLISS!
    Okay...I was completely drooling over this sweet post!
    first of all Anne of Green Gables has been my favourite book for ever! and I adore watching the movies too...

    set to the gorgeous music playing in the background of your blog...what an experience you've created here! just my cup of tea....

    and I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Victoria Issue myself! thanks for the headsup!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. Hi Julie Marie,

    I love Anne of Green Gables - my DD and I spent many, many hours reading and watching the videos. I still cry to think of some of the events of the story . . .

    Your book is a real treasure!

  4. Oh wow lucky you Julie Marie! That book is amazing and you are so fortunate to have it. Funny because I JUST made and mailed out invitations for my daughter {she is having a tea} and we did the Anne of Green Gables theme. perfect timing. LOVE Victoria too!!

  5. Lovely flower pressed between the pages. I do this a lot as well. I'm hoping some day when I am gone one of my children or grandchildren will find one of my pressed flowers... :) I hope you and Tessy are doing well.

  6. Oh, I so enjoy the tour today... "Anne of Green Gables" was a favorite of our oldest daughters.
    Your mama's original book, and yes, it is well preserved, along with that beautiful larkspur flower, what a blessing to have and hold onto.

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Oh Wow girly! This is just the best post my friend. I love AofGG and have read the book many, many times.

    What a joy to visit you today. I've been thinking of you and hoping you are well. Just found out I get to have my Miss K for a full week in June...can't wait. Now that she's in school I don't see her nearly as much as I want.

    Hope your day is beautiful friend~


  8. I am glad you have a book you love and treasure so much... I haven't read this book. I should put it on my list of books to read soon because I love to read. I have heard lots of great things about it. The magazine looks lovely... Thank you for gettting dino his present you are always so good to us.. You are a great aunt. We love you and I love looking at your posts they are always so pretty... I imagine Grandma Phyllis looking through that book:) Have a good day- Love Filly xxx

  9. I too have a book I treasure dearly like yours Julie Marie. Mine belonged to my Grandmother. It's a book of poems...I can still hear her in my heart reciting some of them to me. I do miss her tons.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. A beautiful book then and now.I am proud to say the Author is Canadian. Your copy is priceless. Lovely photos and post. Have a wonderful day !

  11. Julie Marie, how very sweet the memories of your mom. And to think that they were brought back by the magazine that you love so well. This was such a precious post. Thank you for sharing your mom's book and the article with us!

  12. Your 1908 book is an awesome treasure and I am so glad you have it. I have always enjoyed that book and the movie very much.

  13. Hi there friend....what a cherished book you have. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today.

    I must admit, I have never read Anne of Green Gables..perhaps I need to add it to my pile of reads.



  14. Oh, how beautiful, Julie Marie...I love that you have your mother's first edition of that beloved beautifully and carefully kept by you. What could be sweeter than having her lovely flower memory preserved inside?

    So glad you shared this, dear friend...I'm such a lover of "Victoria", too...

    Hope your day is lovely in every way!


  15. Julie Marie~
    Your little mother picked that flower stem with her own hands and pressed it into the book. I bet she never imagined you would still have it so many years later. This is very sweet!
    And the photo of Tess (on your sidebar) in her photo shoot to promote your friends book made me smile just now. I can imagine you balancing the book and then telling Tess to sit! stay! while you quickly snapped the photo. She looks like she is actually posing with her chin held high. Very cute. xoxo Amy

  16. How precious that you found a beautiful larkspur. What a sweet surprise!

  17. Hi Amy... Tessy would have sat there all day!... She really is a little "model" and loves to have her picture taken... I took about 50 that day and she just sat there and smiled!... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Something tells me that was no accident. Your Mama is probably wanting to bless you today and remind you how much you are loved. What a treasure and keepsake. I love Victoria Magazine, and I can't wait to see this one.

  19. Hi Julie Marie, I can't wait to get the Victoria mag. too, I just love your sweet post today, Give Tess a big hug for me!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  20. I just found your blog.

    It's truly a beautiful place to visit.

  21. Love your blog! I, too, have always loved Victoria Bliss mag. and was so glad it came back. Truly one of the greatest magazines ever in my opinion. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  22. I am so happy I stopped by from VIF! Anne of Green Gables is my favorite...I must pick up a copy of the magazine!

    Thank you!!