Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quiet Pleasures...

Do you enjoy time spent in quiet solitude?... I do... nothing is more relaxing to me after a busy day than slipping into my jammies, robe and slippers... brewing a nice hot cup of herb tea...

And slowly savoring a beautiful magazine...

This is another special collectors edition from Victoria magazine called "Summer Cottage"... I pre~ordered mine and it arrived today... definitely quiet pleasures are in store for me tonight... sweet dreams... xoxo...


  1. I love getting into my gown and grabbing a magazine or a book to enjoy the evening. I hope your's is a very good evening tonight!

  2. Enjoy your quiet pleasures! Looks like a beautful magazine.

  3. Enjoy your quiet pleasures! Looks like a beautful magazine.

  4. me too! love hot tea or hot cocoa in the cooler months and reading before i sleep! :)

  5. me too! love hot tea or hot cocoa in the cooler months and reading before i sleep! :) if you like garden goodies, hop over, got a freebie going!

  6. We are kindred spirits! There is nothing I like more than finishing up in the kitchen and getting comfortable in bed with a stack of magazines or a good book. It's such a relaxing way to end the day and inspired good dreams!


  7. I do the same , with a cup of tea, in my jammies and snuggle down with a good book or mag its the best quiet time in the world. Have a wonderful spring day.

  8. I really enjoy the quiet pleasures- mine will also include some coloring for a card.
    Love to have a fire on really cold nights, but I tend to fall a sleep fast.
    Hope your doing well sweetie

  9. Enjoy the tea and mag... I enjoy having tea everynight and a little treat with Ellie... Since we have lived in London tea time is everyday.. The magazine is really pretty, you find the best ones... I love getting cozy in pjs and relaxing... Hope you had fun today. Love Filly

  10. Oh you do know how to have a good time Julie Marie. You are my kindda girl. Nothing better than curling up with a good magazine.
    sending hugs...

  11. Oh such a relaxin and lovely post Julie Marie. That is a wonderful ritual to have especially with tea and Victoria magazine..I love both and together they are so relaxing.
    I hope you, Jack and Tessa are all doing well and getting ready for Easter and Spring glory!
    Oliver is under the weather with a virus so we are taking it easy today and letting him rest. I did a new bread baking video/Bunny Live but this time it is super easy to watch. It is on my website and you just have to click onto other steps. Sam did an amazing job filming me bake in our kitchen, I am so proud of him and thrilled that he shares my creative interests. It is wonderful to spend time with my 17 year old son, I savor every goes by so very fast...
    Have a wonderful week and blessed Easter with your loved ones.

  12. Love your tea set and I cherish my alone time. I don't know how I would function without it. Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. Nothing better! :) Enjoy the weekend, Julie Maire!

  14. Love your website and have added it to my blogroll! I really enjoyed Summer Cottage very much. Thought it had a very nice, colorful layout (?), with loads of beautiful photos of lovely places and flowers. It's a keeper! Like you, I'm also a big Victoria fan. Have a great week! Bess