Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where the Fairytale Begins...

As I was picking out beautiful songs for my playlist, I came across the first one playing now called "Where the Fairytale Begins"... where DO fairytales begin?... for me, they began many, many years ago... when a much, much younger Julie Marie lived an enchantingly beautiful childhood in a fairytale~like setting in my quaint little town of Bountiful... my sisters and I were encouraged to let our imaginations take flight and our thoughts and dreams carry us where they may...

Our days were filled with searching for magical four~leaf clovers, making beautiful garlands to wear in our hair out of sweet clover blossoms or pretty marigolds... heaven~scented sachets out of fallen rose petals from mama's rose garden... listening for the soft laughter of flower fairies as dusk began to fall... we truly lived a magical life back then... with our unlimited imaginations filling our days with memories to cherish our lifetime... fireflies and fairy dust... hollyhock dolls and snapdragon bouquets... I am quite certain, yes, infact I know without a doubt that the flower fairies dwelled amongst the delphiniums and larkspurs in our cottage garden... so, I began to write stories and poems about them... one day, perhaps I shall post my favorite one... I have always loved to write about the things that make my heart sing, and I wrote a beautiful little poem called "Fairies in the Moonlight"... I won a first place at my school when I was thirteen years old for it... yes, one day soon, I shall post it... but for now, you may click here to read a pretty fairy poem I wrote just last year and posted last May... I hope you too will let your imaginations soar and your dreams take flight... Believe in fairytales... they really can come true!... xoxo...


  1. Your childhood sounds magical. It has certainly shaped you to be the lovely lady you are.

    I was looking for the poem and didn't see it below your post.


  2. That is just so cute and with spring in the air, it's the perfect time to dream......I love this post, Char

  3. What a lovely story and poem, such a beautiful post!

  4. Wow, Julie Marie, I cannot believe that you wrote that at such a young age! Lovely poem! I remember making garlands to wear on our heads out of clover and chasing fireflies! That brought back many memories. Have a great week!

  5. This is such a beautiful post Julie Marie, I love your poem too... and look forward to reading more, you have such a beautiful way with words. I always love to come here!!! Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit, always love your visit's!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. What a beautiful childhood you had! I read the poem. It is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing it.

  7. are one amazingly talented lady. I'm so honored to know you and call you friend.

    Love you~


  8. Good Morning Julie Marie~
    Loved your poem from last year. The link to the poem worked just fine. Like you, I do believe in Fairy Tales and enchantment. How could we not with God's majesty everywhere? This morning was a Fairy Tale morning with the birds chirping and kitties asking for breakfast. Every bit of it was precious. My prayer is to always feel the enchantment of Life ~ everyday. Have a blessed day with your Garden Fairies and DO let us read more of your poems. xoxo Amy

  9. Oh Julie Marie, you have such a beautiful way with words...A true talent my dear friend. Loved the poem and I do hope you share the one one wrote when you were 13 with us too. Have a fairytale day.

    Much love,

  10. What a beautiful, enchanting post Julie! We are so much alike!! I love the way you write, I could picture everything you wrote in my mind and it was so magical and beautiful. I wish we could get together in person, it would be so wonderful!!
    Thank you sooo much for the sweet comment on my blog today :) Were you talking abut the fairy bunny in the egg on a pedestal? If so, it is still in my shop! No pressure, just thought I would let you know. I love all your pretties from Rebecca in the previous post too, sooo beautiful! Her talent is amazing.
    I hope Savannah loves fairies :)
    Love you to pieces sweetie,

  11. I always stop here for something nice and pretty and you never disappoint. I am sorry it has been awhile. My post today explains why. So thank you again for always have a nice place for me to stop by to visit. Thank you. Enjoy your day.

  12. Dear Julie,
    Such a special and wonderful childhood you had. It truly has brought you to the wonderful writer you are today. Love your poem and the pure sweetness of every word. You are such a talent my friend.
    Fairies are among us and your lovely post brings back such dear memories.
    Hugs, Celestina MarieXOXO

  13. This post,about your childhood imagination is right down my path,now your speaking my language.Fun Fun Fun.