Friday, March 25, 2011

Vintage Cowgirl Boots...

I absolutely LOVE cowgirl boots, especially my beautiful vintage white ones... I am reposting a photo of them so my friend Rebecca of A Gathering Place can see how darling boots are as she mentioned in her post today she is thinking about getting a pair...

I have owned cowgirl boots all of my life... and they go so cute with just about anything, from jeans to a frilly dress to a prairie skirt... so Rebecca... you go girl!... I want to see you in some vintage cowgirl boots... there are even PINK ones!... xoxo...


  1. Eeek! This is what I'm going to try and find! How totally CUTE! YUMMO!

    Love you girly~


  2. I have my first pair of black ones still from my riding days.
    Oh I would love a pair of pink ones if you see them please let me know I wear 8 1/2

  3. You girls have a great time wearing them! I have a friend that wore them for her "engagement pictures" and they were adorable! These are really cute!

  4. Julie Marie~
    I am LOVING the music on your blog lately. So peaceful and soothing. The vintage boots would be fun to wear with just about anything. Very cute. ~ Amy

  5. Hey Julie,
    I love your white boots and I love to wear them too. I have a black pair but need some white for Summer. Larry loves his too and wears them all the time with jeans and even a suit!! I have seen pink too and they are gorgeous.
    Have a nice weekend.
    XO Celestina Marie