Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Beauty of Nature...

The weather did not do what it was supposed to this week... I had my week all planned out in my gardens, with sunshine and warm temperatures predicted... what's the old saying about the best laid plans???... not to worry though!... I jumped in my CRV and headed ten minutes to the northwest of me... down Glovers Lane and out to Farmington Bay in the Great Salt Lake... from December through March, the beautiful Bald Eagles migrate here for the winter... as many as 400 of these gorgeous creatures call Farmington Bay "home" during these months... I have visited them ever since I was a little girl and our family would make the drive out to the Bay to see them... yet, I am always in awe of these magnificent birds... our Nations symbol... their wings spanning an impressive 8 feet... I am truly blessed to live in such a Nature lovers paradise... those are our breathtaking Wasatch Mountains to the east... as you can see, we still have ALOT of snow here in Utah!...

We had massive floods here in 1983, and the Great Salt Lake covered literally acres of land east of the shore... many of the trees died from the flooding... this is the Farmington Bay Bird Refuge, and the old trees are left standing... "favorite snags" to the Eagles during the day...
These two in the upper right hand corner of the photo below look like they are snuggling!... the immature Eagles are brown... perhaps last years baby and it's mama...

I have posted before about my love and respect for Native American beliefs... the Native Americans believe the Eagle is a messenger to the Divine... I must agree...

I shall send my prayers of thank you to Him with this beautiful bird for all that He has created... xoxo...


  1. We do not see many of them in Texas, especially in the east where I live, so it is a real treat when we do. I saw one last week and was absolutely thrilled. I cannot imagine seeing as many as you have on these pictures! You are lucky to have grown up seeing them.

  2. Wonderful photos, post was so full of info thanx for sharing! Have a great day !

  3. Beautiful pictures! And I didn't know that their wings spanned 8 feet. I did learn something new today. They are beautiful.

  4. Aloha Julie Marie,
    What a wonderful post. I share your love of nature also, though our scenery is slightly different, it's still God's creation and I love it.
    Your photos of the American bald eagle is precious, thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs to you.

  5. We have eagles around the lake we are near. They are so beautiful just to watch and admire.

    Thanks for sharing God's beauty in your area!

  6. Hi Julie Marie
    Oh my gosh~~ what gorgeous pics. I love the snow topped mountains in the background. The sky is a beautiful blue and your last pic of the flying eagle is awesome. You take such great photos. It really does look like a few are snuggling together on the old tree branches. Thank you for sharing such great information. It is a blessing for you to live in such a nature paradise. I hope your weather warms soon as I know you are anxious to get in your garden.
    Have a great day dear friend.
    XOXO Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  7. Ju we went out there last weekend and it really is beautiful!!! We are lucky to have such beautiful mountains and birds around us... The bald eagles are gorgeous and it was special to see them so close up... You got some great shots of the Eagles... I am glad you had a good time taking in all the Nature around us... This year it meant a lot to me to see them and we have so much around us that so many people would love to see... Love to you and Tess... Filly xxx

  8. I LOVE bald eagles!! We see them in the marshes here and they are just stunning. You got some amazing pictures of them Julie, gorgeous post!
    Love ya,

  9. Oh WOW, Julie Marie, this is amazing. I have never seen so many all in one place. We have many eagles (both bald and goldens) but I have never seen them in groups like this. Gorgeous photos.

    We didn't get the sun that we thought we would this week either, but March came in like a lamb here.

    You are really enjoying your sweet little Tess. I can here your love for her in your words. She is so very lucky.
    sending hugs

  10. What beautiful and majestic birds... And I just had a dream about two beautiful bald eagles two nights ago. I have never seen one in person, let alone two :-)It was awesome, even if it was only in my dream... I wonder what bald eagles mean if you dream them? Hmmm:-P