Friday, March 11, 2011


"Live today as you want tomorrow to be" ~ Anon

Hmmm... okay, I want tomorrow to be Spring... so today, I made this little bunny and eggs vignette out of things I already had...
You probably want tomorrow to be Spring as well... so I will quit whining about it...
And I will quit whining once Spring is here... bunnies and eggs and nests and flowers... sunshine, blue skies, warm days... painting my toenails pink, finding that perfect Springtime purse... leisure days at the garden center down the lane... Robins singing... days getting longer... air smelling fresher... clothes hanging out in the fresh air to dry... tulips and daffodils bursting forth with blooms...daydreams on the porch... need I say more???... xoxo...


  1. Loving your springy touches Julie Marie!
    Happy day!

  2. Oh your beautiful treasures. It is warm and beautiful outside today...I fee Spring comin' on and my heart is soaring!

    Blessings to you~


  3. YES!! I am feeling the very same way!! I cant wait for all those things an will complain till it is here, lol! I love your vignette, those bunnies are so adorable!!
    Love you sweetie, my spring sister :)

  4. Wishing u spring days soon!!! It was sunny here in London today. Dino went to the park today. There are blooms on the trees out our Windows. I love spring. I was even excited to see a bummble bee. Love u ps today in the park we met a dog named tess. We told her about tess in America. Filly xoxo

  5. Oh dear will soon be Spring and YOU will have your usual "Spring in your Step". (O:(O:



  6. I LOVE the photo of sweet Tessy in your last post :-)
    And your little garden sign and Spring vignette are adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend Julie Marie & Tess ♥

  7. All sounds just perfect to me ! Love your photos. Have a wonderful day !

  8. Ooooo, I love your description of Spring! I could just smell the flowers and feel the warm earth under my feet! Spring is coming! Enjoy them when they do come.

  9. It may not be spring outside yet, but it is in your home! I am loving those bunnies. And you are NOT whining...we all have cabin fever, well not all of us!! But I hear you and am with you. Bring it on!!


  10. I am with you- love the scenes you made and so look forward to Spring. I can almost smell the tulips and green grass growing.
    Thanks you for my adorable card- I just love it
    Hugs to you my dear friend

  11. Isn't it fun to daydream of warmer, sunnier days! Love your spring treasures.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!

  12. Loving those sweet eggs and wishing for you warmth and sunshine. ♥O

  13. Beautiful vignette Julie Marie. I am so longing for spring...