Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gardening Bliss...

Hello ladies... have you seen this beautiful new magazine yet?... it is called "Gardens of Bliss" and is a special collectors issue from Victoria magazine... I pre~ordered mine over a month ago, and it has not arrived yet... but they are all over in the markets here, so I snatched one up... I am not a patient person when waiting for a beautiful magazine to get here!... it is overflowing with gorgeous blooms and gardens of all kinds...
I admit I have always bought tons of magazines... but I keep them and refer to them over and over again, so I feel like it is money well spent... since our weather here is still not really nice enough to do much in the gardens, what with rain and snow almost every day despite the warmer temperatures, I have been browsing through alot of my collection of garden and home magazines...I think this issue of Country Living Gardener from Summer 1995 has got to be my most favorite ever!...
Look at this precious kitty, yawning all stretched out on the beautiful old wooden fence in a field of poppies...loving the glorious sunshine... too cute!...
Another favorite is the August 1993 Country Living issue below... I miss the old Country Living magazines and still look at my original ones often... this issue is all about one of my favorite places on earth... Carmel, California...the homes and gardens featured here are just beautiful!... my friend Julie at A Vintage Chic lives close enough to drive to Carmel in about an hour and recently posted beautiful photos from there here... sigh...
I also spent hours sipping tea and pouring over this issue from September 1990 featuring magical gardens in the Pacific Northwest... I spent alot of time in the Pacific Northwest as I was growing up when my daddy who was a Colonel in the United States Army was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington... what a beautiful state and the gardens are all so stunning...
Country Homes Country Gardens from Spring, love love the stick fence!...
I also subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens Floral and Nature Crafts... I so wish they still published these beautiful magazines!... I am still inspired by them, and plan on crafting some of the beautiful things they have shown... these are from 1995 but the contents are still gorgeous today and will look as pretty in my country home today as the ones I crafted back then...

So, I will bide my time... trying to be patient (I said "trying") as I await the Spring days when I am out in my own gardens once more... in the meantime, the kettle is whistling on the stove... my tea is ready... so I will relax with my magazines and wait... not really so patiently... xoxo...


  1. Julie, I was an Army brat too! My dad spent 40 years with the Army. He was the CWO who taught the maintenance courses. I am with you on the magazines. I don't think a lot of them are as good as they were some years back. I wish they had not changed. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. Hi Rita... how proud you must be of your daddy being the Chief Warrant Officer!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Mags AREN'T as good as they once were. It is very sad but true. Once in a while one comes out that is truly fabulous...but I seem to seldom it. I pour over old ones, too...over and over and over again!

    I'm going to check out this Garden/Bliss one...look gorgeous on the outside!

    Love you girly~


  4. I looked at that Victoria one in the store the other day but the price stopped me. I know what you mean about Country Living the features seem a bit thin compared to the 1980's.

  5. A sweet angel left me a birthday surprise at the shop. Merci! Merci! I love it!

  6. Hi Ju

    Pretty Mags... I can see why you liked the old Country Living better... I actually looked in a magazine shop for the British Country Living for you today. That cat is so cute on that one mag. I loved the pics you sent me of Tess. Enjoy your tea and mags... I miss you love Filly xxx

  7. Well, it sure looks like we have the same taste in magazines, Julie Marie! I remember all of those them! I'm always searching for the newest ones, too...LOVE the new Victoria!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, my friend!


  8. I get mags as well but ours are Canadaian Gardening, Harrow Smith and Birds and Blooms, I do like Country Sampler though. I love to do the same have my tea and cuddle up with a good mag. Have a great day !

  9. Thanks for the tip on what looks to be a great gardening magazine. I have seen a flood of them at my grocery store, but for me it is just too much dreaming when I know we have so long to go before we can actually get the dirt under our nails.

    I love how you save your old magazines. How do you store them?

    Hope you are having a great week!


  10. I too love back issues of these magazines and keep many of these to peruse over and over. Just got back from my daughters track meet and it was 42 degrees. Still trying to get warm.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Ahhhh, i love thumbing through old garden magazines! One of my favorites that isn't published any longer is Cottage Living....loved that magazine & miss it!!!! Hugs to you & will look at that Garden Bliss one! xoox, Tracie

  12. Looks like this is one to check out! Great post. I am so glad that I found your blog!!

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    I ordered that Victoria too, and I am so bummed it isn't here yet. I am glad that they haven't haven't forgotton me. But I would think if we pre-ordered and paid we should have gotten ours before they went out on the stands. Oh well, I'll just hope it gets here soon.
    I love the new quilt you just bought. Gorgeous!
    sending hugs

  14. Hi Julie Marie,
    I came from Rita's site and I find your blog a beautiful and stylish one. Looking forward to reading your posts :-))


  15. I just picked up that same magazine last week Julie. Love it and I too am a magazine junkie. But it was finally time to let some go so went through a stack and ripped out pages I wanted and out the door they go. lol

  16. Hi Jane, I store them all in my crafts room, which is quite large... some are in cases, some in shelves, some just sitting in stacks on the floor... one cold winter day, I went through all twenty five+ years of them and put them in monthly order! I know, I am wacky, but it makes it really easy now to find a certain one!... plus I had fun seeing all the old ones again!... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. Hi Julie, I ordered mine too, and I haven't received mine either. wonder what's the hold up. I loved those old CL Gardener mags. I only have a few, but they are truly wonderful. Your new violets are just so pretty. Have a great weekend, sweet friend!

  18. Hi Julie,
    I love so many mags too and have many of the ones you share here. I just started to receivfe Country Gardens and the latest issue arrived today with my Romantic Country. Guess what I will be doing tonight. Garden of Bliss looks wonderful. I read over my collections again and again and always see something new and fresh to inspire.
    I hope you enjoy your time with your treasured reads and soon will be working in your garden again.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie