Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tess's Doggie Bloggie Giveaway!...

Words cannot describe how happy this sweet pup has made me since we rescued her from running the streets just a few days ago and she became ours...(see my previous two posts)... one look at her and my cares melt away... We kept her name of "Tess" but I am thinking of naming her "Princess Tess", still calling her Tess, but adding a little special touch to truly make her our own... She is sooo happy here with us!... Jack took her for a walk and she stopped to point out some quail in our backyard to him...

At first, she was a bit shy about meeting some doggie bloggie pals...But then I told her she could have her very own doggie bloggie giveaway, and she broke into a grin!... she has the cutest little underbite when she smiles!...She also wanted to show you her new PINK collar... I have a feeling this girl is going to be a bit spoiled... but she sooo deserves it!...she has been through so much...
We have not heard of a doggie hosting a giveaway yet, so this may be a first!... all you need to do to enter is have your pet or pets leave Tess a comment, on this post only, introducing themselves... I will have Jack draw the winning pet from all the names I put in a bowl... since we love ALL of God's precious little creatures, this will be open to ALL pets, ferrets, birds, whatever ... when we draw the name, we will shop for the appropriate prize for the winning pet... You may comment up until midnight Mountain time on February 12th and we will draw the name on Sunday the 13th (my lucky number!) and I will post it that day... Tess hopes you enjoy meeting her and have fun in her little doggie bloggie giveaway!... xoxo and BIG doggie kisses... Julie Marie and Tess...P.S. Tess is having sooo much fun reading all of your comments, she wants to draw three winners!... so, good luck!... xoxo...PPS... even if there is more than one pet in your family, each one will get it's own entry and chance of winning!...


  1. Hi there.....cute post today....glad you are feeling a little better now. My sweet Sophie is sending your sweet Princess Tess a big doggie hello.

    Sophie says"Please don't enter me in your treat give away as I am trying to watch my girlish figure....and my owner says I'm getting a little "fluffy".

    But I just had to stop by and give sweet Tess a big doggie kiss.



  2. Hi Jo, I will still enter Sophie in the giveaway... if the winning pet cannot have treats, they will get toys!... xoxo Tess



  4. Oh sweet Princess Tess, I think I may have fallen in love with you. Your are just the cutest girl with the cutest smile. I am happy you found such a loving and great home, Char

  5. Hi Princess Tess...this is Milo. You look a lot like me only I am a Rat Terrier, but I'm brown and white and smile just like you {I'm on my mom's sidebar}. I have a sister Layla who is a lot like Lucy Van Pelt, always bothering me. And we have a parrot named Nina, she is very mean, she even scares me.

    We'd love to be in your giveaway. Mom always seems to get the good stuff around here. And since she blogs all day instead of playing with us, we deserve it! Woof! I mean Thanks!

    Jane {for M, L, & N

  6. Enzo has a crush on Tess. She's gorgeous. Especially standing tall in her new pink collar. Love that photo!

    Have a wonderful day! Thanks for being such a sweet person.

  7. My name is Elwood and my Momma is Sue. Momma says that she wants to scoop Princess Tess up and just hug her to pieces. I am not jealous though because I know Momma loves me best. As for me, since I am a cat I am not sure about all those doggie kisses. But for a dog Tess is pretty doggone cute. xxoo, Elwood aka "Little Baby"

  8. My name is Elwood and my Momma is Sue. Momma says that she wants to scoop Princess Tess up and just hug her to pieces. I am not jealous though because I know Momma loves me best. As for me, since I am a cat I am not sure about all those doggie kisses. But for a dog Tess is pretty doggone cute. xxoo, Elwood aka "Little Baby"

  9. Hello Princess Tess,
    Nice to meet you my name is Lexus and I am a sweet (that's what my momma says)black and white fur ball. My momma rescued me from the animal place 5 years ago and she loves me so :) I don't want to share my momma with other kitties so I keep her happy with my prrr.
    Welcome to your new family and I know it is the home where you will get lots of love and attention.
    Lexus Jewel xox

  10. Tinky & Snickers (Pomeranian brother & sister) here to say how blessed that you have such wonderful new home and doggie parents.

    What a fun giveway! Can't wait to see more of what you are up to with your new parents!

  11. Hi Tess,
    So nice to meet you. My name is Beazy Lee and my mom and dad call me Miss Beazy. I am so glad you have a new home with my momma's dear girlfriend Julie Marie and her hubby Jack. You are a lucky girl like me and I know you will be very happy and enjoy life with such nice people.
    I like your new blanket and pink collar. I have cozy blankets and a pink collar too. Do you like toys? I really do too and I have lots of them my momma keeps in a basket for me. She tries to make me clean up and put them away, but I am better at taking them out the basket. I like to watch TV too and the Animal planet is my favorite show. I like to see the dogs and other animals when they run and play. My momma showed me your picture and you are a pretty girl. I bet your momma told you that too.

    Thank you for having a nice giveway. I would like to enter and I will keep my paws crossed for the drawing.
    Have a nice night with your wonderful new family and I am so glad to have you for a new girly furry friend.

    Love to you,
    Miss Beazy Lee

  12. Hi Princess Tess! My name is Gracie and I'm really excited that we'll be blogging buds. I was looking at that first picture of you. Ha! You do look like a princess!! You are so lucky to have found Julie Marie and Jack. You will be in doggie heaven on earth from here on out. They are a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I'm so glad you are there to give them lots and lots of doggie love.Oh, one more thing... I'm not sure where they have you sleeping at night. If you need any 'pointers' on how to eventually end up sleeping in the middle... just let me know. I'm here for you Tess :) Slurp! Slurp! Gracie.

  13. hola maria soy de argentina hace ya dos dias que queria poder leer tus palabras y no podia traducir y hoy lo logre t estoy muy emocionada tess es hermosa y era para vos yo tengo tres niñas canela ,pelusa y linda pelusa tiene una historia de mucho abandono y mal cuidado es hermosa una maltes blanca ahora esta en casa duerme en la cocina con linda y canela es pequineza y duerme en la cama son mis amores te deseo lo mejor ahora para los tres moni

  14. Hello Princess Tess! this is Miss Wrigley and Miss Jenkins. We're twins sisters that are our Momma Debra's furbaby girls. We're both so happy you found Miss Julie! God has a way of sending us where we'll be loved. We heart your new pink collar, ooooh la la! Welcome to your new home!
    kisses and head bumps,

  15. Hola Maria en Argentina... yo habla un poquito espanol... gracias para su palabras simpatico...muchos besos... Julie Marie

  16. Hi are lucky just as I was when I found my owners 3 yrs ago. I had been neglected and starved & God allowed me to find my real parents that love me so much. I have the same smile as you & am the same color only smaller. Life is easy for me now & I will spend my life right here where I belong. You are quite beautiful too...Good luck in your new home.

  17. Hi Tess...I was saved 3 years ago after neglect & starvation. God sent me to my new home where I am loved & have the security I always wanted. I have the same smile as you & am the same color only smaller. My name is Daisy Mae. I love life now & know you are happy too. Good luck in your new home.

  18. Hi Tess, you are such a beautiful girl. I do think mommy should call you Princess Tess as you are deserving of that title. I am Gracie and I came from a puppy mill. Isn’t is great to be loved? I would love to enter your great giveaway. Thank you for inviting us to join.
    Ruff, Ruff (xoxo) Gracie from Verde Farm

  19. Oh my! How exciting and congrats. From my cat "Sam" to your sweet "Tess", a big Montana welcome! Hugs, Kit and Sam

  20. Hello pretty Tess! My doggie LOLA wants to say hello and she really wants to go to run and play and have a lot of fun with you. LOLA is a boxer mix and thinks you are such a pretty doggie.

  21. Lol - well Miss Tess, welcome to bloggersvilla! Charlie perked up to hear that you too have an under bite....McCall also welcomes the idea of taking a walk alongside our momma's. Joey, Jenna, Nala & Noah will coo from the perch of their wrought iron cages & let's not forget Daisy & Josie clucking from just ousted the French doors..all the critters here at Fishtail Cottage welcome you! xoxo

  22. Slobbery greetings from Chipper, Ace, & Rudy! Purrs from Noggin & Alex! Isn't it the best when you find good parents???? Maybe Jack will take you for a ride on his Harley??!!!! Make sure you wear your DOGGLES (doggie goggles)!!!!


  23. Hi Princess Tess,
    My name is Cookie and I belong to my mami Ana from A Petite Cottage. I just wanted you to know how lucky you are to have found such wonderful parents like Ms. Julie Marie and Mr. Jack. I know you will be very happy in your new home and that you will be well taken care of and loved very much. Welcome to Blogland and I hope we can become friends just like our mamis are. Have a super doggie day my new friend.

    Doggie Kisses,

  24. Your blog is beautiful. Cute post and photos today. I am deffinatly another follower. My inlaws had a Shepherd named Tess ! My Miggy says hello to Tess . Have a wonderful day !

  25. Hey Tess, Texas greetings from BubbaLou and DazyBelle. Glad you found a new home. We are 2 psyco dogs that could use a partner in crime. Yee haw!

  26. Hi Tess and Ju Ju,

    Tess I can't wait to meet you!! I am your Uncle Dino. You are a pretty girl and I love that you are an English Pointer. You can talk to me with your cute accent. You can hear My Italian accent since I am a mini Italian Greyhound... I am going to London and may meet more of your kind. I hope I get to meet you before I go. I love you a lot my cute niece. Love Dino and Filly xoxo

  27. Hi Julie Marie,
    Don't enter me because I don't have a pet. The last pet we had was Izzy and she was our beloved cat. Coal black long hair and her tail was long and swishy too. She was brought all the way from PA with my sister when my granddaughter Allysha was a baby and lived here. That was almost 12 years ago. She is no longer with us as we lost her last year and it was a very sad day.
    Have fun with your giveaway!!

  28. We want to welcome you and say how lucky we think you are to have arranged such a super home.
    If you come visit our blog and scroll down a bit you will find pictures of several of us. Vespa gets the most camera time since he spends the most time on the keyboard. When spring comes back mom says we will all have more pictures taken. Right now it is too cold to get baths often.

    Nice to meet you,
    Amos, Hannah, Kanga, Godiva, Rumble, Buba, Snowball, Zamboni and the kitties (who love puppies)

  29. Heidi here, I would have so much fun playing with you. We both found our owners who are now giving us a lot of love. We are the fortunate ones! Have fun on your walks!

  30. Hi Cousin Tess,
    We have a lot in common...we were both "unwanted" puppies by our former owners....but we were lucky enough to get adopted into a family of critter lovers! You were a street dog....and I was a pound puppy....Thank goodness yours and Jill's aunt and uncle rescued me in Santa days were numbered...and would not have lasted long on the streets....the weather has been so cold, and you were hanging out in a busy part of town! Lucky for you that Julie and Jack spotted you when they did! I think there are reasons for everything that and I were meant to be a part of this family, along with Dino and Scrappy...and the cats. My mom told me that I could not win the contest since family members are disqualified...drat! But I still wanted to wish you a warm welcome and know that we will meet in person soon...hope you get to feeling better and then let's go out for some treats! Love, Cousin Pico

  31. Tess, I'm Abigail. I tend to run the house. Welcome to your new home. You will be very well taken care of, and given lots of love! Come play with me sometime. You have a gorgeous smile!

  32. You are one lucky girl Miss Tess ♥
    And your Mum is right - you do have the cutest grin :-)
    Thanks for letting my Mum know about the giveaway you're having!
    Your blog friend

  33. Dear Princess Tess,
    It is a pleasure meeting you. You have a wonderful family and your mom already has loved me and sent me many wonderful gifts so I know she will love you with her whole heart and give you everything you could ever want.
    Wuv you,
    Renoir {a soon to be 5 year old Cairn terrier}

  34. Hi Sweetie,
    Thanks for visiting me .. I LoVe reading your sweet, always heartfelt, make me smile posts .. You are such a kind soul .. I have to laugh Julie, our daughter is named Tessa, and we call her "princess tess" hahaha .. that made me crack up, not soo much her !! :) she thought I was kidding .. your baby is adorable, and looks soo gentle and loved .. she will bring you so much happiness, and I KNOW you have so much to give her .. isn't it funny, how things, and people, puppies too, just stumble into our lives .. I truly believe she was meant gor you, and her for you .. Happy puppy days to you, and thanks for always making me smile, you are the BeSt ~
    Huggers ~TeA~ xo

  35. Now Nice To Meet You Tess!
    My name is Tess also. I am a German Shorthair, I live in Nebraska and I have sooooo much energy! I would love to play with you! I have a pink collar, but I don't like to wear it. Yours sure looks nice on you!

  36. Dear Princess Tess...

    My name is Mollie Mae and my Momma is Rebecca. She told me all about you and how beautiful you are and I know if we lived close by we would be the bestest of friends. Maybe we could be Dog-Pen Pals?

    I'm pretty little-bitty so you'll have to be careful not to step on me. But...I have a big bark and easily keep up with the big boys...that is IF my Momma lets me stay outside. She's pretty strict because I like to roam around a lot and one time I ate a beetle-bug and I got very sick. So...she makes me come in after a while.

    I am allowed lots of treats when I am good and toys, too. So if I win your giveaway be sure to remember that. Some is good. More is bettah! :)

    I love you beautiful Tessy.

    YBBF (Your Barkiest Best Friend)

    Mollie Mae
    (Rebecca's FurBaby) xoxo

  37. Hi Tess, my name is Harvey... I'm so glad that you have a wonderful new home with loving parents, We both have a lot in common; as things were not so good for me either until my Mom & Dad found me... now life is great for both of us!!!
    PS. Love that smile!
    Hugs~~~ Harvey

  38. What a cute idea Julie!
    And what a wonderful new pet you have!
    Lily would like to be entered. She is a calico kitty who is very independant and she loves treats! Although her favorite treats are field mice. LOL!

  39. Hi Tess, my name is Jorge and I am part one wanted me at all and I was all alone and scared in a cage until Bunny and her family drove out to Long Island to rescue me. I now live with them and all their pets. 5 dogs in total. I am a very happy boy because they love me so much!!
    PS, Hi Julie Marie this is beautiful! I love Tess's Doggie Bloggie Giveaway...
    I also loved your comment in my Valentine's Day post and featured you in my live video stream last night!!
    Happy Weekend to you and your wonderful family!!

  40. Hi Tess! A princess indeed - you look like one anyway! You must know that Julie Marie has more love in her heart than anyone else I know - you found the right home! I'm so happy for you!

    ps - Bilbo Baggins is one a strict kitty diet - but wants you to have a special treat for him!

  41. Hi Tess~
    I'm Jelly Belly Arnaz ~ owner of Amy & Desi Arnaz Jr. I think you're really pretty. I like tall women and you sure are tall. I have short legs, a long body and need a bath & haircut, but otherwise I'm macho. I'm a Shitzu so I'm as macho as I can be! Mom calls me her Little Boy and that makes me mad because I control the house and the kitties. Also Tess, I'm a good Protector. Just ask Mom. I bark at every car, person, bicycle or skateboard that goes past MY house. Just ask Mom. And I'll protect you, too, Tess. So pick me to be the winner. You won't regret it. I love you (lick, lick) Jelly Belly