Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Kiss of the Sun... Cottage Flora Thursdays...

"The kiss of the sun for pardon,
the song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth"...

My favorite little garden quote holds so true for me... my little cottage garden is still fast asleep, just a few teeny little green shoots here and there, newborn little lives just waiting for the warmth of the sun and skies of blue... like me, they are anxious for Spring... not much to photograph yet, but I wanted to support Tracie and join her Cottage Flora Thursdays party at Fishtail Cottage, so I am posting my little pots of Heartsease from last Spring... I love containers bursting with beautiful blooms of all kinds in and around my cottage gardens as much as the gardens themselves... my little garden center down the lane is opening up in a week or so... promising Pansies and pots of Heartsease once more... I can hardly wait to bring some home...
The flower~fairies are dreaming of Spring...

And so am I... sweet dreams to you too as we await the rebirth of all God's beautiful creations as the most glorious season of Spring draws near... xoxo...


  1. I love this little garden quote too :-)And the Cicely Mary Barker flower-fairy. When my daughter was a baby, I had a few of her prints hanging on the Nursery wall. There is such a sweetness about them.
    We have had a real mixture of weather - snow, rain, freezing rain etc... it will be a while before little pots of Pansies find their way in the garden. It's always so exciting to see them.

  2. What beautiful, soothing words and pictures to wake up to on this cold January day! Love that we both "get" each other!!!
    And I love you big sis!

  3. Just beautiful, of my favorite little poems. Love your sweet pots of heartsease...another of my favorite things.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend!


  4. I can't wait for Spring to get here, too! I miss seeing all of the beautiful flowers in the garden!
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo :)

  5. Lovely Julie....just like you and all that you are:-) xoxo, Janet

  6. Hi Julie Marie ,I am looking forward too, at the end of January Im usually ready for spring. This year I hope to spend more time outdoors. I also love the artwork of Cicely barker. Sincerely Jonny

  7. Oh My, I love the Garden Fairies
    by Mz. Barker and have the book of Fairy songs.
    How many day's till the flowers are back in bloom? Too many!
    Thank goodness I have Flora in Winter..(see my post)

  8. Do you really have a garden centre do the lane,how lucky are you:)
    Love the the little plaque!
    Thanks for the lovley comment on my blog.

  9. Oh sweets...I love this quote and always have. I use to work in shop that sold these cards and I'm soooo upset with myself for not grabbing more at 95% when they closed. :9Bah

    You have such a beautiful soul sweet friend. You do.

    I hope this finds you well. We've had several busy back-to-back days with the bath remodel and I'm one beat girl.

    Love to you~


  10. I have yet to see a fairy in my garden...but I haven't given up hope. Maybe some day tucked in amongst some flowers asleep in the shade.(-:

  11. Cherubs & Fairy's - so cute! I love that plaque you show in the photo... We had a little sunshine yesterday & no frost on the windshield of my car this morning. Spring is coming! xoox

  12. I love your little garden quote! :) I am so ready for spring too but winter will be here for a while. :( Thank you for your little photos of spring!

  13. Julie I love this little garden quote too. Your beautiful post makes me so miss my garden and flowers. I too look forward to warmer days and new growth. Our pansies are still hanging in, even in our bitter cold. They are tough little pretties.

    Thank you for reminding us we have something to look forward to after the cold winter days.
    XOXO Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie