Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet as Sugar...

Hello there!... I posted this about a week ago, then found a beautiful blog today that I fell in love with called Verde Farm where they are hosting "Farm Friend Friday"... and am linking to this fun party as well!...

Hi there!...I am linking today's post to Vintage Inspiration Fridays at Common Ground also...I have often posted about how in addition to my love of collecting vintage treasures, I also try to find out the history behind them...

Recently, I was looking at my friend Kelly's blog "Farmstead Lifestyle"... (you may remember my beautiful vintage white cowgirl boots I wore for the Barn Chicks party posts... I bought those from Kelly's shop)... on her latest post, she posted about her adorable new little country cafe she opened and also showed some darling aprons for sale in the cafe made out of vintage sugar sacks... I fell in love with them!... a closer look and I saw they were from the old Layton Sugar Factory, in Layton, Utah... a town which is about a ten minutes drive to the north of where I live!... Kelly lives in Missouri on her farm and her cafe is just across the Kansas border in Leavenworth... I talked with Kelly and told her the story about the old Layton Sugar Company and that I just had to have one of her aprons!... this is beautiful Kelly in the photo below...
Kelly is such a cutie, so full of life and her sunny disposition is contagious!... she loved hearing about the old sugar company and then told me how she came to own the old sugar sacks... she bought them last September at the Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, Minnesota... she knew she would be opening her little cafe and bakery and thought they would make cute aprons... so she designed them herself!...I couldn't wait to put my apron on when it arrived!...
Several days ago when I talked to Kelly, I told her I would drive to Layton and try to take some photos of the old sugar company if it was still standing... it used to be on, where else, "Sugar Street"... sadly, I could not find it in the masses of industrial areas now out where farmlands once sprawled... but I did take a picture of the street sign...
Below is an old photo of the sugar company taken in 1936 provided to me by the Utah State Historical Society... they are researching more for me and will let me know all the details...where exactly it was, if it is still standing... you know me, I want to know everything!... in doing some further research, I found out that in the early 1900's sugar beet seeds and heavy equipment were transported by riverboat to, guess where!... Leavenworth Kansas!... the same town Kelly's cafe is now located in, and where she would be shipping my apron from!... The seeds and equipment were then transported by 52 ox teams across the plains to Utah...
I was so loving my little vintage sugar sack apron, I didn't want to take it off!... so I kept it on and baked an apple pie!...
For now it will hang on one of my bakers racks in my kitchen, waiting for me to bake the next pie or cake, looking so cute, and reminding me of my friend Kelly who is just "sweet as sugar"!...
I hope you will visit Kelly at Farmstead Lifestyle... more aprons will be available out of vintage flour and sugar sacks... they are so well made and such high quality, you will just love one!... I also loved what Kelly wrote to me in an email after hearing the history of things... she said what an interesting history and little life this old sugar sack has had and how it has come "full circle" with she and I... after all of these years, and so many miles away... now back "home" in Utah... don't you just love stories like this!...


  1. I love how your sweet apron inspired you to bake an apple pie.

    happy weekend,



  3. I am loving your new apron! You look lovely and your pie looks delicious! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Kit

  4. Love the apron and the pie, too! I've been thinking about making pie, Mister loves them, but haven't yet. Maybe I just need an apron like your!

  5. Hi Julie,
    LOVE THIS APRON and you look ADORABLE in it. Such wonderful info to follow this great story. Kelly is so sweet and I have visited her before and love her blog.
    I also adore your bakers rack and the apron hanging from it. Such an inspiring setting. However, that pie has me so hungry now. You are so talented with everything and I bet your pie was delicious!!

    Thank you for sharing your great pics. Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Hugs and love from Texas,
    Celestina Marie XOXO

  6. What a great connection you've found with this apron and it's creator. Love hearing things like this. It's darling and you look darling in it!!! How fun to know the history behind the item!!
    Thanks for linking up, dear Julie,

  7. I love your darling apron! BTW, I'm signing up to follow your blog as you seem to love the country and vintage treasures as I do. I just posted my newest additions to my antique kitchen utensil collection. :o)

  8. What an amazing story and what a cute lady she is! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Julie Marie- You look cute in your apron and looks neat hanging up. I love that red and white vintage stuff. If I ever did a kitchen again I would do it in that,Neat story about your apron. Sincerely, Jonny

  10. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. It is beautiful and great posts. I am so glad you linked up to Farm Friend Friday-wonderful post!
    Hugs, Amy at Verde Farm

  11. hi there, i just found you thru the farm friend friday blog hop. i love that you know about your ancestors and it is funny but i posted about mine for this hop. noticed that you baked your pie in cast iron. never thought about doing that...i bake cornbread in cast iron but pies in glass. your pie looks so yummy! love that apron. how uncanny all the connections to leavenworth kansas!

  12. I came over from Verde Farm's Farm Friends post. You have a lovely blog and some really beautiful photos. Your apron is it. I'll have to visit Kelly's blog, as I'm from Missouri, too. Have a great weekend!