Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Garden Visitors...

It has been warming up alot here this past week, making me oh so anxious to get out in my gardens... I moved my pots of succulents back out to the back deck where they will get the warmth of the sun from the west, which they thrive on... then, wouldn't you just know it!... yesterday we had a huge blizzard and they are now covered in snow!... I am joining Tracie at Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursday so today I am showing some of my photos from last Spring once more... soon, my gardens will come alive again and I will post the rebirth of my cherished blooms!... our yard is certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat... we have birdhouses, birdbaths and feeders scattered throughout the gardens... this is one of my little favorites... my Jackmanii Clematis grows up an obelisk next to it... the birdies love flowers right outside their front door too!... did you know that most birds actually scout out their Spring nesting sites in the winter!... they do... "For Rent" signs have been out on all of our birdhouses, and I have filled them with wood shavings... the new "renters" like to "clean house" before they build their own nests inside, so they will throw out the shavings I placed in them and make it "their own" cozy nest...

Butterfly kisses to you!...
Sweet little Hummingbird Moth... I love to get up close with Nature... they can sense I love them and would never hurt them...
A gorgeous Swallowtail tickles my finger as we chat at my Butterfly Bush...
A pretty little butterfly house provides a shady place for them to rest on hot summers days... Saint Francis watches over all who visit my gardens...
If you look closely, you will see pollen this little sweetie has scattered on one of my Petunias...

Bee happy!... xoxo


  1. Even though I have a brown thumb :( I also long to get back into my 'garden' (of weedin'). I miss the sunshine even though I'm TRYING to honor each and every season with passion and love. Without the dying back brought about by Spring growing season wouldn't be soooo glorious.

    Lovely Post! xo


  2. Beautiful photos!! I'm so looking forward to spring.

  3. Julie Marie~
    Your hummingbirds and migratory birds are in my sunny Southern Nevada garden today. I'm feeding them so they have enough energy to make the flight to your garden soon! They seem a little restless and eager to continue their journey northward as soon as they get word the snow is gone. So please keep me informed so I can give them the word when it's time. All well and accounted for. xoxo Amy

  4. Oooh Amy, thanks for keeping me posted!... I can't wait for their return, but know you are taking wonderful care of them!... love you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Julie Marie,
    I love your blooms and the little sweet bees and butterfly's are a favorite. They know where to find peace and love making your garden home in the spring and summer season.
    As always, I love your pictures of nature up close and detailed. Great inspiration for me and an encouragement.

    Bee Butterfly Happy!!
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  6. Oh dear Julie....I can tell you want spring and you WANT IT NOW!! (O:(O:

    Hugs sweet lady,


  7. Such beautiful pictures, I cannot grow such beauties as you :=(
    Thank you for sharing!
    Suzann xoxoxo

  8. I hope your succulents must be worried! Is the snow ever going to end?

    I love the picture of the butterfly kissing your finger! I can tell they all love you!

    Can't wait for this year's pictures!


  9. i'm back at blogging your photos are fantastic, the colors are a treasure to our eyes. take care rose

  10. Hi Julie Marie,
    Getting up close and personal with all you sweet friends I see.
    Did you know I even love the bats that fly around in my yard? Yep, I love them! I know that they are munching away on all those nasty little mosquitos.
    I loved your post before this one with Mr Hawk. What a beautiful creature he is. I have mixed feelings about hawks hanging around here, because they like to feast on the little birds I love so much. But I guess Nature must have her way.
    ALways such a pleasure when I come to visit you and your sweet abode.
    sending hugs to you today,

  11. Hi Julie Marie! What a beautiful, comforting post! It brings me hope.
    I love that you can handle the creatures - they trust you! The photo of the bee is spectacular!

  12. Dear Julie Marie,
    Looks like so many of us are looking for winter to pass and be done with. We are posting about the love of our gardens! Can spring come fast enough? Not with the 9" of snow falling right at the moment!
    Hurry spring,

  13. Hey there!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Floa Thursdays! That purple clamatis is so bright & cheerful!

  14. How funny that you mentioned succulents ,thats what my part post is about today, I also love the bees ,butterflies ,ladybirds even th spiders are friends in my garden as they naturally keep the aphids and other nasties down naturally.

  15. Hi Julie Marie, Great photos ! How close and vivid ! Gosh I got a new camera for Christmas so I'm hoping to take some closeups of nature this spring. Im excited! My old one, didnt have enough zoom. Sincerely, Jonny

  16. I have been looking at your gorgouse visitors to you beautiful garden, they are so enchanting. Such wonderful treasure to delight and enjoy.

    Have a warm and sun filled weekend. xxx

  17. I am always amazing at the photos you capture. Beautiful.