Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farmhouse Kitchen... Vintage Inspiration Friday...

Happy New Year everyone!... today, December 29th, I am once again joining Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday, Favorite Vintage Post Party... here is one of my favorites, hope you enjoy seeing it, or if you have already seen it, I hope you enjoy it again!... xoxo Julie Marie

Hi there!... today, I am joining Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday... thanks Debra for hosting these fun get~togethers where our beloved vintage treasures are shared!...
Probably my most favorite room in our home is our kitchen... there are alot of reasons it's my favorite... I love spending cozy days in there... sipping a cup of coffee as I bake yummy things, (and eat them!), usually from an old recipe of my mama's or grandmothers... and I also love all of my vintage kitchen treasures I have collected over the past thirty plus years... I not only display them, but I use them all as well... for me, I feel like this keeps me connected to so many of the people I love who are no longer here... I can just feel their special touch on these items... and sometimes hear their gentle voices as my thoughts drift away... such a simple thing, sifting flour... but there is a certain satisfaction in doing so...
These are some of my vintage flour sifters...oooh how I love them!... they are all so gently worn and shabby... our kitchen is totally farmhouse style and these look so cute on top of my hutches, ready to grab at a moment's notice when I decide to bake a pie or cake...
Each one is unique and has it's own special stories to tell... do you listen to your vintage treasures for stories as well?... I always try to find out as much as I can about every vintage item I buy or am given... who did it belong to?... where did they live?... why didn't their family want these things?... that is one question I can never understand... I never part with things that belonged to my family... but, lucky for those of us who love to collect, so many of these treasures are out there, waiting for us to give them a new home!... flour sifters like these are still pretty much available, and still reasonably priced... making them a perfect collectible!...this one with the red handle on the crank is my favorite one!...
I also collect vintage pie tins, like this one... "Acme Toasted Pies"... too cute!...
Can't you just picture a sweet little grandmother using this one so many years ago... sifting the flour... baking something yummy that filled her farmhouse kitchen with a Heavenly aroma...
Years of loving use...
Shabby and worn...but still does the job... good as new... actually, better than new!... it's my favorite one!... ooohhh... I already said the other one was my favorite one?... hmmm... actually, they are all my "favorite one"!...
And this little "favorite one" is so cute and little... I really do love it, you just shake it back and forth to sift ...oops!... just noticed the dust on top of my hutch in this photo... well, it is "vintage" dust, so I guess that's ok to show, right Debra?... tee hee hee!...

Time worn treasures... filled with love and precious memories... what could be better... xoxo


  1. Such a super beautiful post full of charm... and gorgeous photos!!I love to imagine as well when i have vintage is magical!
    Enjoy your treaures!

  2. I also have a big collection of well worn "gadgets" that I treasure. I always am on the lookout for forgotten or well used ones. I know I am always imagining who might have used or what was made using them.

    My red handles utensils are my favorites also!
    Glad to see your post and share your delightful pictures.
    Dust and all- makes me feel at home

  3. Thanks for sharing your vintage shifters. My Mother had a couple of them and I remember using them growing up.
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. You have a fine sifter collection Julie-Marie. I used to sift my flour for my pound cakes with one and I wonder what I did with it? There is nothing quite like baking. I baked a lemon cheesecake today! hugs♥O

  5. This is a nice vintage collection. My sister did her entire kitchen in vintage/retro style. She had all sorts of old cooking and baking tools. She had the old fashioned formica table with the red leather chairs...she really went all the way! She loved the history in all of her pieces, too.

    I wonder if those people who owned the sifters and the pie pan are up in heaven, clapping because they made it on a blog?!!


  6. Your sifters are just wonderful, Julie Marie!!!

    Sending you big hugs, hope you're doing well!


  7. Ha ha, Julie, I have tons of dust, vintage and not so vintage. Someone needs to find me a vintage feather duster!! Have we seen the rest of your farmhouse kitchen? I'd love to. Your flour sifters are wonderful, I especially love the strawberries! So glad you joined in, thank you!!

  8. What a great collection, would love to see your farmhouse kitchen!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  9. Oh...I remember sifters like these but I have never had one. they are so charming and carry such great memories with them. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment on the camellias.(-:

  10. Me again! :D She kept the sentimental/valuable pieces, and these were some odds and ends. Missing matching earring, broken pin, etc. The charms were on the bracelet when it was bought - no sentimental value involved.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Julie Marie,
    I LoVeD this vintage post !! I also collect old sifters, and they looked soo worn, and weel loved .. I especially LoVe the ones with green handles .. your displays look sooo warm and cozy !! There is just something about baking in the kitchen, and YeS, eating what we bake .. hahaha .. you have soo many wonderful treasures .. thanks for sharing my friend, and hoping you have a wonderful, warm week-end .. maybe you could bake something yummy ~
    BiG HuGS ~TeA~ xo

  12. These are such great finds, and I completely get your love of family items....that flower sifter with the strawberries- love it! I just got a small colander that is white with strawberries and it makes me so happy!
    I am new to your blog, it's just darling!

  13. I think they are ALL my favorites too, Julie Marie! Only I think I would like to steal that cute shabby white one. This really is a great idea for a collection. Hummm...I wonder where I should put them.
    hugs to you...

  14. I have my granny's flour sifter and it is a true treasure.

    I adore your collection!

  15. Hi Julie Marie,
    Love your kitchen treasures. Your Bromwells are awesome and I have the same one in white with apples on mine. It was my moms and I love it. Many a Bromwell have been painted by me over the years. I know that is a no no by collectors, but perfect in the shabby and chic style!!
    How special that you use yours and they bring you joy and closeness to those you love. I agree totally!
    My gadgets hang from my pot rack and I look up and enjoy them everyday.

    Thank you for the great tour of treasures. As always your pics are awesome.
    Have a wonderful Friday. It is bitter cold here. I am planning my guys birthday for Sunday. It is really on Tuesday but we will celebrate with dinner here on Sunday!

    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  16. Hi Julie love your vintage treasures. I put them in my kitchen also, my favorite is my potato masher. makes the potatoes stiffer than using a blender I like that, I love that enamel ware and anything with red handles, your right I keep that stuff, because it reminds me too of childhood--Thank you about my painting those prints will be offered soon through fine art america soon. Have a great weekend Sincerely,Jonny

  17. What a wonderful collection!! Thank you so much for sharing...also thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post of my sea chest--and you were correct--i have several great papers in the chest that pertain to my grandfather...thank you again for stopping by.

  18. What lovely treasures of years gone by. Old treasures are so much better than new ones, so many stories if they would only tell!

  19. Your collection of flour sifters are wonderful, Julie Marie! I have a couple that I've collected, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jo :)

  20. Hello, dear friend,
    These crank type sifters look just like the ones my mother used. So many memories there!! I always enjoy your heartfelt posts, Julie Marie! I would love to join you in your kitchen for a cup of coffee and something ooey gooey to eat! Have a beautiful weekend! Love and hugs to you! Vicki

  21. What fun happy kitchen collectibles! I spent many happy hours as a child playing with my grandmothers sifter, twirling the little wooden knob handle and watching the wire inside whisk around. Easily entertained I guess ;c)

  22. Hello sweet friend....I have been gone all week...but I'm so glad to see you are back to your "young" self!!

    I don't do much sifting of flour idea of making a cake from scratch is to " scratch the box...scratch the pan and scratch the mixer" (O:(O:(O:

    Hugs to you dear lady,


  23. Love your vintage collection Julie Marie! I have my grandmothers set of old metal measuring cups and her old metal grater and I love them!!
    Can you believe what I saw in an antique store this past week? It was a small box that held an old hanky, a cloth belt and an old piece of lace along with a handwritten note identifying the items. The belt was her wedding dress belt and I think she carried the hanky and lace I don't remember. HOW can anyone get rid of these things?? I could NEVER part with them. I felt so bad! Am I crazy or what??