Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Promise of Spring...

Just as I simply cannot wait to decorate our home for Christmas, once it is over, I am just as eager to put everything away... and my thoughts turn to Spring... I am not a winter person... although the snow~covered countryside that surrounds our home in my little rural town is truly beautiful, I long for the warmth of the sun on my face, walking barefoot once more through tall, cool grass...eagerly awaiting that first little sign of my daffodils peeping through the ground after a long winter's nap... are you like me?... do your thoughts turn to Spring as well... and all of the beauty it has to offer?...
Today, elves and Santas will make way for little birdnests with teeny little speckled eggs inside...

Vintage ornaments will be gingerly packed away, along with miniature villages and trees... candy canes will be replaced with pastel~colored mints... I am already longing to sit on my back deck, with my comfy rose~covered quilt and pillow... a stack of gardening magazines at my side... the sound of birdsong filling the air... I miss my little Hummingbirds and pray they are doing okay so very far away in South America for the winter... I think about how excited I am when sometime in late April I call out to Jack... "they're here" when our first precious little winged jewel arrives...I wait in eager anticipation for the first seed catalogs to arrive in my mailbox... to me, this is such a long awaited pleasure... I spend hours upon hours pouring over each one... shall I plant one of those?... and perhaps three of four of those?... I am such an avid gardener, a passion that was a gift to me from my mama, my grandmother and my great~grandmother... all of whom had the most beautiful cottage gardens one would ever hope to see... if I had to choose one thing that stirs my soul the very most, it is gardening... and Nature... okay, that's two things... but they go hand~in~hand... so today, after putting all of the decorations away, I shall make myself a cup of tea in my favorite vintage violets teacup...

and sit down with my garden journal... I will browse through it slowly... remembering through my little sketches where each and every plant is and how elated I am when I see their first teeny shoots in the Spring... I will make my "wish~list" for new flowers and plants I want to put in this year... I will dream about my container plantings and decide just which ones are my favorites (which is very hard for me... they are ALL my favorites)... soon, our little garden center down the lane will display beautiful pots of primrose and pansies out front... as they begin working full~time in their greenhouses... planting tiny seedlings in peat pots... I can while away an entire day at that little nursery... savoring the warmth of the sun and the smell of moist potting soil... my pleasures are simple ones... these are the things that delight my senses and make me feel alive!...I gaze at my photos from last Spring of my beautiful fairy rose... so soft and sweet... and what a perfect name for such a perfect creation... my little flower fairies will take their place once more about my home today where the elves and santas stood these past weeks...Do you too dream of Spring like I do?... if so, happy thoughts to you... now, I am off to settle down with my Lady Grey tea... garden journal and pencil in hand... and let my cares melt away and my thoughts carry me away to a warm Spring day... xoxo


  1. And this is why I love you Julie Marie!! Thank you for this post on the promise of spring. I'm thinking the same...

  2. Another hopeful and beautiful post Julie Marie! Inspiring!

  3. I LOVE spring too Julie Marie!! Although we have a lot of winter left here in Michigan first. ugh. We also have two more Christmas's with our family so we won't be finished until New Years weekend. Love this post! Always that promise of Spring that keeps us plugging along! :)

  4. JULIE!!! I love this post, it made me so happy!! We are so on the same page, too cute!!!! Doesnt from now until March feel like forever?? I get so depressed :( If we can dream of spring and have it in our hearts an homes, hopefully we can make it through!!
    Love you sweetie!!

  5. Hi, Julie Marie,
    You and I were certainly thinking alike today as I just did a post on springtime and how I longed for it. I am like you. After Christmas, I start dreaming about my garden and those precious hummingbirds once again. Loved you post, sweet friend! Love and blessings~ Vicki

  6. i love is rainy & windy i love the promise of spring!!! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!!! I see you have a three footed teacup...(not sure if we already talked about this, but i collect those too). xoox

  7. You're dreaming of spring and I'm still dreaming of getting my Christmas decor finished!! Enjoy your dreams Julie Marie and wishing you a happiest of new years to come!!


  8. I do miss my flower garden. Today we are enjoying the rare snow. ♥O

  9. I'm with you. Bring on spring. You've got me excited.

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas!

  10. Dear Julie,
    Hope you had a special Christmas!
    Oh I love this dreamy post of looking forward. Yes, I dream of the same Springtime to come and the gorgeous blooms waiting to show their beauty.
    Your post is full of hope for the time to come and I love that. I am ready to put away Christmas too and on with a fresh new look towards Spring.

    Thank you for stopping by. I thought I would go ahead and get a jump on the new year since I am taking a little break this week. It is so cold here and I am just freezing today.
    See you again soon dear friend. Have a very Happy New Year filled with health, happiness and love.

    Love to you, Celestina Marie
    p.s. I just love your little vintage violets cup and saucer. That is my birth flower for February.

  11. Hi Julie Marie, I do love the spring, but with the spring coming I know that the summer is just around the corner, and it gets so hot here in Texas... so I'm still very much enjoying the winter! Love your post and hope to see more of your beautiful flower gardens in the spring!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  12. My thoughts turn to spring too right after Christmas even though this is a hint of snow outside and a few more months with it.

    Thanks for sharing a little spring with all of us.

  13. Happy New Year Julie Marie,
    Christmas sure came and went. I'm so sorry I missed your call. My brother is still in the hospital and well you know. I hope you had a wonderful Xmas. We had a very nice one ...I'm ready for the New Year4 now.To start things over again.
    I love your cup and saucer.Its beautiful. I love the seed catologs too.Its really cold to us right now.We had a hard freeze.That wouldn't be for you...LOL.Come on Spring...LOL
    May God Bless Hon,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  14. Oh Julie Marie,
    After reading your sweet post...I am totally looking forward to Spring and excited about doing some gardening. Have a wonderful day.

    Much love,

  15. Julie, I'm right there with you! I cannot wait for Spring. It's going to be 29* here tonight-that is cold for Florida.

    I look forward to daydreaming a bit more with you as we anxiously await Springs beautiful, warm arrival!!